Santhanam Marriage: The Simple Shaadi Of The Popular Comedian

Santhanam is one of the very few comedians in Indian cinema who can play a major role in the film without being sidelined as a comical sidekick. His image is that of an actor with nimble comic timing, and the ability to bring a flavour of comedy in almost every character he has ever played. The Santhanam marriage is thus an intriguing story and quite an anti-climax! When it comes to the personal life of this popular Tamil cinema comedian, this actor had a simple run with matters of heart and his eventual wedding. He said ‘yes’ to a girl chosen by his parents because they were afraid that no one would marry their son once he gets into films. The obedient son eventually did marry, and in this article we take a look at the short and sweet story of the Usha Santhanam marriage.

Santhanam Marriage - N Santhanam

Rise To Stardom

Santhanam was born on 21st January, 1980, in Chennai. Although he did not have any specific interest in acting, he enjoyed comedy, and during his early twenties became part of a comedy troupe. By 2003, he was working in comedy shows on television, and this brought recognition to his image and talent. He appeared in some films but in uncredited roles. Eventually, he was noticed by actor-director Silambarasan who gave Santhanam his first big screen chance in a supporting role with the 2004 Tamil film Manmadhan. There has been no looking back for Santhanam after that, and since his début film Manmadhan, he has worked in over 50 films, some of which have won him numerous accolades.

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‘Get Married Son!’

Even before he made it big in films, Santhanam was a popular television celebrity thanks to his entertaining performances. In an interview, Santhanam shared that it was a phase when he would get numerous photos, letters and marriage proposals from girls. While jovial Santhanam played it all casually, his parents on other hand felt a bit jittery. They were concerned about his growing celebrity status, and were worried that once he becomes a big screen comedy actor, he might not find any matches at all. Needless to say, they had the idea of getting their son married soon at the back of their mind, and therefore started finding matches for Santhanam. Eventually, they found a suitable girl named Usha for their son, and the compliant son agreed to tie the knot in an arranged marriage. So a plan was made, and a very private Usha Santhanam marriage was set for mid 2004.

Less Known Santhanam Marriage And Low Profile Family

Santhanam Marriage - N Santhanam With HIs Wife Usha And Their Youngest Son

Santhanam got married to Usha in 2004, while he was still working for the film Manmadhan. It was a simple wedding ceremony with absolutely no celebrity presence since Santhanam was yet to make his mark in the showbiz. Usha chose a simple wedding dress but was decked up in jewellery. The Usha and Santhanam marriage ceremony is said to have been a traditional Tamil one. His wife Usha has always maintained a low profile even after the wedding, with not many photos or any social media profile. She is never seen at any movie awards ceremony or social events. Santhanam and Usha have been blessed with three children. The family maintains a low profile, but is known to be a strong close-knit one.

In an interview in 2012, Santhanam shared that his wife often candidly comments that he is successful today because he married her. His words about his wife Usha very much prove that the couple share a strong bond of mutual trust and love. Trust definitely is a factor as proved by certain events in late 2015.

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The Alleged Affair

During late 2015, rumours started doing the rounds that Santhanam had married his co-star of two films Ashna Zaveriand in a secret wedding ceremony. This cast a doubt that the decade long Usha Santhanam marriage might be in trouble as Usha might suspect an affair. Images were flashed which showed the couple in a traditional dress talking to each other. Tabloids and gossip-mongers were cooking their own theories about the photos until Ashna and Santhanam took to Twitter and tweeted their respective clarifications about the matter. While Ashna simply tweeted “Single and happy”, Santhanam shared his amusement about the rumours.

It was later learnt that the duo happened to bump into each other at a place and were exchanging greetings when the photos were clicked. In fact, Santhanam was accompanied by his wife and children when he met Ashna. The rumoured secret wedding was a lie. The rumours died down within hours after the statements from the respective actors.

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Life Since Then

Santhanam has now reached greater heights in his career and in comedy and has even essayed lead role characters. He has also started his own film production company. It has to be noted that Santhanam is one of those few celebrities who have drawn a perfect line between their personal and professional life. Santhanam and Usha definitely share a strong bond, and it is said that she often visits him on the sets of his movie. We wish this doting couple all the happiness, and wish Santhanam a successful and prosperous career.