10 Short Love Poems For Her That Are Truly Sweet

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When in love, poems work well and help intensify your expression of affection towards the special someone you love. With their certain charming cadence, poems help you share your perpetual love towards that special woman who makes your life complete in every aspect. So to help you make a lasting impression on her heart and mind, we bring to you 10 short love poems for her.


An adorable poem to share your innate love for the most special woman in your life. The simple words and rhyming phrases make this a great poem to write down on a piece of paper and leave it under her pillow for a lovely surprise. The cutest of short love poems for her!


A wonderful choice among short love poems for her, one that will leave your lady-love with a wide grin on her face. The words here are so pleasant and perky that your girl can’t help but feel charmed by the choice of your words to express your love.

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Love that anxious girl who is always concerned about the way she is? Share short love poems for her, specially one’s like this one, and Bruno Mar’s stuff; send her cute heart-scribbles with these and you will not just make her day but also seal a lifetime of companionship with her. It is a poem with some lucid words to convey the point that no matter what she thinks, she will always be special in your eyes.


So your girl candidly asked you why you love her and there you are thinking of some adorable words to articulate your love. Think no more with this mushy love poem to make her cheeks blush and glow. The poem conveys the point that when you love someone, everything about them becomes special – from the way her eyes glitter to the way she smiles.


Through its simple words short love poems for her communicate the point that for you, your beloved always means the world. And she will stay that way till eternity, without you ever stopping to love her even for a moment.


Love has the power to break the silence in your life and brighten your days with its warm light. If this is the kind of change a girl has brought in your life, then there is no better way to tell her, and thank her, than this lovely poem.

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This one has a peppy tone to it and makes a great poem to share as most short love poems for her go. It wonderfully implies about the void you would feel if you never had your sweetheart beside you, and how her existence is one of the most important supporting factor in your life.


There are various transformations that settle in your life when you experience the gentle touch of love. When you realise that the person who brought that change is the girl you have been always looking for, you can’t help but salute love and its power with a feeling of awe and admiration.


It is a great way to propose to that girl next door whom you have loved since ages. This poem captures the sentiment of becoming a new better person by the changes brought in your life by a special girl, without whom you can’t now imagine a life at all.

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A nice poem which draws comparison to all the beautiful things in the world to convey the importance and allure of the love brought in your life by a special girl. A good option if you’re looking for short love poems for her to share whenever you want to rekindle some mushy feelings in your relationship.

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