6 Scrumptious Wedding Cupcakes That Your Guests Will Relish

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With the help of the right bakers, these would taste like little dollops of heaven that make love to your mouth. Not only that, with fancy wedding cupcakes, you can serve up different flavours that are sure to tantalize and excite your palate. Wouldn’t this be much more exciting than a single cake? If you love your cakes, then getting those perfect wedding cupcakes is something you would never regret! Here, we offer you some innovative cupcake designs for weddings to feast on for your big day. Bon apetit!

1. Build A Cupcake Tower

That’s right, a cupcake tower. Can you imagine how thrilled all the foodies would be? To make a cupcake tower, you’ll need cupcakes – lots of them. They will be then stacked in a tower. Here, you could mix up many flavours, giving your guests a dizzying array to choose from. In front of the tower, you could also leave around cute messages, like “Love is sweet. Have a taste!” And cupcakes for weddings are sure to be a huge hit with all the kids, too!

2. Decorated Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes - Decorated Cupcakes
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You don’t have to be stuck with simple wedding cupcakes, all you need for some decorated cupcakes is some creativity and an above-average baker. There are simply a huge variety of ways in which you could decorate your wedding cupcakes. Edible flower decorations, frosted candy sprinkles, heart-shaped candies, buttered bits of nuts…you name it and it can be your decoration. If you’ve gone for a theme wedding, then you could incorporate the theme into your cup cake decorations. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, decorate your cup cakes with edible shells or star fish. An edible top hat or a gown decoration might just be the perfect pick for your wedding!

3. Build A Cupcake Platter

Wedding Cupcakes - Build A Cup Cake Platter
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There is nothing that looks more opulent than a cupcake platter. Unlike a cupcake tower, you lay out all your cakes in a large platter. The more the flavours for your guests to choose from, the better! Nothing can get your guests more excited that a myriad of wedding cupcakes just sitting there, begging to be eaten.

4. Serve Some Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Wedding Cupcakes - Red Velvet Cup Cakes
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A red velvet cake with a figurine of the bride and groom is a true classic for weddings. Take a slightly different route by serving some lip-smacking red velvet wedding cupcakes. The butter icing on top, followed by the rich, moist red sponge cake is a delight that you simply cannot go wrong with. Besides, red is the colour of passion, and this might just get you in the mood for some extra post-wedding celebrations with your groom. (Sneak in some strawberries and champagne along with this, if you can)

5. Serve Up Some Delicious Fruit Tart Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes - Fruit Tart Cup Cakes
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For those of you who are not so inclined towards the sugary icing, a fruit tart cupcake might just sound more exciting. After all, fruits and cakes have had a successful marriage that has lasted centuries! Whether you’ll opt for a dizzying array of seasonal fruits or some exotic ones, this is yet another cupcake that is sure to excite the palate of every one of your guests.

6. Serve Some Cream Cheese Filled Chocolate Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes - Some Cream Cheese Filled Chocolate Cup Cakes
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This is yet another great alternative to those sponge cakes. Alternatively, you could also serve up some cheesecake wedding cupcakes. The soft cream cheese will melt in your mouth and explode with nectarine sweetness. Couple that with some rich, dark chocolate, and you’ll have in your hands a cup cake that no can say no to!

No matter how you choose to serve those cupcakes at your wedding, people are sure to love it. So now go ahead, brainstorm and head to the baker’s to begin sampling some cakes!

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