Shane Warne Marriage: Sultan Of Spin & Charmer Of Damsels?

Shane Warne is one of those celebrity cricketers about whom most cricket fans have a love-hate impression. The Sultan of Spin is best known for his whirling leg break bowling, which has fetched him a whopping 1319 wickets in first-class cricket. In spite of being regarded as one of the greatest bowlers of all time, the truth of the Shane Warne marriage, and Shane’s personal life in general, is that it has been riddled with controversies and scandals that have often overshadowed his cricketing prowess. Let’s take a closer look at the Shane Warne’s marriage story and his flings.

The Rise & Rise Of Shane Warne

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Shane Warne was born 13th September, 1969, in Melbourne, Australia. Warne always had interest in sports, and would play both cricket and football in his young age. He had a natural inclination towards cricket though, and in the year 1990 was selected to the Australian Cricket Academy for professional cricket training. Warne made his first-class international cricket début against India in the year 1992. Since then, with the Simone Callahan Shane Warne marriage in 1995, Warne has claimed more than 700 wickets in test cricket, making his total tally of wickets over 1000. Warne retired from international cricket in 2008, and eventually retired from all forms of cricket in 2013 with only exceptions being league matches or charity-oriented tournaments.

The 10 Year Marital Innings – Shane Warne & Simone Callahan


In spite of Shane’s reputation, he was once a sober family man. The Simone Callahan Shane Warne marriage happened somewhere around the year 1995. It is said that he was in a relationship with Simone, who was a model, and eventually got married to her in 1995. The couple had three children, two daughters, and a son. The couple’s relationship was marred with conflicts due to Shane’s fickle nature. The situation become far too worse for Simone to deal with when Shane was alleged to have multiple extramarital affairs. Due to lack of bonhomie in their relationship, the couple mutually decided to separate in the year 2005.

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Despite the separation, the couple would have an on-and-off type of relationship. While they would not live together, they were often spotted making public appearances together. In 2006, Shane was linked with two British models. In 2007, Shane accidentally sent an SMS meant for one of his ‘girlfriend’ to his wife. With that, things went way too far for Simone, and in 2007 Shane and Simone filed for divorce.  The Simone Callahan Shane Warne marriage was officially granted divorce in 2009. The couple went on their individual paths since then but are said to share common custody of their three children.

The Fling With Liz Hurley


After 2009, Shane was officially single, and spared no time in initiating an affair with the married British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley, better known as Liz Hurley. Liz was married to the British businessman of Indian origin, Arun Nayar. Liz and Arun had got into a relationship in the year 2002, and tied the knot in 2007. The couple had a strong bond with each other, which was about to get shattered thanks to Liz’s philandering kiss with Shane Warne, which was captured on camera. In 2010, Shane and Liz were at an event and were spotted taking a seat together. Moments passed by, and the duo seemed to develop a certain rapport through their conversation, and then came that kiss. Needless to say, it marked the end of Liz’s marriage to Arun, thus leading her straight into the arms of her new-found beau Shane Warne.

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Shane went public with his relationship with Liz in 2010, in spite of the allegations of harassment for allegedly sending lewd text messages to an Australian businesswoman. Soon after divorcing her husband Arun, Liz got engaged to Shane in late 2011, but that did little to mark the end of Liz Hurley Shane’s flirtatious ways. This seemed to have taken toll on their relationship, and unsurprisingly the couple called-off their engagement in late 2013, two years after they got engaged, putting any and all Shane Warne marriage rumours and hopes to death. No guesses about what happened next! Yes, Shane pulled up his socks to find his next arm candy once again.

Shane Warne’s Alleged String Of Affairs – Blink An Eye And You’ll Miss!

Since December 2013, the press and fans alike have given up on a Shane Warne marriage, and the reason is obvious. Shane has been linked-up with several women, many of whom have candidly acknowledged being ‘too close’ to the former cricketer. These affairs got dissolved faster than Usain Bolt’s 100m dash. Therefore, we have neatly compiled them in chronological order. Hold your horses, here we go!

  • February 2014 – Shane is linked with businesswoman Michelle Mone after the couple were spotted spending some cozy moments in a suite of a five-star hotel in Britain.
  • June 2014 – Shane pulls off his charming kiss again! This time he was spotted kissing DJ and model Emily Scott. Couple confirms romance.
  • July 2014 – Warne is seen having a night out with model Sophie Monk. The couple denies it but later acknowledge that they spent some time together.
  • November 2014 – In September 2014, Shane breaks-up with Emily Scott, and now is linked to Australian actress Lydia Schiavello. Both deny the relationship but no one buys that.
  • January 2015 – Kim McGrath, an Adelaide-based woman shares with a magazine that she has been dating Shane Warne for some time.
  • March 2016 – Warne expresses his desire to date model and actress Carmen Electra. It is not known whether the two eventually dated.
  • March 2016 – A model named Simone Toon claims to have spent some time with Shane Warne after they met on an online dating website.

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There has been little buzz about Warne’s next affair since then. Not much has been reported about Shane’s love life since the media and tabloids have got used to his nature. Shane Warne has been busy on the work font and has enjoyed a successful stint as a cricket commentator and analyst in recent times. We hope Warne finds the love of his life soon. Till then, wait and watch.