Short Love Messages: 20 Best Messages To Show That You Care

Written by Tejaswi Bhagavatula

If you enjoy the feeling of constantly being in touch with your lover, but are looking for a fun, sexy, and non intrusive way of doing so, what better than a simple and sexy short message that can crank up the heat between you two as well. Make your partner miss you and long for your arms with these romantic and short love messages.

This short love message is sweet and sexy. Tell your partner how much you love him or her being close to you with this spicy and romantic message of love that will definitely make them get back to you asap.


Your partner will go crazy when he or she reads this mad message of love that talks of how much you love him or her and their body! Getting physical is getting real and it doesn’t get better than one of these short love messages.

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A simple quote that will make your partner blush. Comparing Hershey’s world famous Kisses chocolates with your partner’s kiss is not just imaginative but downright attractive. He or she is going to fall real hard and we guess they’ll be back on your lips even before you get the reply to your message.

It is not a crime to tell your partner that you want and desperately need them close to you. It will surely make them feel special when you share your feelings, especially if you do it this way.


Come on, we both know that this message is perfect for your partner! One of our favorites from this list of short love messages


This really is an adorable message of love for your awesome partner. So make your partner feel loved, special and awesome with this simple and personal short love message.

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Express your true feelings for him or her with this message that tells him or her that you’d be happy to take one breath of his/her skin, one kiss from the lips and one touch with those fingers you know so well than spend an eternity without him or her.


A naughty pick from our list of short love messages that is as sweet as sugar syrup. Tell your partner there’s lots of kissing to do when he or she is back in your arms with this sexy and sweet message of love. It isn’t every day that he or she is going to get a message like this, but make them feel blessed, make him or her miss you even more and then pray that they get a message like this every day.


Well, depending on your mood it could be sexy or even raunchy. Let your partner know you’re game for a round of tug of war tonight with this silly, sexy and short message of love.


Well, now that heart ache’s are a passé – tell him or her that you’re aching all over.

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Ah! This is the kind of message that’s disruptive and throws him or her off their balance at work. Spice things up on a busy day, when you know you two have to really work hard and squeeze in…time, to be together.


A good love message is worth a million moments of silence, and this one is a culmination of a million beautiful moments you’ve shared. Tell your partner how incredibly blessed you are to have them by your side.


From tulips to two lips – this sugary short love message is bound to put a smile on your partner’s lips. Share your feelings and spread the love with this beautiful message.


There’s nothing better than knowing that you partner’s thinking about you, missing you and really loves you. Share your feelings for him or her with this beautiful message of love.

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This short love message is witty and personal. So, share it and make your partner feel special all day.


Well, what can we say when you’re telling your partner that you’re waiting for them to come home so that you could have an incredible time!


Make “butterflies in your tummy” sound sexy with this short love message. Share your love and tell him or her that you just can’t wait to give a bear hug and a nice kiss with this beautiful message of love.


We are pretty sure, he or she is going to be ruthless tonight – and take sweet revenge.

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That de-escalated quickly. A light hearted pick from our list of short love messages.


A sweet and simple love quote. We really hope you liked our list of beautiful and short love messages. We’d love to hear from you on what you feel about this list and what your favorite pick is.

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