5 Sensational Asha Savla Bridal Mehndi Designs You’ll Love

Any one who truly appreciates art is sure to love mehndi designs. No matter what the occasion is, a beautiful mehndi design will not fail to charm, if it is done right. And who better to do it just right than Asha Savla? Bridal mehndi designs are very intricate and grand. The mehndi artist’s expertise and experience is reflected in the designs. India and several other countries have a long and glorious tradition of passing on mehdi designs from mother to daughter. Mehndi has also been listed as one of the key aspects of the solah sringar that no bride should miss out on. Mehndi also symbolizes the bride’s initiation into the world of sexuality and love. Just like the mehndi that is so lovingly applied on your palms turns into a glorious red from green, it signifies that the bride too changes after her wedding. Such is the symbolism behind this artsy tradition of ours!

And in modern India, we have an array of talented mehndi artists who are not only keeping this glorious tradition alive, but also adding their own ideas to it. And prominent among them is Asha Salva, whose bridal mehndi designs are nothing short of mesmerizing. Whether it is the floral motifs, or Arabic inspired designs, she is likely to have something to cater to a wide variety of tastes. She has published several books on the subject and also offers courses for those who are interested. So, without further ado, let us take you through some of the latest mehndi designs by Asha Savla that you might want to consider for the most special day of your life!

Full Hand Dulha-Dulhan Mehndi Design

Full Hand Dulha-Dulhan Mehndi Design By Asha Savla

This is one of those Asha Savla bridal mehndi designs that has graced the cover of one of her books and for good reason. If someone could collect all the very motifs that the Indian tradition has to offer, then this would be it. The alternating bold outlines and the thinner lines within them are a charming contrast and make this design stand out from anything else we have seen. The paisley, circular and floral motifs all look so perfectly aligned together that it almost feels like these designs spontaneously bloomed in this bride’s hands! The dulha and dulhan featured here seem to be looking longingly at each other. This is indeed a lovely design for your wedding day.

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Arabic Inspired Half Hand Mehndi Design

Arabic Inspired Half Hand Mehndi Design By Asha Savla

If a full-hand design is not something you might be keen on, then this is one of the latest mehndi designs by Asha Savla that is a great alternative. Inspired by the arabesque designs that feature a lot of floral motifs, the curlicues and dotted trellises on this design are very pleasing to the eye. The central circular motif is one of the most elegant works that symbolizes the circularity and renewal of life.

Modern Floral Half-Hand Mehndi Design

Modern Floral Half-Hand Mehndi Design By Asha Savla

Another exquisite example of the myriad Asha Savla bridal mehndi designs that you are sure to love for your big day, this design features detailed leaves and vines, and is perfect for those who love nature. The paisley design that is embellished by some gorgeous flowers at the bottom is as unconventional as it is beautiful. This design also makes use of the blank space on your skin, thus ensuring that it does not clash in any way with your bridal jewellery.

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Peacock And Dulha-Dulhan Full Hand Design

Peacock And Dulha-Dulhan Full Hand Design By Asha Savla

This is yet another stunning creation for brides. The ritual of anointing the bride’s head with sindoor is as old as our culture itself and needs no explanation. But what makes this unique is the incorporation of the peacock motif. You would think that repeating it so many times would make for a dull design. But the artist pulls it off with great ease.

Floral Half-Hand Mehndi Design

Floral Half-Hand Mehndi Design By Asha Savla

Floral motifs and mehndi have a long and healthy romance. Flowers symbolize love and beauty, which is what your wedding is all about. The flowers starting from the finger tips, all embellished with beautiful vines and curling tendrils, will surely elevate your bridal look to the next level. This is my favourite from our list of Asha Savla bridal mehndi designs.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock