22 Awesome Salwar kameez And Suits To Perk Up Your Day

The reliable and always fuss-free salwar kameez is ‘the’ attire that the Indian women rely on with their eyes closed, be it for office or for casual outings or just daily wear. Here is a collection of the latest and in-trend salwar kameez styles that you can match up with kameez and kurtis to make it work for your professional requirements or for casual fun.

1. The Basic Salwar kameez

The Basic Salwar kameez

One of the most preferred options by the Indian woman for its effortless style and ease of carrying it at home or even at work. The unique feature of this salwar kameez is that it has frills that are placed at the centre, giving you enough room to move around and do any job comfortably. The bottom part of this style of salwar kameez  has narrow and tapering ends for ease of wear.

2. The Patiala Salwar kameez

The Patiala Salwar kameez

Originating in the Patiala district of Punjab, it a favourite of the young college-going girls or working women which gives their silhouette a great shape and flatters their figure in an amazing way. This salwar style has a lot of crinkles and crunches as the pleats start from the waist making many folds even behind the legs, giving volume to the entire attire. This salwar needs double the cloth for stitching because of the numerous pleats that are a part of the style.

3. Dhoti Styled Salwar kameez

Dhoti Styled Salwar kameez

Fashioned from the shape of a traditional Indian dhoti style, this type of salwar has been making the rounds in the fashion world for quite some time now. Suitable for petite women, it accentuates the narrow waist and adds body and volume to the entire attire making you look curvaceous at the right places. This salwar type is very comfortable to wear and can be carried off easily throughout the year without any issues.

4. Straight Salwar kameez

Straight Salwar kameez

It is almost a regular salwar style except the fact that it has minimum number of pleats and does not flare up too much, which is an ideal design for the bottom heavy woman who is not too much into voluminous lowers but wants to wear comfortable styles. The narrow ends of the salwar also add to the sleekness of the style which is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

5. Afghani Patterned Salwar kameez

Afghani Patterned Salwar kameez

The style of salwar is very popular in Afghanistan, and the name pretty much explains the origin of the style. The popularity of the Afghani salwar comes from the fact that it has cuffs that are much wider compared to any basic salwar and they narrow down much more as one goes towards the end as compared to a normal salwar style. These designs add volume and elegance around areas of your thighs and yet keep your silhouette curvaceous, thanks to the tapering of the ends towards the feet.

6. Sharara Salwar kameez

Sharara Salwar kameez

Inspired from the Pakistani style of salwars, it has loose ends and fittings like wide pants. The look gives you the illusion of wearing a full length skirt, only which is divided at the middle and needs to be worn with a draw string. It is one design of salwars that combines style with comfort and makes you look elegant in the attire, making it an awesome choice for special occasions and celebrations.

7. The Trouser Salwar kameez

The Trouser Salwar kameez

The no-nonsense trouser salwar is inspired from the trouser pants, as the name suggests. The style has a straight cut without any pleats as such and fits like any normal loose fitting pant, except the fact that it is available in a wide range of colours, can have works and embroidery and it is worn with elegant kameez for both casual and formal requirements. The side slits of the sawlar style make the whole look quite fabulous and comfortable to carry for any body type or occasion.

8. Parallel Salwar kameez Cuts

Parallel Salwar kameez Cuts

The unique feature of these salwar styles is that they are of the same width taken from the top to bottom. You can choose from the option of laced, embroidered or plain cuffs, as per your liking and occasion. The symmetrical design of the salwar gives you the advantage of a long sleek look and can be worn with slit long kurtas or short kameez styles to create an amazing overall look that can be fashioned for both formal and casual occasions.

9. Churidar Pyjama Salwar kameez

Churidar Pyjama Salwar kameez

One of the most sought-after and easy going salwar styles, it adds to the elegance of your legs by the bangle-styled crouching of cloth material at the end of the feet making your legs look sleek and narrow. They can be worn with long side slit kurtis in various colours, umbrella cut kurtis, anarkali dresses or even tight fit short kurtis. The ease of use and the versatility of the design make it popular among all ages of woman from teenagers to adults.

10. Pakistani Belt-Bottom Salwar kameez

Pakistani Belt-Bottom Salwar kameez

Originating in the areas of Karachi in Pakistan, it is a very popular style which is comfortable to wear yet gives a unique look at the same time. The design of the top of the salwar is like a belt but the flow of the salwar as it goes down is like any normal salwar that can be styled with any normal kurti or kameez. The added advantage of this belt bottom salwar is that it tucks in any protruding tummy giving your silhouette a sleek look.

11. Punjabi Cultural Salwar kameez

Punjabi Cultural Salwar kameez

Introduced by the modern Punjabi girls, it is a unique salwar style which is also popularly known by the name of wide salwar style. The unique feature of the salwar is that it has a very wide leg area which gives ample space for comfortable movement and lets the air pass around easily keeping you cool and comfortable in the heat.

