Sexy Love Quotes – 50 Times You Need To Get Naughty!

Are you feeling a little naughty and want to indulge in some pampering and love, but can’t think of the right words to say? Don’t worry! Help is at hand. Here’s a collection of some of the naughtiest sexy love quotes we could find. Read them, be inspired, send them or get a little naughty.

Sexy Love Quotes To Turn Up The Heat

1. Sexy Love Quotes - When I See You

Don’t you feel the same when you meet your partner after a long gap? Send this awesome for-his eyes only sexy secret love quote and make him/her sizzle with desire.

2. Sexy Love Quotes - The Best Kiss

The intimacy between two people is not the physical proximity that they share but the mental chemistry, bringing them closer to each other on every plane, be it physical or emotional. These sexy love quotes aptly describe the desires of lovers who are already on fire, even when away from each other.

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3. Sexy Love Quotes - Somebody

It is the ultimate desire of any person toward their partner that they are always their first priority in every way. You can send this message to your partner as a hint about what you exactly expect.

4. Sexy Love Quotes - She Is Fine

Isn’t his sexy in a very sweet way? It’s such a cute quote that truly sums up your love life in just a sentence. In truth, your partner is your life, as without their support and love, life is meaningless.

5. Sexy Love Quotes - I Want To Be The Reason

It is an adorable sexy love quote that you can scribble over a cute card and send it to your partner to let them know how madly you are in love and wish the same from the other side too.

6. Sexy Love Quotes - Kiss Me

This one expresses the ardent and passionate desires of the couple madly in love. Send this and more sexy love quotes to your partner sometime during the day and get set for some fun in the night. It will elevate the excitement and the desperation for each other.

7. Sexy Love Quotes - You Are The Right

If you have finally found your one true soul mate who consumes your mind body and soul, send this sweet and passionate love quote to your partner and let them burn in the heat and desire of love and passion for you too.

8. Sexy Love Quotes - The Butterflies

Oh!! It’s such a desirable feeling to be with someone whose one look can make your heart skip a beat. This sexy love quote surely describes the feeling of the first intimate moment that you share with your love.

9. Sexy Love Quotes - Happiness

It is such a sweet and sexy compliment you can pass to your girl to leave her smiling and blushing all throughout the day.

10. Sexy Love Quotes - Never!

If your partner fills you with an insatiable desire and if you just cannot have enough of him/her, and a lifetime also seems too less to be together, send these awesome and sexy love quotes in a text or card to see him/her blush imagining all his/her fantasies with you.

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11. Sexy Love Quotes - How Lucky I Am

Give a sweet surprise to your partner today by sending this sweet and cute love message that speaks of not just love but also their tremendous sex appeal that had caught your attention in the first place.

12. Sexy Love Quotes - My First Thought

It is such an adorable sexy love quote that you can send to your love showing how much you love to cuddle up with him/her and how he/she is the first thought that comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning.

13. Sexy Love Quotes - In Love With You

When you are in love with someone, everything about them seems attractive and appealing. You just can’t get enough of their laughter and smiles. And the most sensuous thing that you can find is the look in their eyes that pulls you towards them every time.

14. Sexy Love Quotes - That Person

Suddenly, a complete stranger coming from nowhere becomes the most important thing your life. Now tell me, is there anything more mysterious or sexy than this?

15. Sexy Love Quotes - All I Know

It’s such a heart-warming and intimate sexy love quote that you can send to your love, to let them know that what they mean to you and to what extent you are ready to go to just be with them forever.

16. Sexy Love Quotes - My Ideal

Ah! That’s an arousing yet simple message that you can send to your partner letting him know how much you desire him or how badly you want him in all ways possible. It can be a perfect message to heat up the things way before he goes down on you.

17. Sexy Love Quotes - What We Have

Love and the union is such an intimate thing that once you have that complete chemistry with someone, you do not desire anyone to take that place. Enjoy your love life to the fullest extent by sending your partner these amazingly sexy love quotes.

18. Sexy Love Quotes - Leads Me To You

It is one sexy love quote that is dripping with intimacy and your ardent desire for your lover’s company without being nasty with the words. You can send it to your love to let them glow with a smile, seeing your attraction for them.

19. Sexy Love Quotes - Addiction

Love is such an addiction that no drug or alcohol can give you that high. If you are also addicted to your lover beyond repair, let them know of your passions too by sending this awesome love message right now.

20. Sexy Love Quotes - In You

Isn’t it magical if you find your one true love in your best friend? He/she is the keeper of your many secrets and the constant pillar of support. Now, being in a relationship heightens all of these, making them the best thing that happened in your life and giving all these sexy love quotes meaning.

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21. Sexy Love Quotes - The Million Things

Sometimes we don’t realise that it is the small things that a person does which actually make you take notice. It is such a mysterious thing that makes love so sacred and so intimate.

22. Sexy Love Quotes - The Idea Of You And Me

How much more sensuous it can get when you receive a sexy love quote like this at the middle of the night from your love? Send this amazing message to him/her and let them feel the same way for you too.

23. Sexy Love Quotes - I Have Loved You In Each

What an awesome quote it is to dedicate to your love for a special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday. Getting such a cute message from you will surely perk up their mood.

24. Sexy Love Quotes - A Passionate Woman

Show him that you are the one for him and that no one is good enough to take your place in his life.

