5 Sensual Bajuband Mehndi Designs ( Armlet) That Will Inspire You

Henna designs have been blossoming and then fading in the hands of brides for many centuries now, and one of the forms they take is the bajuband mehndi design. Not only are these temporary tattoos intricate, and aesthetically pleasing, but they also carry great cultural significance. The red hues of the mehndi are considered auspicious for the bride as she begins her life anew with her husband.

Not only that, recent research has indicated that mehndi actually has several health benefits for your skin as well. It has a very cooling effect on your skin, and will help you beat the wedding stress. It can actually be used as an astringent, and has been proven to be exceedingly effective in killing off bacteria. So it seems like some superstitions may actually be based on rationality and reason!

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For the bride, a full-arm mehndi design that starts at the fingertips and goes all the way above the elbows is quite the norm. Many brides also choose to adorn their feet with some intricate mehndi designs. For the adventurous bride, a circular or floral design on the back is also a great option for her special day, especially if you are wearing one of those low-cut blouses. But a great option for some unconventional mehndi artwork to adorn your body is the bajuband mehndi design. As the name suggests, a gorgeous pattern of henna would adorn the upper part of your arm, instead of an actual bajuband.
Here, for your viewing pleasure, we present to you five bajuband mehdi design ideas that you could consider for an offbeat and hot look on your wedding day.

1. Arm Cuff Bajuband Mehndi Design

armlet-henna-design - bajuband mehndi design

As is evident from the name of this design, the henna forms a cuff around your upper arm. This would look amazing with half-hand or full-hand bridal designs. There is a lot of scope for creativity with this design and you could include your favourite motifs, frills and curls to get the look just right. In the hands of the right mehndi artist, this design would look so spectacular that you definitely won’t need any other jewellery on your arm!

2. Peacock Bajuband Mehndi Design

bajuband mehndi design - peacock-henna

This is another great option. The peacock motif or the paisley shape is perfect for an upper arm design as it would complement perfectly the curve of your shoulder bone. Fill in the paisley motif with any number of designs and you won’t go wrong. You can further embellish this design using vines, curls and tendrils. The more feminine this design looks, the better.

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3. Glitter Bajuband Mehndi Design



With modern technology, glitter of every colour can now be incorporated into your mehndi design. If you have chosen to not wear a bajuband, this design would leave nothing lacking. But make sure that the glitter does not clash with the colour of your bridal wear. Make sure your artist has had some experience doing glitter mehndi designs. The last thing you want is look tacky on your special day, right?

4. Back And Arm Bajuband Design

Bajuband Mehndi Design - Back and arm henna design


This is a very sexy option that you should definitely consider, especially if you are wearing a sleeveless or low-cut blouse. The bajuband mehndi design begins at the center of your back, and slowly curls and flows into your arm. A very delicate, feminine design that is embellished with the right amount of curlicues, tendrils would be just the thing you want. This is definitely very sexy and will give you a very unique look on your big day. I am sure your husband-to-be would have no complaints about this one!

5. Circular Bajuband Mehndi Design

Bajuband Mehndi Design - centre-henna


Circular mehndi designs are some of the oldest ones we have known. Instead of opting for a circular design for your palms, an embellished circular design that sits snugly on the shoulder bone would be very sexy, as it accentuates your natural shape. This design can further be beautified using several motifs like the dome, paisley, hanging tendrils, little dots or whatever else catches your fancy.

So, now you know that with the right mehndi design and the right artist to execute it, you can take sexy to a whole new level.

Move over armlets, bajuband mehndi is here!

Images: Google, Flickr, Shutterstock, Pinterest