12. Laila Salwar kameez

Laila Salwar kameez

Borrowed from the traditions of the Arabic culture, this type of salwar is designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the fashionable ladies of today’s times. Introduced to the Indian masses by Bollywood through the movie Laila Majnu, it is now that the trend has come to be highlighted.

13. Afghani Harem Salwar kameez

Afghani Harem Salwar kameez

As the name itself suggests, this style of salwar kameez also originated in the country of Afghanistan and is considered to be the traditional attire of the women belonging to the harems of the kings and nobility of the past times of Afghanistan. It is free-flowing and made of cool fabrics that makes it a perfect choice for summers.

14. Palazzo Styled Salwar kameez

Palazzo Styled Salwar kameez

Considered as the latest addition in the family of salwar styles, it has cuts similar to that of a sharara but the cuts are less flared at the bottom. The straight fit palazzos are also easily available in stores as they are quite popular among working women who like to style in comfort and yet keep it unique and chic at the same time.
Amazing Salwar Kameez Styles Trending This Season

15. The Flowing Anarkali Salwar kameez

The Flowing Anarkali Salwar kameez

A very unusual and flattering style, the flowing anarkali exudes an elegance of its own. It is a perfectly made style of salwar kameez that can go with any body type. The athletic ones can go crazy with the choice of options and designs available. If you are a bit top-heavy, try to go minimal with the embellishments on the upper part of the body and vice versa if you are heavier at the bottom.
Women who have a pear-shaped body can go with the style at ease by keeping more flare at the bottom and keeping a tighter fit at the waist so that the bulge is easily camouflaged by the flares concentrated downwards and you appear to have a very slim and toned waist. The petite ones should be careful about the flare and the length of the kameez to look perfect in the attire.

16. The Gujarati Angrakha Style

Salwar kameez - The Gujarati Angrakha Style

It is one style that is perfect for women who feel a bit conscious of their mid section or heavier hips. The design of a tapered and V-shaped cut carries the focus towards your neckline, thus making you less conspicuous of the heavier bottom part of the body. But in case you have a heavy bosom, try to avoid this style as it will bring unnecessary attention towards the problematic portions of your body.

17. Elegant Full Length Suits

Salwar kameez - Elegant Full Length Suits

If you have a slender and tall figure, then it is the perfect style of suit you can flaunt. The full length suit looks elegant on women are 5 feet 4 inches or above in height as it gives a dimension to their height too. You can flaunt these suits with heels and keep away from horizontal stripes or designs as it will make you look broader and cut away the height.

18. Awesome Sherwani Suits

Salwar kameez - Awesome Sherwani Suits

If you are targeting a more androgynous look with traditional attire, then selecting a sherwani suit can be the perfect choice for the occasion. But if you are conscious about your broad shoulders or a heavy bust line then do avoid the high collar designs and cuts that are only going to emphasize these prominent areas unnecessarily. If looking for the illusion of height for petite figures, flaunt them only with high heels as the long long length of the kurti can cut off the height factor if not styled with care.

19. Lycra Leggings And Flared Salwar kameez

Lycra Leggings And Flared Salwar kameez

It is one of the easiest and the most hassle-free style that you can flaunt for any occasion. A style that is safe for every body type, it does not need any messy dupatta which makes it a comfort wear that is easy to carry off. Pair the kurti with any lycra legging or even straight fit pants and you are good to go. Apart from that, it also works well for the camouflaging of problematic areas such as the bulging tummy or heavy thighs, making it a favourite of one and all.

20. Awesome Sharara Salwar kameez

Awesome Sharara Salwar kameez

If you are tired of wearing the same old salwars and churidars, then sharara pants and straight cut kurtis can be the ideal change for you. But if you have a petite frame then you will have to be a bit careful while choosing this style. While it really accentuates the frame of the tall and slender figures (even the ones with broad shoulders), it can really increase the width of the petite frame, cutting the height even further. So, while selecting your piece, be sure that you take it in solid colours if you are not that tall, and style it up with heels to add to the advantage of height and make it a perfect fit for you.

21. Jacket Styled Salwar kameez

Jacket Styled Salwar kameez

To add some vintage glamour to your regular suits and salwars, you can also opt to get a jacket styled suit for that added oomph. Pair your salwar kameez with an embroidered jacket or choli if you are bottom heavy or a solid plain jacket if you have a fuller bosom and keep the flare wide to let the attention be focused on your flattering areas of the body only.

22. Straight Cut Salwar kameez

Straight Cut Salwar kameez

It is one style that is intrinsic and a must in every closet. The functionality of the style is wide and you can wear this for both formal and celebratory occasions. You can experiment with a lot of designs, thread work, sequins, sleeves and cut of the neckline, to add variations. The sleek cuts and nips at waists can flatter a petite frame while a straight fit is perfect for the bulky figure to camouflage the tires or the bulging tummy.

Hope the article could give you a glimpse of the latest in fashion and designs for salwar kameez styles so that you look the best in all occasions. For your feedback and views, please comment below.

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