25. Sexy Love Quotes - The Best Feeling

It’s such an intimate and loving sexy love quote that you can send to your partner to make them fall for you yet again.

26. Sexy Love Quotes - Never As Good

The pleasure of the physical presence of your partner is nothing compared to the visual treats. If you are missing him/her too much then send them this message and be rest assured that they will come flying to you to make up for the missed time.

27. Sexy Love Quotes - The Way You Touched Me

Isn’t that the height of intimacy where only the words or the look of your love can set your soul on fire? Scribble these sexy love quotes of love on a sexy card and quietly place it for them to find and see how their cheeks blush red in anticipation of what next is coming next.

28. Sexy Love Quotes - Any Woman Who Isn't You

Who doesn’t like a flirty guy? Well, not when you are in a relationship with someone like that. Send your guy this mild reminder to let him know the exact thing that you prioritize in a relationship, but in a sexy way.

29. Sexy Love Quotes - In One Kiss

Sometimes sexy love quotes are not nearly just enough to express what you actually feel for a person. The physical intimacy, the nearness and a kiss is required now and then to keep the relationship alive and flaming.

30. Sexy Love Quotes - The Most Important Discussion

It’s really a mind-blowing sexy love quote that you can come across which will remind you of the heat and passion you share with your lover. It is a perfect message that you can dedicate to your love for some crashing action.

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31. Sexy Love Quotes - One Wish

It is such a sweet and awesome message to wake up to. Send him/her this love message the first thing in the morning before they wake up and they are sure to have a smile on their face once they read it.

32. Sexy Love Quotes - Crave Me

If you are in the mood of romance but your partner is not giving you enough attention, seduce him or her with one of these awesome sexy love quotes to stimulate the right senses and capture the mind.

33. Sexy Love Quotes - Seduction

Word play at its best. A woman is most aroused not with visuals but when her mind is seduced with some really awesome words and thoughts.

34. Sexy Love Quotes - You Consume My Heart

Here again comes an awesome and seductive sexy deep love quote of love that you can send to your love that is sure to make their heartbeat race with anticipation and desire.

35. Sexy Love Quotes - Soul Mates

The relationship is one of a kind when the two people involved are equally damaged and scarred from the past and have finally found solace in the company of each other. It is then one of the most volatile yet steadfast relationships that they can share everything, raunchy nights or daytime sexy love quotes.

36. Sexy Love Quotes - The Smell Of Your Hair

It is a beautiful and seductive thought that you can pass on to your lady love and compliment her in the most intimate and loving way possible.

37. Sexy Love Quotes - I Miss You

When you are terribly missing your boyfriend and want him immediately by your side, convey your desperation to see him by sending him this awesome and sensuous sexy love quote and see how he cannot resist being with you soon.

38. Sexy Love Quotes - I Will Remember

It is such an intimate and sensuous description of love that the two lovers share and enjoy the company of each other to the fullest. One of the best sexy love quotes.

39. Sexy Love Quotes - Not To Say

How romantic and sensuous this confession of love is from a shy girl for her guy!

40. Sexy Love Quotes - I Only Feel

This is a sexy love quote that is too hot to handle. Send it to your love only when the desire is urgent, and please use this one discreetly, with caution. ;)

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41. Sexy Love Quotes - Like Living Thread

This is an intense passage that declares the true desire of the lover to truly merge into one with his love. It’s a unique sexy love quote with an amazing description that you can find for the perfect anniversary greeting card to make things special.

42. Sexy Love Quotes - It's Beautiful

It is easy to just shed off your clothes and give in to the bodily pleasures. But it is rare to find someone who will treasure you for the way you are and love you madly for being this way.

43. Sexy Love Quotes - Curves And Edges

It is one of those sexy love quotes that is not just sensuous but has a much deeper meaning. Love is not love if your soul is not merged with the soul of your lover and cannot heal the scars and edges of both.

44. Sexy Love Quotes - Your Mind

It is yet another amazing and intimate love quote that truly tells how love is the union of the mind, body and soul.

45. Sexy Love Quotes - Tell Me Ten Things

Sexy love quotes can be sensuous and truthfully honest. Looks are temporary and cannot keep you stringed to a person for long, but an amazing sense of humour and wit? Well, that surely works for many a people who crave for the mental intimacy much more than the physical and superficial interaction.

46. Sexy Love Quotes - With Me

That’s an open challenge that you can throw to your naughty lover and test his limits. He will really love to beat you in this challenge for sure.

47. Sexy Love Quotes - The All Consuming Kisseract

Sometimes even a kiss is enough for us to realize how important that person for you. If you found your soul-mate this way, acknowledge that fact and send them this awesome sexy love quote.

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48. Sexy Love Quotes - The Worst Way

That’s a very straight and rough way to put your thoughts to words. But sometimes it is actually the roughness that we crave for, our wild side, not the gentle sexy love quotes.

49. Sexy Love Quotes - Your Smile

It’s such a sweet and adorable sexy love quote that you can dedicate to your guy for a special occasion. The casualty of the matter and the sweet words will surely touch the bottom of his heart.

50. Sexy Love Quotes - I Choose Both

A partner is someone who accepts you the way you are, with your virtues and your vices and it is your love that should be all important in the relationship.

Enjoyed reading these racy, raunchy and sexy love quotes and messages? Have more of these up your sleeve? Do share some.