10 Intricate And Exclusive Shaded Mehndi Designs

Applying mehndi, or henna, is a tradition followed by many cultures across the globe. From weddings to festivals, mehndi has become an essential part of many occasions. Mehndi is an art, and like any art form it has various elements and characteristics that make each form unique. Shaded mehandi designs look absolutely beautiful and add a touch of glamour and elegance! A little bit of shading can make the simplest of design look extremely exquisite. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful shaded mehandi designs that you could try.

1. Intricate Shaded Mehndi Design

Shaded Mehndi Designs - Intricate Shaded Mehndi Design

This intricate design with shades of light and dark is extremely beautiful. The fine design is perfect for special occasions that need you to put your best hand forward. It’s minimalistic without too many design elements and the intricacy is the main highlight of this design.

2. Simple Yet Unique Design For The Feet

Shaded Mehndi Designs - Simple Yet Unique Design For The Feet

This simple shaded mehndi design is great for festivals and poojas. Strappy and glittering footwear will compliment the design and add grace to your overall outfit and styling.

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3. Design For The Bride-To-Be

Shaded Mehndi Designs - Design For The Bride To Be

This beautiful design is perfect for bride-to-be’s! On the day of the engagement or other important functions before the wedding, one could add oodles of charm with this design. It’s the perfect balance between ‘too much or too little.’

4. Bridal Shaded Mehndi Design

Shaded Mehndi Designs - Bridal Shaded Mehndi Design

This one of the nicest shaded mehandi designs for brides. It fills up the whole hand and arms while leaving spaces to make it stand out; without looking chaotic. Wear a bright nail paint to complement the design and highlight the mehndi.

5. Sophistication At Its Best

Shaded Mehndi Designs - Sophistication At Its Best

Looks simple but is so sophisticated. It’s a unique design that unlike most designs highlights each finger beautifully. Each element of the design stands out individually. Add a bold statement ring to complement this design.

6. Simply Stylish Mehndi Design

Shaded Mehndi Designs - Simply Stylish Mehndi Design

The floral design in the centre and the mesh like patterns around it look absolutely stylish! The shading highlights the design and the pattern looks exquisite. There are numerous design elements but the hand does not look chaotic. As far as shaded mehandi designs go, this one is a masterpiece.

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7. Minimalistic To The Core

Shaded Mehndi Designs - Minimalistic To The Core

This design is perfect for those who don’t like too many intricate designs and patterns on their hand. It’s very unique, minimal and definitely stylish too. It’s a creative take on shaded mehandi designs without compromising on elegance.

8. Tattoo Design

Shaded Mehndi Designs - Tattoo Design

Who can resist such a stunning mehndi tattoo design? It has got a mystical look and the shading just adds so much depth to the design. It’s perfect for the arm but can also be made on the back, shoulder or anywhere else you might want to experiment.

9. Shaded With A Touch Of Glitter

Shaded Mehndi Designs - Shaded With A Touch Of Glitter

Special occasions call for special shaded mehandi designs! This beautiful design highlighted with shading and glitter is sure to add sparkle to any outfit and occasion. You can add glitter in varying colours to match your outfit. It’s a glittery twist to traditional designs.

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10. A Hint Of Colour

Shaded Mehndi Designs - A Hint Of Colour

Mehndi art has seen some great changes over the years. Adding colours to add depth and beautify the designs is a new trend that has been widely accepted and become a popular choice today. You can add almost any colour to match your outfit or just add a hint of bright hues to your overall look.

shaded mehandi designs have a unique charm that makes them more popular than traditional designs. One can experiment with a range of designs and add certain elements that only shaded designs can offer. What do you prefer – a single tone design or a shaded design?

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock