8 Short Love Quotes Guaranteed To Touch Her Heart!

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Show your girl just how much you are infected with the sweet sickness of love, with these short love quotes for her! There are many emotions we experience every day, things we feel, like the frustration when toast gets burnt, or the anger upon missing the regular bus, or the shock when someone rips you off of your money at the shop. But when you’re in love, none of these things seem to really matter. Everything, including life and experience, changes when you feel passionately about someone. The toast got burnt because you were thinking of her; you missed the bus because you were checking if you had any messages from her; you got ripped off at the shop because, well, let’s face it, you can’t think clearly any more, because you are madly in love with her! If this is really how you feel then you must tell her how you feel, and if you have already told her and have something great going on, there is no harm telling your loved one every now and then how she makes you feel. We have picked out just the perfect and beautiful love quotes to let her know how she makes you feel!


Picasso’s words are as beautiful, if not more, than his paintings. What this beautiful quote tells us happens to be the very crux of the phenomenon called love. Love is an all encompassing emotion which will give you tears of joy and sorrow from time to time. But most importantly, it is a sublime experience that has the power to make everything more than it is. Not clear? Think of it this way – the colours are brighter, smiles are truer and rain never made you so wet before! Being in that place with someone is the best refreshment in this otherwise redundant and boring world.


When you have found your soulmate, you are liberated to the extent of being able to want things and go for it without inhibitions, whether it is bungee jumping, or learning finally how to swim, or even holding a mic in front of a small crowd and singing your heart out even if you sound like an ass! A good relationship always not only provides space for two individuals to be themselves but also helps them find their new selves from within which had been locked up inside for a long time in the mind’s attic. Love not only unchains your aspirations and desires, it sets you free.

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This is a better and truer version of “Women – Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” It is not misogynistic and can be said to anybody. It is basically an extolling of the truth about the extremes of love. In a relationship, you are bound to have ups and downs and little tiffs about not having used the coaster, to major fights about more serious things where ego can play its part faithfully. We screw up from time to time; that’s the way we work. So if we drive our loved ones crazy and they do the same to you, it is good to acknowledge that if you have to be driven nuts by anyone then it would rather be your beloved. Best choice from the long list of short love quotes for her if you are the one who drives her nuts or vice versa.


If your partner is not very verbose with their feelings, you don’t have to feel anxious about it. Sometimes some people, especially if you look at INFJ’s (introversion, intuition, feeling, judging), have a problem coming outside of their head where all the analysis and processing happens. They observe ardently and feel just as deeply as you do, do not worry about that. Flowery words spent unnecessarily may not be their forte, and they may resort to short quotes like these to tell you how much they care about you and truly love you.


Oh, this is so true! The over-thinking machine that is your mind, works overtime when you are in love. It is not just for plain things like choosing an outfit to look your best, or wondering if the hair-cut suits you and whether your partner is going to like it or not. But one tends to be more edgy about things and energetically jittery about everything and encounters a compulsive need to think about everything when in love. It’s one of the most beautiful of human experiences, the irrational love!

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Rochefoucauld has given many pearls of wisdom, this being one of the most truest and wittiest of them all. It is very plain to look at but the quote spells out one of the sadder truths of human existence. Everyone is not as lucky to find true love in their lives. Many people live through decades, some even till the end, without knowing what love really is. When you do not subject yourself to any vulnerability, your heart becomes impenetrable and cannot love anyone unconditionally; and the price of love is only love. If you’ve already seen the ghost in question, you must know you are a very lucky guy, so share your feelings with one of the most stunning short love quotes for her!


You know the rush of being in those crazy water rides in the amusement park that take you through closed tubes which you have no idea where they’re going to end up? Or bungee jumping from a high cliff top watching the massive blue monster of water coming right at you? Now, multiply that adrenaline a hundred times. That is how high you can get when you’re deeply passionate about someone you love. This cute quote is a small gesture for the great pleasure that your partner brings into your life!


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How can I write an article like this without referring to Nicholas Sparks even once? It’s a challenge I shall take up another day, but for now let’s dwell on this beautiful string of words that captures the essence of love. It’s mysterious ambivalence and relentless benevolence that makes love the most sought object in the world. But if you chase it, like many have since the dawn of civilization, you are not going to get a different conclusion than in the task of pinning a wave to the sand. Love is a feeling as indescribable as the smell of soil after the first rain— just get drenched, pal!

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