Sampoorna Eye Yoga – How To Do And What Are Its Benefits?

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Are you worried about your eyesight? Are you concerned about wearing eye-glasses? If yes, then it’s time you stop worrying, sit back and relax! Here’s a smart modern day solution to your problem. StyleCraze offers you information on the best-in-class eye-yoga style, sampoorna eye yoga, the proper way to practice it, its benefits and contraindications.

Eye yoga has been practiced in our country since ages. It is one of the natural methods/ remedies for treating eye-related issues. Although it takes time to show results, yet the effect that it leaves behind is long-lasting.

How to do Sampoorna Eye Yoga?

There are various ways in which one can practice eye yoga at home. The simplest method is mentioned below. Follow the simple and easy step by step instructions and get started:-

1. Start your eye yoga session by sitting on the floor in a comfortable cross-legged position. One can also sit in Padmasana or Ardha Padmasana pose. For sitting in Padmasana pose, one has to sit on the yoga mat, spread out legs straight in front of you. Bend your right knee, lift it up with your right hand and place it on the outer side of your left thigh. This pose is known as Ardha Padmasana. One can sit in this pose too while practicing eye yoga or pranayama. After this bend your left knee, lift it up with your left hand and place it on the outer side of your right thigh. This pose is known as Padmasana.

2. After you have settled down with the pose, place your hands on your knees, palms facing downwards.

3. Start by massaging your eyelids gently with the tips of your fingers in a circular motion. (clockwise). Be gentle in what you do.

4. Next step is to close your eyes halfway in the downwards direction. Remain steady and concentrate on how you feel. Slowly close your eyes completely. Do not give any kind of pressure on your eyes. Feel the comfort that your eyes feel at this moment.

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5. Feel the oxygen and blood flowing through your eyes and to your whole body.

6. Open your eyes and concentrate your vision on the tip of your nose. Remain steady and then move forwards.

7. Concentrate your vision in between your eyebrows.  Remain steady and then move ahead.

8. Blink your eyes 5-10 times or more (depends on you).

9. Move your eyes slowly in a circular motion (clockwise) for atleast10-20 times.

10. After this, assume a point straight in front of your eyes and stare on it.

11. Move your eyes to the extreme left side and stretch your eye muscles. Remain steady and move further

12. Repeat the same process on the right side as well. Move your eyes to the extreme right side and stretch your eye muscles. Remain steady and move further.

13. Move your eyes in the upward direction and stretch your eye muscles. Remain steady and move further.

14. Move your eyes in the downwards direction and stretch your eye muscles. Remain steady and move further.

15. Now focus on the centre point that you had assumed earlier in front of your eyes. Starting from that point, draw an imaginary number 8 by moving your eyeballs.

16. After that draw a circle in the same manner.

17. Close your eyes and blink your eyes keeping it closed.

18. Perform palming which helps in relaxing your eyes. While performing palming one has to close eyes, rub both the palms against each. Place the palms over your eyes and cover them.

19. End your session by opening your eyes slowly.

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Benefits of Sampoorna Yoga:

1. Helps in improving eyesight.

2. Stretches and strengthens eye muscles.

3. Enhances vision

4. Relieves tension

5. Improves sleep

6. Reduces strain on eyes

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Give your eyes a refreshing retreat with Sampoorna Eye Yoga..!! Happy Practicing!!

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