Short Love Poems For Him: 34 Of The best short Poems Ever

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Short love poems for him are a simple and endearing way to let your partner know that you care. Constant love, support and admiration is something that everyone would love to have in a relationship.  Here are 34 of the best short love poems for him that you can share and show that your partner’s always on you mind. You can share these as a Whatsapp quote or an email or you could just record a sweet message by personalizing it to suit your love.


Surprise your love with this romantic poem that is short and sweet. A poetic way of telling your guy that you love him and are blessed to have someone as awesome as him in your life.


Through this poetry, you describe him to be the brightest star which deserves a love that’s intense and precious.


This poem signifies how special he makes you feel and how his voice has the effect of making you melt like chocolate.


This pick from our list of short love poems for him states everything that you’d ever do for him out of utter affection and love.


Here, this poem describes how every girl who is in a relationship feels. With them around, you feel complete and all your emotions overflow, just to show him how much you love him. Though, the very thought of being apart tears you down.


Even if you had all the time in the world, and you were free for all that amount of time, instead of doing anything else, you’d love to spend time with him. It’s worth it.


This poetry’s wordings explain how deeply, madly and truly in love you are with him, for eternity.


If you are the shy types and need help wording up what he means to you, take the help of this poem. It’ll explain exactly how you feel.


If you were a victim of a bad break-up and gave up on the idea of love, until this knight in shining armour entered your life, promising you that he’d take care of you, then this is the poem you’d like to dedicate to you loved one.


Comparing the love you feel for him to your favourite chocolate, shows just how important he is to you. Baby, you can cause diabetes.


Dedicate this poem, to let him know how immensely every touch of his affects you. It takes you to a whole new level of ‘wow’!


No matter what happens, he will always top your priority list. Everything else is null and void in front of him.



If you were the kind of girl who never believed in love, but, surprisingly ended up falling in love at first sight, this is the poem that you definitely need to share with him.


Confused about what to say? So is this poem. It is fun to read as it conveys so much just by asking questions. Also, it’s the type of poem that he’d love to reply to just to answer all your doubts.



Are you and your boyfriend the type of couple who keep track of every firsts that you both have shared? You can definitely relate to the above poetry then.



Through this poem, let him know that he’s the silver lining to your dark cloud, he’s the light in your darkness, he is the Alfred to you (you’re Batman)…. you get it right?



When eternity is not enough to express how much you love him, take the help of this lovely short love poem.



When you feel like his love is the most protective thing on planet, then, being enveloped in his loving arms is where you’d love to be.


One of the joys of falling in love is to feel all those emotions that the romance novels have always talked about, like, how his voice or his whisper spins your head, or whenever he touches you, you feel the goosebumps and feel the currents run down your spine. This short love poem will explain it all to him.


This poem explains just how thankful and gracious you feel to find a person like him who loves you endlessly.


This poem will explain how being patient paid off by fate introducing you to man as great as your boyfriend.


Even if you had the option of other worldly pleasures being provided to you for free, you’d still choose him over all of the other things, because being showered in his love is the only way you want to feel rich… enriched in love.


Making a prayer to God for him… because his happiness means a lot more than your own happiness. Selflessness, indeed.



If you and your boyfriend have just been through an argument, send him this poem. It’ll make him smile.



A beautiful pick from our collection of short love poems for him on true love and how you’d do anything to keep the fire burning. A poem that is a message of love and a promise of untiring support you will always be for him, as he has been for you. It is something that everyone yearns for, and acknowledging the fact and giving your word will really make your partner feel even more loved and cared for.



This is one of those adorable short love poems for him that is an expression of love that is honest and sincere and drives through a message that is bound to make your partner feel extra special. If you are looking at conveying your never ending devotion and love to him and a promise of life-long companionship, this poem sums it all.



A touching love poem that shows your guy how much you love him and how much you want to be there for him with this powerful message of bonding.

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A love poem that is short, sweet and definitely sexy. A poem that is sensual, real and one that would make your guy stop whatever he’s doing, wherever he is and wish he’d be in your arms right now ( the idea itself sounds enticing). This naughty pick from this list of short love poems for him– is just perfect to titillate his mind.


This poem titled, “The Day Dream” by Joanne Wasserman is a wonderfully written poem on love and how your partner makes your world magical. A poem that’s a perfect expression of what it means to be crazily in love, and be blessed with a guy who truly completes you as a person and fulfills your desires.


Love is indeed an amazing feeling that only a blessed few can fully experience, and if you feel you are one of the lucky few – then should most certainly share it with the one who’s loved you the most. A beautiful pick from our collection of short love poems for him.


One of those delightful short love poems for him that has the ability to make both of you feel special. Tell your guy how wonderful it is to be there with him, to be treated like a princess and thank him for being your pillar of support with this beautiful poem on love.


A heart touching choice from this list of short love poems for him that is romantic, realistic and endearing. A message of love that your partner will surely appreciate. It is always nice to acknowledge your feelings and love and admiration that you’ve for your partner, and what better way to say that than with a beautiful love poem like this?


A simple pick from our list of short love poems for him to let him know how much you love him and want him to be yours, forever. The best way to thank him for being who is he – sweet, honest and absolutely adorable. A beautiful short love poem for him that’s perfect and straight from the heart.

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This poem, titled ‘Promise’ is written by Danielle Mia for her boyfriend who was at the time an American soldier posted in a faraway land. A heart touching poem that reels you in with its message of love and a promise of lifelong companionship. If you want to express your love and promise him that you will always be there for him, then these are just the perfect lines.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our selected list of short love poems for him and we hope you will make your love, admiration and respect known to the love of your life. You can also share your thoughts and even your own poems of love with us by commenting on this post. We’d be happy to hear and we will gladly publish your poems if they’re really as amazing as you are!

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