Shankar Mahadevan Marriage: On A Perfect Note

Shankar Mahadevan was born into a middle-class household in Mumbai and grew up with a simple upbringing. He loved playing badminton and diligently attended the Hindustani classical and Carnatic music classes that his parents had enrolled him in. By the time he finished his software engineering and took up a white-collar job, he realised that music was his true passion and that it was time to dedicate his life to it.

Shankar quit his job one fine day and few years later released his album Breathless. There was no turning back after that. He went on to form the popular Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio of music directors, and the rest is history.

In his personal life, Shankar tied the knot with Sangeeta, whom he knew ever since he was little as they resided in the same neighbourhood. Sangeeta hailed from a Maharashtrian family, and the duo fell in love when they were still in their teens. The two have a successful marriage along with being blessed with two sons Siddharth and Shivam. In this article, we take a closer look at maestro Shankar Mahadevan’s marriage with Sangeeta, and their beautiful love story.

Shankar Mahadevan – Leaving Everyone Breathless With His Talent


Shankar Mahadevan was born 13th March, 1967 in Mumbai, into a Tamil-speaking household from Palakkad, Kerala. When he was less than five years old he developed a keen interest in music. His parents noted this innate talent and made him the pupil of the well-known Marathi music composer Shrinivas Khale. It is from khale that Shankar got his first lessons in Hindustani classical as well as Carnatic music. As Shankar grew-up, his love for music continued to grow but he never considered it a viable career option, and thus pursued software engineering from Mumbai University.

After his graduation, Shankar worked with a leading software company for few years while also looking for singing opportunities. Soon he had more singing offers than he could handle, and he realised that his desk job was a hindrance to his musical career. He quit his job to focus on a singing career and got his first major break as a singer in commercial cinema in the year 1997 with the composer A.R. Rahman. A year later he released his album Breathless (1998), which catapulted him to the peak of fame – it made his face as recognisable as his distinctive voice.

In the year 1997, Shankar teamed up with musicians Ehsaan and Loy to form the Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy composer trio. He has been the voice of the group, and together they have composed some of the finest and most critically-acclaimed music of Indian cinema. Shankar continues to work with Ehsaan and Loy till today while also working as an independent vocalist.

Sangeeta – A Slow And Steady Descent Into Love


Shankar tied the knot with Sangeeta in 1992 after dating each other for nearly a decade. Sangeeta came from a Maharashtrian family and resided in a single floor house that stood diagonally opposite to Shankar’s apartment. The two met for the first time when Shankar was 16 while Sangeeta was 14 years old. The two would meet in the evening with their gang of friends to play badminton, and soon became good friends themselves.

“…We used to hang around generally, and one day I heard him humming a Kishore Kumar song. I remember telling him, “You have a good voice, you could be a singer one day.”
– Sangeeta about the first time she heard Shankar singing

Sangeeta once shared in an interview that despite Shankar’s mesmerising vocals it was never a trigger for her to fall in love and it just happened naturally over a period of time. They could not keep it a secret for long though, and one day Sangeeta’s elder brother got a whiff of the matter. Eventually, the news found its way to both families. Although the families didn’t vehemently oppose the Shankar-Sangeeta relationship, they did impose restrictions on the couple’s meetings. The lovebirds kept up their rendezvous though, under one pretext or another.


The family members mellowed after a while, and gave their nod to the relationship. By the time Shankar got a job, the respective families had assented to marriage and the wedding date was set. Shankar and Sangeeta married some time in the year 1992. By this time Shankar had already quit his job and was focusing on his music career. Despite the probable uncertainty, Sangeeta and her family showed complete faith in Shankar, and the two childhood sweethearts became soulmates for life.

One Strong United Family


Shankar and Sangeeta had their first son, Siddharth, in 1993 and their second, Shivam, in 2001. The initial years were tough for Sangeeta since her hubby was still searching for a foothold in the music industry. It was never a complaint though since they were in this together, and fortunately Sangeeta had tremendous moral support from Shankar’s parents, her in-laws. In spite of all the initial struggle, Shankar made up for all the lost time, and is known to be a caring and considerate husband.

“He enjoys cooking. In fact, he is an excellent cook. I do believe if he had not been a singer, he would have been a chef… It suits me fine, I am neither a great cook nor do I enjoy cooking!”
– Sangeeta about her husband Shankar

It does not come as a surprise that even Sangeeta does some singing but predominantly as a casual singer. She does opine about music, and Shankar asks for her inputs about his latest compositions. Shankar’s eldest son Siddharth made his singing debut exactly like father by singing for the music director A.R. Rahman in 2013. He is surely a rising star and all set to make an identity of his own. His younger brother Shivam is also training to become a singer and musician. In an interview, Shankar stressed that his sons have chosen music as their career as per their will, and as parents they have given them liberty to make their own choices. Shankar himself credits his decision to chose music as a career to the love and support of his wife.

“I was hugely motivated by Sangeeta… She was the one responsible for me turning full-time musician. Unless you have the correct support from the person you love the most, it’s very difficult to take a decision; and she supported me.”
– Shankar Mahadevan on his wife Sangeeta

Now that is what is called being a good life partner. Sangeeta has seen the rise of her husband from that neighbourhood boy to one of the most prolific singers and music composers of the country. The couple have stayed true to one another through the highs and lows of life, and still maintain the solid rapport they shared when they were young. Here is wishing them many years of togetherness and tons of happiness.

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