Is It Safe To Get A Bikini Wax Done During Pregnancy?

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Worried about the unruly and hideous fuzz down there? Are you unable to reach your woman parts on your own and thinking of getting a bikini wax instead?

As your pregnancy progresses, it will become more and more difficult for you to look down below your belly. If you were fussy about regular grooming earlier, your pregnancy might make you grunt with contempt and despair. Read on to know if you can have a bikini wax while you are pregnant, and whether it is safe.

Is Bikini Wax Safe During Pregnancy?

Most doctors feel that there is no harm in getting a bikini wax during pregnancy. Your skin does not absorb the wax, so the process is safe though painful.

Getting a bikini wax during your pregnancy is an entirely personal decision. However, it is important to remember that your doctor will be the best guide to suggest whether it is safe for you to get a bikini wax at this stage or not. If you are enjoying good health and your pregnancy is progressing smoothly, it is likely your doctor will give you a thumbs-up for your grooming session. In case there are any complications, your doctor may ask you to wait. Make sure you get a medical examination done by your doctor to ensure all is well before planning your pampering session.

If you have got a bikini wax done earlier, you are familiar with the ordeal. As your pregnancy progresses, more blood will be flowing to your skin especially around your pubic area. At this stage, your skin will be more sensitive to heat and the aggression involved in waxing. It implies that you may have to bear more pain when you indulge yourself with a bikini wax this time around. You might also break a few blood vessels in the course of your bikini wax during pregnancy. It may not be dangerous for your baby or you, but it may leave some unwanted marks behind.

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A Few Tips To Remember:

If you wish to continue with the waxing throughout your pregnancy, it is best you start doing this from an early stage. It will help you get used to the pain of waxing that will increase with the passing trimesters. While you are pregnant, your hormone levels increase, which means that your skin may become more sensitive especially around your private parts. The spike in hormones also causes more hair growth and can make waxing frequently unavoidable.

You may have done a bikini wax earlier, but it is always best to check for any reactions now. Ask your beautician to do a patch test. It will help you understand the pain levels. If your skin reacts or you feel any discomfort, you can decide whether to stop or continue with the waxing.

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Getting a bikini wax will get increasingly difficult as your pregnancy progresses. It may be physically difficult for you to lie down for the waxing, and even for your beautician to carry out the procedure. However, there are a few spas and salons that have specially trained staff to handle beauty treatments during pregnancy. Make sure you do a background check on the salon.

It is normal for you to feel self-conscious about the fuzz down there. However, remember that your doctor has seen it all while handling other deliveries. While it may not harm you, you do not need to bear that extra pain to remove the hair around your bikini line. Do it if you are comfortable, else give yourself a break for now.

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If you have opted for a bikini wax during pregnancy, please share your experience here.

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