A Heart Whelming Collection of Short Sad Love Stories

Love comes in many colors and relationships may not always be the conventional ones that we are so used to see. There are probably a number of real sad love stories all around you. The definition of love is itself so vast that sometimes even a bunch of words cannot do justice to its meaning and worth of existence in our lives, forget short sad love stories, only seem to hold pain. But then, does love always gives us happiness?

Sad Love Stories : Paper heart thrown away

Meet the short sad love stories that will make you think again.

Well, our collection of these short sad love stories that will make you cry, have a different thing to say. And yet once you are done reading them all, you will be bound to accept that even if it is not always a bed of roses, love is that ingredient of our life that is the reason of our existence.


“Was he worth waiting for?”

“No, but the lessons were”.

Divya TTT

Sometimes we are not so lucky in love and get hurt instead. But all our own very sad love stories and every experience hold lessons learnt which make life fulfilling and give you the courage to move on with more confidence about yourself, not repeating the past mistakes again. And if not, here’s help with dealing with an ex-boyfriend.

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Then, the rains were an occasion to walk holding hands. Now, they are a shield from meeting of the eyes.

Anirudh TTT

Once who was your cute, dearest is even more unfamiliar than a stranger. It is a real tragedy when that happens as people who had that kind of intensity failed to remain together as one but were too involved to forget each other and move on happily in life. But that is love sometimes, more short sad love stories than long happy ones.


Love, Lover, Over. Lesson learnt.

Priya TTT

It is not always that whom we love are supposed to love us back with equal intensity and depth. Sometimes, you are just an instrument of comfort for the one whom you have made the reason of your living. Didn’t we warn you these will make you cry?


He was Junaid. She, Meera. Never spoke to each other. If a smile meant a word, they had already exchanged a hundred love letters.

Priyakshi TTT

So many short sad love stories are everywhere about the fight to love. Love is often very unaware of the barrier of religious differences. It just sees the heart and the depth of intentions as it has only one language and only one religion, which bounds us all in the same string of affection.


He traveled through time to be with her. Only to find she had gone back to look for him. Both had a one-way ticket.

Neeta TTT

It is a real tragedy when two people who are in the cute phase of love and have sincere feelings in their hearts, are separated and forced to live separately due to compelling circumstances.

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I see you in the rear-view, your head lying on his shoulder. The mirror continues to give me hope: Objects are closer than they appear.

Anirudh TTT

It is a painful experience to see the one you love be happy with someone else. Unrequited love forms the heart of short sad love stories, and burns you from inside yet you cannot express the pain and suffer silently.


The radio played their song. The words were the same. But the hands that held each other were no longer there. One held am old photograph, the other a glass of scotch.

Shubho The Scribbled Tales

What a heart whelming and touching tale of true yet sad love it is. The memory of your loved one haunts even when they are long gone. It is never over, the love, even after the passage of years in between.


The sea is dense with their tears now nut they won’t give up. They send ripples to touch each other. And hope the shores will meet someday.

Shephali Bhatt TTT

True love finds its own uncanny and very mysterious ways to build a connection. At times, its in short sad love stories, and at times it is far away from conventions and cannot be understood or defined by the society in terms of marriage or the existence of the happily ever after but it does find its way to remain real and connected in ways you and I can hardly fathom.


Coming back home from his funeral, she opened their last WhatsApp chat. The heart he sent was still beating.

Sadiya Nathani TTT

It is one of those beautiful sad love stories that will make you cry. A short love story of an everlasting love that has defied boundaries of life and death. Some love stories never die, even if the people do not exist anymore. And here, the love of the guy will always remain radiant through the heart of his lady love, even when he exists no more.

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She thought hate would chase him away. But he only loved her harder. Cancer was faithful.

Deepika Rachel TTT

It is a moving tale of love for life.


We dissolved to paper, bled words, wrote our story together. In time, you wrote ‘The End’ & I’m still stuck perfecting ‘Once upon a time’.

Joel Thottan TTT

It’s the deeply moving beginning of almost all short sad love stories, that tell of a love better lost, that you can possible read in these few words. The cute tale may be a short one but it is nothing less than magic.


