Shikhar Dhawan's Marriage: The Facebook Love Story Of The Moustache-Twirling Cricketer

Shikhar Dhawan picked up the gentleman’s sport when he was just 12 and he always had his eyes set on securing a place in the national cricket team. His dedication towards cricket and constant hard work led him to become a member of India’s squad in the Under-19 Cricket World Cup team of 2004, where he created the record for most runs in a single Under-19 World Cup, which still stands unbeaten. The moustache-twirling Punjabi eventually made his début in first-class international cricket in 2010, and since then has been a permanent fixture in the Indian team. Cricket is what he loves, and it is a cricket player that played cupid between him and his lady-love Ayesha Mukherjee, with Facebook playing the role of a catalyst. If that has got you interested then here is the adorable story of Shikhar Dhawan’s marriage with Ayesha Mukherjee.

Shikhar Dhawan – The Cricketer

Shikhar Dhawan's Marriage - Shikhar Dhawan, The Cricketer

Shikhar Dhawan was born in New Delhi on 5th December, 1985, in a Punjabi family. Growing up, Shikhar joined a local cricket club, where he started his training as a wicket-keeper. He began his formal cricket career by playing matches at state level, gradually rising to play in the Under-19 team. Shikhar’s major break came when he was selected for the Under-19 Cricket World Cup, which brought him significant attention from selectors. He was immediately chosen for the Delhi team in the domestic Ranji Trophy Championship, from where he moved on to join the national cricket team in the year 2010. Since then, he has played over 100 first-class cricket matches scoring over 7000 runs, and has become the fresh face of modern Indian cricket. We will be celebrating the 4th anniversary of Shikhar Dhawan’s marriage this October.

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Pyaar, Facebook, Bhajji

Shikhar Dhawan's Marriage - Harbhajan Singh, The Connection Between Shikhar Dhawan And Ayesha Mukherjee

It was somewhere around 2008, and Shikhar was still not part of the mainstream cricket at the international level. He was a close buddy of Indian cricket team player Harbhajan Singh with whom he was always in touch. It was one of those lazy days when Shikhar was casually surfing Facebook when the social networking website popped up the name of a certain Ayesha Mukherjee as a ‘friend suggestion’ since Harbhajan Singh was their mutual friend. One look at the lady’s profile picture and Shikhar was mesmerised by her charming looks. Soon he was digging through her profile pictures, and by the time he saw the last one, he was totally bowled over by her stunning beauty. Without sparing any more time, he sent a friend request to Ayesha, who accepted it within few hours. Soon after that, he sent a message to Ayesha, and that marked the beginning of their friendship. Little did they know then that their Facebook friendship would culminate into something much more beautiful, or that Shikhar Dhawan’s marriage to Ayesha was written in the stars.

Shikhar and Ayesha had constant interaction through the social networking website for a long period of time. Over the course of his interaction with the Anglo-Indian beauty, he learnt that she was born to a British mother and a Indian Bengali father. She was settled in Melbourne, and had two daughters – Rhea and Aliyah from a previous marriage, which ended in a divorce. During the course of their conversation, Shikhar came to know that Ayesha speaks fluent Bengali and also loves cooking Indian dishes. She also shared something common with Shikhar and that was her interest in sports. Ayesha shared that she was a trained kick-boxer and that bit stuck with Shikhar, and he decided to take things to the next level. He requested his friend Harbhajan to help him out, and it is said that he played the role of introducing the couple to one another in-person. It was eventually clear to Ayesha that Shikhar had developed a liking for her, and deep down even she shared the same sentiment. Eventually, Shikhar proposed to Ayesha and the two had a private engagement in 2009 in New Delhi. This marked a new chapter in the life of Ayesha and Shikhar.

Initially, the pair had thought of tying the knot the very next year but Shikhar wanted to concentrate on his cricket career. At the same time, Ayesha wanted Shikhar to bond with her two daughters Rhea and Aliyah so that they are comfortable living together as a family. Ayesha is said to have been married to a Melbourne-based Indian businessman somewhere around late 1990s. Not much is known when she divorced him but she was very much single when she started seeing Shikhar in 2008. By 2012, Shikhar had become an integral part of the Indian cricket team, and at the same time Rhea and Aliyah had bonded well with their to-be stepfather. It was finally time for Ayesha and Shikhar Dhawan’s marriage. Shikhar and Ayesha started making plans to get hitched.

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Shikhar Dhawan’s Marriage, A Proper Sikh Shaadi

Shikhar Dhawan's Marriage - Shikhar Dhawan And Ayesha Mukherjee's Official Wedding PIc

Shikhar Dhawan's Marriage - Shikhar And Ayesha At The Traditional Feeding Ceremony

It is said that Ayesha and Shikhar got engaged without sharing the news with their parents. When they finally spilled the beans in early 2012, the Dhawan family was not exactly delighted to hear it. The leading objection by Shikhar’s family was the age difference between Shikhar and Ayesha. The fact that she already had two daughters also raised some eyebrows. But thankfully, Shikhar’s mother was very supportive of the relationship and gave her consent. Eventually, everyone gave a nod to the relationship, and in October 2012, Shikhar and Ayesha tied the knot in a Sikh wedding at a Gurdwara in New Delhi. Shikhar Dhawan’s marriage was a typical desi wedding with baraat and all. Virat Kohli was seen shaking a leg among the baraatis with all the cheer and enthusiasm expected in an Indian wedding. The wedding was attended by leading names in Indian cricket team including Rohit Sharma and Harbhajan Singh.

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Junior Dhawan And More

Shikhar Dhawan's Marriage - Shikhar And Ayesha With Their Kids Rhea, Aliyah And Zoravar

Shikhar Dhawan's Marriage - Shikhar And Ayesha With Zoravar

It was finally the kind of matrimonial relationship Shikhar had been waiting for, and Ayesha was exactly the woman of his dreams. The couple welcomed an adorable son in 2014 whom they named Zoravar. Her daughters Rhea and Aliyah have bonded well with their stepfather, and Shikhar is often spotted being a doting father to his two daughters. In an interview, after the birth of her son, Ayesha shared the following words about her husband Shikhar Dhawan:

“He’s always been the same. A caring guy, who nurses dreams to make it big in life… There’s cricket also, which he’s equally passionate about. He’s a responsible guy who knows the art of balancing. I am so happy to be his wife. Also, when he’s not playing, he is a domesticated man who loves helping his wife and kids in their tasks.”
– Ayesha Dhawan about her husband Shikhar Dhawan

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It is always great to see couples happy in marriages that are based on love, respect and mutual understanding. Ayesha and Shikhar Dhawan’s marriage proves that there is always a chance, a ray of hope out there about finding one’s true soul-mate. Wishing the best of happiness to the adorable Dhawan family.

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