Sharman Joshi Marriage: Classic Case Of Love At First Sight

Sharman Joshi is best known for playing some amazing supporting roles in some of the most critically-acclaimed and financially successful films in Bollywood. Be it his brash character in Rang De Basanti, the timid youngster in Golmaal or the college student in 3 Idiots, his roles have been memorable ones, and his wife Prerana loves his performance in the film 3 Idiots the most. Thr Prerana Chopra Sharman Joshi marriage have been going strong for 16 years and are blessed with three children. Prerana is the daughter of the veteran Bollywood actor Prem Chopra. Sharman and Prerana first met in college. So how did their love story begin? Let’s take a look.

Sharman Joshi – From The Stage To Big Screen

Sharman Joshi Marriage - Sharman Joshi

Sharman Joshi was born on 28th April, 1979, in a family full of theatre actors. He started acting in Gujarati plays around 1997 and gained acclaim and recognition. Even his Bollywood début in 1999 was in an art film, but his major recognition came in the year 2001 with the Bollywood film Style. He eventually went on to play several major supporting roles in films, and over a period of time gained a decent celebrity status thanks to his fine acting skills. He’s had a pretty sweet but simple love life, with the Prerana Sharman Joshi marriage going from strength to strength.

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From Ms.Chopra To Mrs.Joshi – The Prerana Sharman Joshi Marriage

Sharman Joshi Marriage - Sharman Joshi And Prerana Chopra At The Filmfare Awards

In an interview in late 2015, Sharman shared that he first met his would-be wife when he was still in college where the duo studied. It was love at first sight for the pair, and sparks flew off right at the moment they introduced themselves to each other. The two started as friends, and over a period of time became ‘best friends.’ In spite of being the daughter of the famous Bollywood actor and yesteryear villain Prem Chopra, Prerana maintained a certain air of humility, which immediately captured Sharman’s attention. When asked about the Prerana Sharman Joshi marriage, a titbit was shared in an interview that they always knew they were made for each other, and in fact they never proposed to one another. They saw a soul-mate in each other, and therefore instinctively knew that their paths would definitely converge. In other words, Sharman and Prerana’s love naturally blossomed to become a strong amorous bond. Since the couple had been dating for quite a long time by 1999, the two decided to tie the knot in the year 2000, the same year when Sharman made his big screen début.

Sharman Joshi Marriage - Sharman Joshi Weds Prerana Chopra Marriage Pics

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“No one proposed actually, it was just understood. It was so natural that we would materialise it into a lifetime union.”
– Sharman and Prerana about their relationship

The Prerana Chopra Sharman Joshi marriage was initiated in a traditional Gujarati wedding in Mumbai on 15th June, 2000. The wedding was mostly a private affair with only family members and close friends invited to the occasion. The festivities were grand though since Sharman and Prerana always wanted their wedding day to be one of the most memorable moments of their life. It was surely a day to remember for the couple who had stayed true to each other for a long time. After the wedding festivities, the newly-weds headed off to Phuket for a honeymoon, which the duo described in an interview as ‘a lovely experience.’

“We wanted a life together, filled with special and memorable moments and we are glad and lucky that we tied the sacred knot.”
– Sharman and Prerana about their marriage

Life Thereafter

Sharman Joshi Marriage - Sharman And Prerana With The In Laws

Sharman and Prerana were blessed with a baby girl in October 2005 and they named her Khyana. They welcomed their next two children (twin sons) in July 2009 whom they named Rehan and Vaaryan. The Prerana Sharman Joshi marriage celebrated its proud 16th wedding anniversary in June 2016, and shared that they had a dream run with their marriage. Prerana is said to be a business woman. The loving couple often takes suggestions and advice from each other pertaining to their respective work. Prerana also manages her husband’s work assignments whenever he is busy filming.

“When it comes to household matters it’s her call always, and a little bit of financial part is mine. As far as going on vacations and kids are concerned, we both manage that equally.”
– Sharman about his wife and marriage

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The couple shared in an interview that they consider their children as their biggest and best gift to each other. Sharman Joshi and Prerana Chopra’s marriage proves that not all love at first sight marriages fizzle out early. Also, it is a testimony to the point that when you love someone for what they are, from the bottom of your heart, you definitely seal a bond of a lifetime. We wish the Prerana Sharman Joshi marriage and the Joshi family all the happiness, and sign-off with this adorable quote by Sharman about his marriage.

“We have known each other since a very long time. We have practically grown up with each other and I would like to add that we both have changed together and for the better. It has most definitely changed me for the better.”
– Sharman Joshi about his marriage

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