Secret Love Quotes: 34 Whispers For Times When Words Fail You

When you love someone secretly, sometimes you don’t know what to do or what to say to your loved one, so that they can understand the genuineness of your love. The myriad of emotions that you experience ranging from feeling joyous one moment to suddenly feeling hurt the next make you feel frustrated, don’t they? A little help with the right words can work some magic. Here are 34 secret love quotes to the rescue for times when words fail you:

1. Secret Love Quotes - Aphra Behn

There is a hidden excitement and pleasure in loving someone in secret, away from the prying eyes of the world. If your love defines that feeling, then this secret love quote by Aphra Behn perfectly demonstrate your tangible situation.

2. Secret Love Quotes - Edmond Rostand And Cyrano de Bergerac

A perfect secret love quote for the hidden romantic in you who believes that a kiss is not something mundane but a magical exchange shared between the lovers, the secret keepers of their mystique emotions.

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3. Secret Love Quotes - Michelle Burns

Ever felt the utter desire to confess your feelings to the one you love but felt nervous and tongue-tied every time you tried saying something? Well, say these words to him/her and let go of your feelings without hesitations.

4. Secret Love Quotes - Avril Lavigne

You are too mature to understand the impossibility of the relationship yet your heart tugs for him only? These lines celebrate and illustrate your state of mind perfectly.

5. Secret Love Quotes - Japanese Wisdom

There is nothing more enigmatic and mysterious than a love that is kept under wraps, followed in secret and cherished with closed lips yet knowing glances from the eyes. This secret love quote amazingly reflects that feeling of a secret and forbidden love.

6. Secret Love Quotes - Sheila Johns

When love reaches a stage that it cannot be contained any more and the only solution is to confess the turmoil and torture your heart is going through, quote these lines and express your love without being hesitant about it.

7. Secret Love Quotes - Avril Lavigne, Things I'd Never Say

This secret love quote portrays the agony of a soul who has to keep his or her love a secret from the world. The love cannot be disclosed in any way and the burden of the secret is sometimes too much to bear alone.

8. Secret Love Quotes - Unknown Love Truths

Do not keep your love suffocating inside your heart but cherish it, conveying your feelings to your loved one. Find purpose and fulfillment in your love by realizing it and giving it away.

9. Secret Love Quotes - Anonymous Shakespeare

If you are also going through a similar emotion and feeling clueless, take comfort by reading this secret love quote of the poet to realize that it is not just you but many others, who have endured the pain and isolation of unrequited love. Maybe their words will encourage you to find yours.

10. Secret Love Quotes - It's Sweet So I Add Salt

Do these lines remind you of your first crush? Or is it your state of mind – totally head over heels in love but too shy to convey it? These words will surely help you get the motivation and courage to speak your heart to your crush.

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11. Secret Love Quotes - Dawson's Creek

This secret love quote aptly conveys the unsaid emotions we feel but never find the courage to say out loud. So, we love secretly and suffer silently, feeling everything with mute lips and a clenched heart.

12. Secret Love Quotes - Federico Garcia Lorca

If you love someone, it is best that you express your feelings rather than being tortured every day. Reading these lines will help you realize what you are losing by keeping mum and give you the encouragement to express your emotions.

13. Secret Love Quotes - Alphonse de Lamartine

Loving someone in secret has its own sweet pleasure. The way you blush when you see the one you love and the way you hide it from the world makes it even more exciting as you experience a rush of emotions.

14. Secret Love Quotes - Alexis Felix Arvers

A bitter sweet feeling that you hold in your heart when loving someone in secret is too much to keep to yourself. Express it with this secret love quote and see how your feelings are reciprocated.

15. Secret Love Quotes - Francesca Lia

Want your love to notice you like you do every single day? Then this is the perfect secret love quote for you to express the feelings of love and secret admiration. Flatter your crush with these words and win his/her heart.

16. Secret Love Quotes - Joey Potter, Dawson’s Creek

Unrequited love can be very painful to bear, especially when you are too attached to that person. These words, if conveyed in the right way, can surely stir the suppressed feelings in your lover’s heart and change the situation from sadness to joy.

17. Secret Love Quotes - Unknown Millennial Love Quotes

This is one situation that you must have experienced when you wanted your crush to admire you too, secretly, like you do.

