10 Beautiful Seagull Coloring Pages For Your Toddler

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Does your child enjoy observing seagulls on the beach or the parking lot? Are you looking for seagull coloring pages to further his interest in these aquatic hunters, and boost his motor skills at the same time? If you said yes, then you should consider reading our post below!

Seagull is a generic term for all the birds in the gull family. When you hear the word “seagull”, you will most probably picture a white and gray or black shorebird in your mind. For the most part, you are right! Seagulls are medium sized, white birds with black and gray marking.

But not all seagulls are same in appearance. There are around 40 species of gulls all over the world, with different physical traits. Let’s learn a bit more about the bird through our awesome seagull coloring sheets below.

10 Beautiful Seagull Coloring Pages:

1. Seagull:

Here’s one of the beautiful coloring pages of seagulls on a rock and looking out at the sea. Seagulls are intelligent and inquisitive birds. They demonstrate some complex methods of communication and a highly complex social structure. We think that even this seagull is trying to communicate with one of his friends. This coloring page will look best when colored with bright colors.

2. California Seagull:

Here’s a California Seagull coloring sheet. The California seagull breeds on the west coast. You will find them in the lakes and parking lots from Manitoba to California. A California seagull is a medium sized bird with a dark gray back and white head and underbelly. It has a yellow bill and yellow-green legs.

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3. Seagull With His Prey:

This coloring page shows a seagull with its prey. Seagulls are omnivorous and feed on a variety of vegetation and animals. They hunt for their meal over the water, in the air and on the land. And they are very versatile. A seagull can eat almost all sorts of marine animals, including mollusks, insects, and fish. Besides fresh foods, seagulls also eat carrion from offal and garbage.

4. Baby Seagull:

Here’s a cute baby seagull coloring page. Baby seagulls look incredibly adorable and are as intelligent as their parents. These tiny birds learn vital skills for their adulthood. Mommy and daddy seagulls watch over these nursery folks, protecting them from the predators. The baby gulls stay together until they are old enough to breed.

5. Dolphin Gull:

The coloring page features a dolphin gull. The dolphin gull, or the red-billed gull, is native to South America. It has a white body and gray feathers that are slightly darker on the wings. The dolphin seagulls feed on a variety of things, including carrion. It’s a simple image and should be suitable for preschoolers and toddlers.

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6. Black-Tailed Gull:

The black-tailed gulls are residents of East Asia, which includes Japan, China, and Korea. These gulls have a black tail, as you can understand from their name. These seabirds are vagrants to the North America and Alaska. A black-tailed gull is a medium-sized gull with a wingspan of 128 cm.

7. Pacific Gull:

Pacific gulls are large gulls native to the coasts of Australia. These birds are common in Carnarvon and Sydney but are scarce in parts of southeast Australia. Pacific gulls are much larger than silver, or most of the gulls for that matter. And they are not very social. You will find these gulls loafing around the shoreline, alone.

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8. Seagull Flying In The Sky:

Here is a magnificent coloring image of a large seagull flying. Summer feels incomplete without a few seagulls soaring in the sky. And it makes a beautiful sight. Seagulls can soar and glide for a long time. They drift along the beach and coast, looking for their next meal. Did you know that landing is more complicated than take off for a seagull?

9. Heermann’s Gull:

The Heermann’s gulls are native to Mexico and United States. Heermann’s gulls look very different from other gulls. They have a light gray body with black-gray wings and tail with white edges. These birds disperse to the central California after breeding. Heermann’s gulls are common near the shores and islands. You will rarely find these gulls inland.

10. Yellow-footed Gull:

The Yellow-footed Gull is a close relative of western gull. It is native to the Gulf of California in Mexico. The adult yellow-footed gulls are very similar to Western gulls in appearance. They have a white head, slate-colored wings and back and thick yellow bills.

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Take your child to the beach this weekend. He will be amazed seeing plenty of seagulls near the coast. And ask him what he learned from the coloring pages. Which of these Seagull coloring pictures did your little one enjoyed coloring the most? Tell us below.

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