Saree Accessories: 13 Must-Have Trendy And Bridal Add-Ons

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There’s something about wearing an ethnic Indian saree that does wonders to one’s overall look and persona. Be it a silk saree, a chiffon, a georgette or even cotton, every saree has its own beauty. While a saree looks good on its own, adding some saree accessories to complement it does something to the overall look. There are a lot of saree accessories out there and you could probably mix and match to create something totally unique.

Here, lets take a look at some saree accessories and ones specific to bridal sarees too.

Trendy Saree Accessories

1. Trendy Blouse

Now you’d say ‘Obviously! How can a saree be worn without a blouse?!’ But the focus here is on the ‘trendy’ part. A trendy/fashionable blouse helps in making the simplest of sarees the most on-point when it comes to looking stylish so it’s a must have in the saree accessories department. You can pair a sleeveless blouse with a simple Indian cotton or silk saree, or ‘dori-back’ blouse, whatever suits your style.

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2. Bindi

A bindi is not something that many women prefer, but trust me when I say this, it adds a different dimension to your look. Many feel the boring old red bindi is just out of fashion but there are so many colourful options available, and they are saree accessories that you would simply fall in love with.

3. Bangles or Kada

Depending on the occasion, you can always pick whether you want to wear a set of bangles or simply a thick kada that has a traditional Indian look. But yes, they’re must have saree accessories. Many women prefer to have their arms filled with bangles that make that beautiful clinking sound.

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4. Handbags

You simply can’t carry your regular handbag which you carry when you’re in your jeans. An ethnic look calls for a traditional handbag, something like a clutch or a purse. These days there are a variety of options available as saree accessories, with thread work or sequence work that look super stylish.

5. Jhumkas

Dangling earrings better known as ‘jhumkas’ should be called a saree’s best friend. No saree look is complete without a matching set of jhumkas to go with it. They can either be Indian and traditional or simply modern and classy, the choice is yours. Pair them with a fancy cotton or silk saree.

6. Footwear

Ethnic look calls for an ethnic footwear. The point to remember is that a bit of a heel is required for a saree or else it would simply sweep the floor. Also, wearing heels gives you a beautiful posture. You can pair your saree with footwear of almost any kind but the best one would be an open-toe one.

Now let’s have a look at some of the saree accessories that would go best with your bridal look in addition to the ones mentioned above.

Bridal Saree Accessories

7. Kamar-Bandh

A waist chain, also known as a kamar bandh, is something that beautifully accentuates your curves and brings a unique look to your entire wedding feel. They are available in silver as well as gold with meena work. One of the most chic Indian silk saree accessories to have.

8. Paayal

Some of the rituals involve the bride and groom to remain bare-footed and the ankles are exposed. An anklet with a tinkling sound would be just perfect for the bride to pair with her wedding saree, and a sweetly simple saree accessories option.

9. Bridal Footwear

Everything should be on-point at the wedding. All your accessories should be in-sync with each other and thus the footwear needs equal importance. Choose a nice shimmery pair of footwear to go with the gold/silver thread work on your saree.

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10. Gajra

A beautiful gajra up your jooda (bun) is not only a treat for the eyes but is also something that increases the beauty of your entire look. And if you’re getting married in the summers, oh it is such a good fix for the heat! It helps in keeping your back cool.

11. Neckpiece

Something as long as a ‘rani haar’ would be just too perfect for a Indian bridal saree look but a chokhar design would go equally well. All you need to figure out is that your neckpiece matches your saree in all shades and colours. Maybe have a few choker saree accessories for separate occasions.

12. Clutch

Even though a bride doesn’t have much to carry on the wedding day, a clutch is still a very important part of her wedding attire. These days, the markets are filled with options for beautiful ethnic and traditional tastes.

13. Maang Tikka

A maang tikka is another thing that adds the needed bling to the silk or cotton saree look at a wedding. It is mostly matching with the neckpiece and earrings and its size basically depends on the preference of the bride.

So these are all the saree accessories that will enhance your overall look. Remember that you would look best in whatever makes you feel comfortable. So feel free to experiment with these and many more and write back to us if you have more suggestions. Do share pictures of saree accessories that you have tried on too.

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