10 Super Modish Ways To Style Short Hair

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“Short hair, don’t care!” is the fad doing the rounds right now, and we couldn’t be more behind it. However, chopping your hair off is a decision that you might want to make with some more information so that you don’t end up with any regrets.

Or if you’re already wearing you hair short, and want to explore your options when it comes to your choice of hairstyle for daily wear – a go-to look – or some nice ways to style your hair for parties or even the workplace – this resource is for you:

1. A Wavy Updo

The Wavy Updo, for naturally wavy hair, is an effortless look and most easily achieved. Sweep the hair towards your natural partition, and tease around the crown area. Finish the look by randomly nipping with bobby pins at the nape of your neck. You’re done.

2. Messy Tousles

Although it might not seem it, this hairstyle works just as well for shoulder length hair as it does for longer hair. Yank the hair from the bottom, do a back tease and secure it upwards with bobby pins. Comb downwards from the from the crown and pin all of the hair together. This is supposed to be a messy look, so don’t fret over it too much.

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3. Braids And Tousles

Works for hair of any length, and works like a charm. Curl your hair in to spiral waves with a half inch curling iron, and secure the two front braids with bobby pins. There you go – messy, wavy and chic.

4. Braided Partition

Braided partition with a twist, suits all face shapes and is easy to pull off. Partition the hair at the center, braid them both intact and secure it with a hair tie. The little pig tail finish at the end is a fun addition.

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5. Voluminous Pony

Yes, you heard it right, just a little trick gets you this look. Grab a hair spray and use generously at the crown area to hold the hair tease and then make it taut at the ends. Secure the remaining hair into a pony. Viola!

6. French Braided Updo

An updo that is casual and messy. Braid locks from both the sides in a French style and pin it at the nape from below the ear. Tease the crown area for volume and an organized-mess like look.

7. Top Knot

Wear your hair high from the bottom upwards. Tie a high knot, a hairspray will help you tame blunt ends. Leave the natural layers or flyaways from the front and look effortlessly stylish.

8. Half-High Knot

Bored of bland loose hair? This half knot is an easy alternative, just tie the front half of the hair into a high knot. For a dapper look get some beachy curls, maybe.

9. Braid For Bob

Proves to us that braids can still look chic with any hair length – shoulder, short or bob. Sweep to one side and braid it as far as you can and secure below the ear.

10. Double Braided Hairdo

Section the hair towards the natural partition and then divide the front into two portions – two long braids. Secure with bobby pins or wear it on the up depending on the length of your hair.

Keeping you hair short is a breeze if there’s a couple of hairstyles you know will be yur go to, so experiment! short hair means less hair fall woes, and a certain freshness, zest and spunk that the change offers!

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