15 Sensible Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples That You Cannot Miss

Giving a gift to the couple on their engagement can be a tricky affair. It gets even trickier if both the bride and groom-to-be are your friends, as it is impossible to decide on a gift or gifts that would complement the couple as well as the unique bond you guys share. Well, to save you the hassle, we’ve done our research and zeroed in on this list of the 15 most sensible engagement gift ideas for couples that they both will love! Check ’em out.

1. The “Letters To The Couple” Book


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For every couple, the engagement ceremony is very personal and sentimental with their families and close friends in attendance, and all things that go with it. How cool would it be if everyone wrote a letter to the couple – whether it be talking about their love and how it has blossomed to reach this special stage, a message for the couple, or any advice (unsolicited, as usual works best!) that they can cherish as they begin a new chapter in their life together. Be the one that makes it happen- asking all their friends and dear ones to get writing! Place all the collected letters into a box, case or even a lovely old letter folder and gift them to the couple on their big day. This is one engagement gift ideas for couples gift they will treasure for a lifetime.

2. A Basket Full Of Random Goodies


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Pick and choose from this set of gifting ideas. You could gift the beautiful couple some (or even all of) the things shown in the picture, ranging from a basket full of good drinks, hanging paper dolls, painted picture lockets, or even pillow covers with funny messages and more. A gift that will take time to put together, giving them one more reason to enjoy it even more!

3. The Picnic Date Box


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One of the engagement gift ideas for couples is to gift them a pretty English picnic date box, with fruits, wine and the entire necessary cutlery pieces that they will need on a happy picnic date, together. A romantic gift the couple will love, as it involves spending time together, as well as relaxing!

4. Sponsor A Day At The Spa


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Who doesn’t love a good day at the spa? An opportunity for the couple to relax, rejuvenate themselves and enjoy an overall calm day of pampering, together. After all the hullabaloo that the engagement ceremony will entail, this makes for a welcome, thoughtful engagement gift ideas for couples.

5. Personalized Key Chain With A Date tag

Key gift

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A solid copper engraved date tag with the wedding day circled in the shape of a heart and put on to a key chain. A customized gift the couple will love and use every day. You can make a pair and gift it to the bride and groom-to-be, for an unusual engagement gift that the newlyweds will hang on to for a long time.

6. The Location Coordinates Of Their Engagement

The Location Coordinates of their Engagement

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You can colourfully design and print the location coordinates of their engagement venue (you can find the longitude and latitude using the Google maps or any other GPS mapping tool) to serve as an uber-cool memento and reminder of their special date. It’s a fun gift with a cryptic message that will surely surprise the to-be-weds!

7. Personalized Coat Hangers

Personalized Coat Hangers

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Another engagement gift ideas for couples is that you can gift them a set of custom made hangers with their names written with the support wire. The coat hangers look stunningly beautiful and are inspired by the personalized hangers from the old British Country Clubs. Another gift that the couple will not only love, but will also put to good use every day.

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8. The Pebble Love Cats


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The “love cats” with pebbles is handmade in Kilkenny, Ireland. You can personalize it with the names of the couple or write your own message that will make this pretty gift even more adorable.

9. Custom Printed Fish Hook Key Chain

Custom Printed Fish Hook Key Chain

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A humorous gift that is adorable. Gift the couple a pair of these “hooked” fish key chains with a personalized message and their engagement date. A gift that will be used every day and surely stand the test of time as it’s made with pure silver. If silver doesn’t excite you enough, you can choose a different metal depending on your preference – brass, copper or an alloy.

10. A Silver Table Ring Holder


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There is nothing more charming and classy than this lovely ring holder. A decorative piece that stands out by itself even without a ring, the ring holder is something the couple will surely put to good use, now that they are engaged and have their own set of “rings”!

11. Vintage Wood & Glass Keepsake Box

Vintage Wood & Glass Keepsake Box

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This gift is a delightful wooden keepsake box that tells them that you are thinking ahead. They can safe keep their engagement/wedding memorabilia like the letters, photographs that are personal, invitations, and even dried flowers to remember their special day, forever.

12. Love-Letter Napkins

Love letter napkin

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Couples throwing their first dinner party will love these hand printed table napkins. A set of four, with a literary love letter each by Jack London, Emily Dickinson, D.H. Lawrence and Mark Twain will make for eloquent dining companions on their first night out.

13. A Romantic Holiday.


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Gift the love birds a romantic getaway. A relaxing and a fulfilling holiday away from all the hullabaloo of everyday life, is just the break they are hoping for, now that they are formally engaged.

14. Wooden Wedding Countdown


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A novel way to express the shared excitement, as the momentum builds up to their big day. A wooden block countdown with gold embossed lettering that will keep their hearts ticking in excitement.

15. Commission A Short Movie On Their Love


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So you know the story of how their love blossomed, and you’ve played your part in their journey to becoming man and wife. This is when you can commission a short film, garnish it with personal anecdotes. Tell the world their funny, crazy and adorable love story. Entertain the hosts and the guests alike with a video that’s got the inside story.