The Sara Khan Wedding(s): Publicity Stunts Or Poor Judgement?

If you’ve been keeping up with the lives of small screen celebrities, especially news of their nuptials, then you must have come across reports of erstwhile Miss Bhopal Sara Khan’s series of “marriages” in your everyday internet-ing. But if you’re trying to – like we were, not so long ago – make some sense of any of it, then let us help you out. Come join us on the Sara Khan wedding mystery.

Sara Khan & Ali Merchant: Wedding 1

The Sara Khan Wedding - Sara Khan And Ali Merchant At Their Wedding


Bigg Boss promises entertainment, and you have to hand it to them, they never fail to deliver. Fans remember one such instance of gleefully watching a season 4 episode (2010) in which Sara decided that a Sara Khan wedding to her then co-star Ali Merchant would be a good idea in a Islamic wedding ceremony – the real thing.

The marriage lasted all of two months. Close friends suggested that the couple had been paid a sum tidy enough to convince the both of them to undertake such a stunt, while the channel hosting the show, Colors, denied any involvement in how things had panned and said that it was their personal decision.

Whichever view you take of the thing, Sara vehemently denies any attempts to gain publicity and says that doing a daily soap before Bigg Boss is what got her her popularity. You would have to agree that a heavily publicized, possibly TRP-pressure induced Sara Khan wedding probably wasn’t the best ever idea.

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In a post-divorce interview, the actress alluded that her marriage “had turned into a nightmare,” and the same “friends” who spoke to the media about alleged payments also spoke of Ali’s wandering eye that resulted in marital woes and ultimately, separation.

The Sara Khan Wedding - Sara Khan And Ali Merchant


Sara maintained that she loved unconditionally, and it was only when he “broke her trust” after she “gave him a thousand chances” did she “call of the relationship.” A lot must have gone down in those couple of months!

Either way, Sara maintains that whatever happens happens for the good, and she “doesn’t want to look back.”

Merchant on the other hand admitted on a different reality show that he had married for publicity in what was “the biggest mistake of his life.”

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Sara Khan And Rishabh Tandon: The Instagram Wedding

The Sara Khan Wedding - Sara Khan And Rishabh Tandon In The Hyped Insta


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Gaffe #2 or true love gone awry? The former, if Sara Khan’s version of events are to be believed. Here’s what went down, in the ‘celebrated’ Sara Khan wedding to Rishabh Tandon:

Sara posted a picture on her Instagram alongside beau Rishabh, and along with the image, as is the norm on Instagram, were a bunch of hashtags. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Except that the picture had a beaming Sara and a marginally distracted Rishabh, and the actress was wearing sindoor on her forehead. Also, the text accompanying the image read “ssarakhan Beautiful beginning vd beautiful life #lifelimitless☺️#livelimitless #wee #us #forever #madeforeachother #love #life #reallove #reallife #frsttimeever #realisation #instalove #needwishes #needblessings.”



Of course, Instagram and the rest of the internet was quick to announce a Rishabh Tandon Sara Khan wedding, and marry her off and shower the happy couple with congratulations as well as other messages, but to Sara’s credit, there was a final hashtag, way in the rear that said #goingtomarrysoon. We’re going to side with her on this one.

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Her explanation was that she had just returned from a shoot and had left the sindoor on as her hubby-to-be had quickly snapped a pic that got uploaded from her account (presumably fairly quickly as well). We’re not so inclined to buy all of the details there, but, hey everyone makes mistakes, even if they were well intentioned. And always read the final hashtags, people!

As ever, if there is any news about any further (dubious or otherwise) Sara Khan wedding stints, concerning the Bhopal lass and some new hottie, you can be sure to read it here!