10 Sad Teenage Love Stories That Prove Love Is Not Always Rosy

The heartache caused by the matters pertaining to love can take a toll on us at any age or stage in life. But it is often during the teenage years that the agony of having a heartbreak feels the most intense because it is love in its most pristine and innocent form. Let’s take a look at 10 heart-wrenching sad teenage love stories that prove the point that teen years are probably the best years of life but with raging hormones, unrequited love, heartbreaks etc. this can be a phase that sometimes hurts the most too.

Short Sad Teenage Love Stories

1. Sad Teenage Love Stories - Love Is Blind

A touching tale about underestimating oneself to the extent that it leaves an impact (a hurtful one) on the mind and heart. Love is all about accepting someone the way they are. Faith and patience are virtues of love, and if you have these both, love will always find a way to reach you. Love, or sad teenage love stories and real life experiences, if you don’t take enough effort and act in time.

2. Sad Teenage Love Stories - He's Just A Boy And I'm Just A Girl

It is another one of those touching sad teenage love stories of how shyness and hesitation take over during teenage years to an extent that it becomes a hindrance in expressing your affection to someone who you really love. Teenagers go through so much peer pressure that it leads to a discerning attitude even towards one’s own actions and emotions. This often leads to lack of confidence, even when it comes to matters of heart.

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3. Sad Teenage Love Stories - Sorry Girl But You Missed Out

When materialistic things get tagged with matters of love, things surely end up with someone getting pretty badly heartbroken due to someone else’s materialistic greed. It is also a good story with a moral that one should never judge people by what they own, instead spend time with a person taking a look at his/her soul.

4. Sad Teenage Love Stories - Disturbia In Love

If you are really not keen on understanding the person you ‘think’ you love, then you definitely don’t love them. Mutual understanding is the cornerstone of any successful romantic relationship which forms the strong foundation of the relationship; without that all you’ll have are sad teenage love stories, and even sadder adult ones. This one’s a sad yet interesting story that tells about the reality of modern love, where individuals seem to have lost the ability to peek into each other’s soul and discover the true person within.


Sad Teenage Love Stories - Begin Again

Like some interesting sad teenage love stories, and this list that tells a tale, it’s all proof that if you have genuine feelings towards someone, at least let them out in a subtle way. While it is fine to have some degree of hesitation, especially during teenage days, it is always better to express your emotions than to feel sorry for your decisions later.

6. Sad Teenage Love Stories - Words

Often, we are so focused on the people who are rude that we fail to see that person who has always been good to us. A sad yet good story which shows how the one who is ill-treated often ends up being the one who ill-treats others. It is also a story which tells us that it is worth looking at both sides of the coin before making a judgement.

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Sad Teenage Love Story In Movies

7. Now Is Good (2012)

First on this teary list of sad teenage love stories, is Now Is Good. It is a heart-wrenching tale of a teenage girl struck by cancer who then goes on a quest to complete every item on her bucket list. Like any other teenager, she is curious about sex and drugs, and it is one of the first things on her bucket list. She manages to set her list in motion with the help of her neighbour friend, eventually falling in love with him. Love was the last thing on her list but it becomes something that gives her the most exhilarating experience of her life. Quite a touching tale with some excellent performances by the actors. Keep some tissues handy if you plan to watch this one.

8. Keith (2008)

High school love is a quintessential part of all sad teenage love stories. A high school girl falls in love with her schoolmate who seems to be hiding a secret. He always gives ambiguous answers about his past and whereabouts, which leaves the girl suspicious. She decides to investigate more, only to find out he suffers from depression caused by his terminal cancer. It is a wonderful story that narrates about the resilience and the faith we have in love as teenagers and how we are quite ready to go to any extent to protect it.

9. If I Stay (2014)

A young musician girl gets involved in a car accident in which she loses her entire family and is left in a state of coma. Yes, yes, accidents and comas are a thing as well in sad teenage love stories; bu that’s where the cliches end. The story is then seen from the viewpoint of the soul of the girl which has escaped her body but realises that it has the choice to stay back in the body or join her family up there in the other world. She almost takes the latter decision only to realise there is one person who loves her the most in the mortal world and that is her boyfriend who visits her regularly at the hospital. She eventually decides to stay back and wakes up from her coma to the sight of her loving boyfriend. Quite an interesting story, which tells that true love can endure even in the most difficult moments of life.

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10. One Day (2011)

This is based on a novel of a same name and tells the story of guy and girl who happen to meet for the first time at the day of their college graduation and decide to be friends for life. The movie then shows the life of these individuals for just a day in a year, which is the anniversary of the day they first met. They happen to experience key moments of their lives on this day, sometimes together, sometimes away, yet always moving a step closer towards a certain self-realisation. It is an amazing and admirable story of understanding oneself, and not letting go of someone who always understood you the best. It is also about discovering love too late that you could not even bask in it.

So, those were some gloomy dreary super-sad teenage love stories. Have anything to add? Do share.