18. Secret Love Quotes - Anonymous Broken Love

When your love is not reciprocated, it surely hurts. The secret desires in your heart for the person you wished to cherish all your life can surely make you feel depressed. But you need to move on with greater strength and find the source of your happiness as some words are best left unsaid.

19. Secret Love Quotes - Stefanie Schneider

This secret love quote is not one you’d share with a lover, but more so with a close friend or two. To love and be loved can be the greatest happiness one can find, but if it is all consuming and too passionate, insecurities and fear can creep in your heart, making you feel miserable.

20. Secret Love Quotes - Stefanie Schneider On Love

Loving someone secretly is no trifle matter but a very serious situation. Those who have gone through such intense phases can only understand and appreciate the graveness of the situation.

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21. Secret Love Quotes - Charlotte Bronte

Loving someone and knowing he or she can never be yours is a heath-wrenching feeling, a secret emotion that will not be revealed even when you cease to exist. This secret love quote by Charlotte Bronte perfectly sums up the hazards of being involved with a married person who hardly cares for your love.

22. Secret Love Quotes - Stefanie Schneider Love Quotes

Love can change you in ways you never imagined and this secret love quote by Schneider pretty much sum up the efforts we are ready to make to be united with our love that we admire secretly. It is a beautiful feeling of extreme passion that cannot be merely expressed in simple words but needs the inspiration of the muses to cast its spell.

23. Secret Love Quotes - John Clare

A lighter take on the varied emotions of love, this secret love quote celebrates the secrecy of love, the emotions and excitement and the rush of adventure the lovers feel when they meet, hidden away from the prying eyes of the world, in the fields and canopies.

24. Secret Love Quotes - Margot Tenenebaum

Sometimes the situation is not in our favour and we are compelled to let go of our love. We still keep on loving that person, but in secret, not known to the world.

25. Secret Love Quotes - Love From Afar, Quotes From Anonymous

If your love is selfless and true, you will not hold him/her back and suffocate that person who wishes to fly and reach the summit. But you will encourage your love to grow and if they still love you back, then the purpose of love is fulfilled.

26. Secret Love Quotes - Rabindranath Tagore

A world renowned poet and artist, Rabindranath Tagore perfectly understands and portrays the shared and mutual understanding between two lovers that is a secret from the world in this beautiful secret love quote.

27. Secret Love Quotes - Whispers From Anonymous Lovers

The joy of being in love is further enhanced when it is kept a secret. Everybody can experience the change in you, the flushed and blushing face and that enigmatic smile whenever you come across your crush.

28. Secret Love Quotes - Stolen Glances And Silent Fires

Your secret feelings are always kept buried in your heart, unknown to your love. One-sided and reciprocated love carried on in secret can surely give your innocent, little heart a lot of pain.

29. Secret-Love-Quote-29

Passions ignited in the soul by the flame of love can never be extinguished. This strongly passionate secret love quote by Anais reflects that flaming love, hidden in our heart, which fuels our mind, body and soul.

30. Secret Love Quotes - Nicholas Sparks

Sparks expresses in truly mesmerising words the omnipresence of love. It is a feeling that can never be in the concrete but felt in abstract forms by lovers who worship love like God.

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31. Secret Love Quotes - Dear John, Nicholas Sparks

Missing your love a lot but cannot meet because of the distance? Ah, the feelings of anguish and desperation of two lovers who can’t meet but cherish the fact that they are together, basking in the moonlight, aware of each other’s presence through their hearts.

32. Secret Love Quotes - Jerry Maguire

Fell in love with him at the first word, but too shy to say things openly? Well, here is the perfectly sweet yet witty secret love quote that you can pick to sweep him off his feet without going overboard with the whole thing.

33. Secret Love Quotes - I Do Not Love You, Pablo Neruda

The secrecy and the excitement of love binds with the mystery of the way it moves in our souls and that is genuinely expressed by Neruda in his love sonnets. Shower your loved one with this beautiful and deep secret love quote to forever enthral them in the adventure called love.

34. Secret Love Quotes - Pablo Neruda

A mysterious metaphor used by Neruda to explain an even more mysterious and abstract emotion, thus, doing justice to the whole phenomenon of love that is just unique and wonderful.
Hope you liked the collection of secret love quotes and found them inspiring too. Want to share your experiences or some of your favourite love quotes? Do write to us or you could just drop a comment below.