The Secret To A Happy Marriage

Most people dream of getting married and living their lives with their true soul-mate. The thing is, and we probably don’t need to tell you this, but maintaining happy relationships is no easy task. Every individual is different, and each comes with complex personalities. Really, there is never a fixed way to ensure that you will always be happy with someone, however, there are always certain steps that one can follow to set out on the path of a happy married life. And you should do just that.

Good Ol’ Faith

Good-Ol’-Faith-The Secret To A Happy Marriage

One must have faith in their partner and in the relationship. If you’re constantly doubting things then you can pretty much be sure that you will never be content and will probably even drive your partner crazy. Being suspicious of the universe, your partner, and the neighbor’s dog all have their time and place, but if that’s your natural position all the time, then change it.

Have Patience

Let’s say you have faith and sound judgment. Now what? Whatever happens, be patient. Don’t be reckless and irresponsible in dealing with situations. Have patience and know that however difficult the situation may seem right now, it will soon pass unless you unnecessarily aggravate it with impatience. Happier phases are always round the corner.

Share Things

Not only materialistic things, share your thoughts and emotions with your partner as well. We’re only human and thus cannot read minds. Besides, you’re a team, and that, really, is the best part. Hence it becomes important for us to share our thoughts and be vocal instead of expecting others to ‘just understand.’

Love Unconditionally

Within reason, of course. What we mean is, true love is a tit for tat, without explicitly stating so. ‘Keep up with your promise’ sounds much worse than small, selfless, warm, empathetic acts that are in turn, returned – without there ever being a need for a scorecard. That’s unconditional loving, the good stuff.

Love-Unconditionally-The Secret To A Happy Marriage

Listen To Understand, Not To React

The problem with most people that they listen to react, not to understand. This, of course, creates all the trouble. When your spouse approaches you to talk about something, be patient and listen to what they have to say – for precisely that reason, to figure out what on Earth their motivations, judgment and reasoning for their thoughts and actions are. Not anything else, because that’s reactionary and ultimately most unhelpful in the true cause of strengthening your bond. You’re allowed to speak, not to react. Unless you’re looking for confrontation, which we’re going to assume you’re not.


Compromising is essential, no matter how unpleasant it sounds. We can’t have everything our way, especially if it seems to be sucking the life out of our partner. Be willing to compromise and give up on things that are not too important for you, for the happiness of your partner. After all, their happiness means your happiness too, isn’t it?

Pamper Each Other

Give each other surprises and do things simply to bring a smile to each other’s face. Remember, we can never be too happy and thus you must never give up on trying to make each other happy in life.

Travel Together

Traveling isn’t simply to relax on your own mind but is also a great way to connect with your partner. It is often noticed that couples who feel like they’ve lost the spark, even they find their way back to each other just by taking a trip together.

Travel-Together-The Secret To A Happy Marriage

Have Date Nights

You don’t need a date night every week, but your only time spent together outside the house cannot be Sunday’s grocery shopping. Get out there and have some fun, and do it routinely.

Parenting Team

Don’t focus on your children as individual parents. Work like a team and spend time with them. It will not only be a good exercise for you but will also have a positive impact on your kids who see their parents as a happy couple.

Have Your Own Space

Being married doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to spend time with each other every waking moment. Couples who stick to each other throughout the day often get bored of having each other’s company and lose their own unique identity. So have some ‘me time’ to be able to look forward to ‘we time’.

Budget Together

Money can tear people apart and many couples end up having their worst fights over financial differences. So sit together and plan out monthly budgets so that you both know what you two need and what your expenses are going to look like. Do not make any big financial decisions without consulting your partner.

Long Strolls Together

It might sound like a very unimportant thing but an evening walk taken together is known to keep people happier and fitter. There’s nothing like a romantic walk in the park to get the love and blood flowing – both keep you happier in the long and short run.

Long-Strolls-Together-The Secret To A Happy Marriage

Plan But Don’t Forget The Now

People often think that getting married means being all mature with future planning. But no, being married simply means finding yourself a partner to double your happiness. Don’t get too engrossed in the planning that by the time you check things off the bucket list you’re already 60. Not that there’s anything wrong in being sixty and having a blast, but there’s no need to put it off when you’re 30 for planning’s sake.

All the above points may not be for you, but a few of them no doubt will be. Analyze and apply as needed for happiness.

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