6 Must Know Safety Rules At School For Kids

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Is your kid ready to go to school already? Are you experiencing the first empty nest syndromes, where you are happy that your kid is finally stepping out into the world but sad at the prospect of being alone at home? Do you find yourself worrying about your kid’s safety, as you won’t be around all the time to keep an eye on him? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a good idea.

If you are losing sleep wondering about your kid’s safety at school, fret no more. Simply scroll down to find a few simple measures your kid can follow to remain safe at school.

Six Safety Rules For Kids At School:

While it is important to let your kid go out and learn to be independent, here are six safety rules at school for children, that will ensure safety, even when you are not around to help:

1. Help Your Kid Learn Handy Personal Information:

It is one of the most important information that your kid should know even before learning anything else at school.

  • Make sure that your kid is aware of your and your partner’s full name and contact number.
  • Help your kid to memorize the complete residential address.

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2. Label Discreetly:

One very important thing you do while sending your kid to school is label his clothes, bags, bottles, etc.

  • Make sure you place the labels in such a way that an outsider cannot immediately check your kid’s name.
  • If someone calls out to your kid by his name, he is bound to mistake the stranger for someone familiar. Always label your kid’s belongings, but do it in such a way that it remains a little discreet.

3. Check The School’s Emergency Policies:

All schools have a ready plan of action for handling an emergency situation.

  • Make sure you speak to your kid’s teachers and other staff at the school to know how they will handle an emergency.
  • Ensure your kid can understand all the safety procedures and follows all instructions. It is a good idea to make your kid practice some safety drills at home too.

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4. Rules For Traveling To And From School:

Make it a rule that whenever your kid travels to and from school, a friend or parent must accompany him.

  • If your kid is coming back from school on foot or bike and is alone, ask him to wait at school and inform you first.
  • Also, make sure you tell your kid that any route he takes should be well-lit, crowded, and should pass through a residential area. Also, ensure you teach your kid all about road safety rules.

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5. Do Not Allow Your Kid To Take A Ride From Strangers:

This is one of the important safety rules for children at school. As a parent, make sure you teach your kid never to accept a lift from a stranger.

  • Make it clear to the school authorities that unless you ask them to or give them prior information, no teacher should allow your kid to leave with someone else.
  • Under no circumstances should your kid take a lift from someone outside the school while he is on his way.

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6. Be Involved As A Parent:

Take an active interest in your kid’s school network so that you are always up to date about what is going on at school.

• Regularly interact with the parents of your kid’s classmates.

  • Regularly interact with the parents of your kid’s classmates.
  • Be a part of your school’s Parents Teachers Association (PTA) or else get in touch with someone who is in the PTA and can keep you posted.
  • Also, talk to your kid about his day at school and ask him lots of questions to know if he feels safe and happy there.

Teach your kid about all the above safety rules and ensure he follows them every day.

Want to add more safety rules for kids at school? Do share them with other moms in the comments box below.

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