12000 kms apart, their beds were not same but dreams were.

Jasleen Kaur TTT

Some short sad love stories are destined not to meet their ends and yet they are nothing less than special.


“In almost three years of not seeing her, I’ve swallowed oceans of booze, smoked cartons of cigarettes, slept with a dozen different women, been arrested twice, found God, fired God, and nearly died at the hands of five angry men; and I still can’t get over her.” Anonymous

There are some people that you simply can’t get over….does not matter what you do or how many years pass by.


He loved her, she loved him. The love remained unsaid because his eyes couldn’t see and her lips couldn’t speak. The Scribbled Tales

An unsaid love story yet so very real, heart warming and magical.


Marriage certificate. Divorce papers. One pen.

Kumail TTT

How painful it is to see the dreams that you had of your future with your life partner just crashed with a sign on a legal paper. But such is the fate of some short sad love stories.

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Sweetheart, he smiled. Fear enveloped her. It was the word that preceded unbuckling of the belt.

Vallari TTT

It is not always that a person who is obsessed about you loves you too.


“Go away!” That night, a red note on her jewellery box read, “Leaving you, not us”. Inside lay her ring finger, consummating their marriage.

Namrata TTT

That is something too intense to digest for sure.


she asked for a ring, he said No. A kiss on his lips a knife in his heart. Nobody was allowed to love him more.

Stecy TTT

Love can be really dark sometimes and take an obsessive turn. Definitely not a typically cute story.


Every unanswered text drew a line between them. Unfortunately, it was on her wrist.

Aarthi TTT

The silent sufferers know only of self harm to ease the pain. A very tragic end to another real, short sad love story that will make you cry.


She went that extra mile for him. The distance between them just grew further.

Anisha TTT

It is not possible to change someone’s heart if they are determined not to do so.


She believed his promises. A glance at his picture and she couldn’t control herself. The laughter echoed in the asylum.

Deepika TTT

It is a very intense and grotesque love story that you can hear of.

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“Hello” said an old male voice. “Yes” said the old lady. “I wish you said that 30 years ago.” Silence

Tiyasa TTT

All it takes is to follow your heart and say yes to the right person at the right time, because once you lose the chance, you may never get it again, to be happy; and that’s how your story will end…in a great big list of short sad love stories of loves long gone.


Nights like these I wish I still had you to talk to.

Darshan TTT

It is one take that we can all relate to, at some point of our life.


“ I love you.” A pause. “But…”

Karthik TTT

The uncertainty and dilemma of your lover will make you cry and kill you on the inside.


Want a joke? Here, I’ve kept it safe in my memories. It’s your heart you said you gave me.

Rohan TTT

It’s a sarcastic take on love from someone who has known and suffered from enough real pain in silence. Again, not the typical cute love story people are used to.


“Let’s get divorced.” “We already have.”

Bodhisatwa TTT

If the souls no longer connect to each other then it is already a divorce in the mind.


I found the love of my life.

She didn’t.

Some short sad love stories do not have a very happy ending, especially the ones which have just a one-sided love angle to it.


He promised he would wait for her forever.

She kept him to his word.

What a touching tale of love and patience it is that reflects on the fact that true love is selfless and unconditional.


It was a lot.

It just wasn’t enough.

Sometimes, only love is just not enough. You need to have faith and respect too, in a relationship to make it a success.


He woke up, rolled over, and reached for her.

She wasn’t there, and never would be again.

Death is this great villain in so many short sad love stories. Cannot fathom the reasons death chose, for her absence, but we can surely relate to the pain and make you cry.


They told me they could save either my wife or my son.

They were wrong.

It is a tragedy of a husband and a father, who just lost his whole world and his very reason to exist.


After months of waiting he finally saw his wife.

He’d never been happier but he knew he’d have to wake up soon.

Some dreams can haunt us for a lifetime.


He never wanted to leave his wife.

But it was getting late and the graveyard gates were about to be closed.

It is one of those short sad love stories, that speak of pure love and dedication that only a few can understand.

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I had carried her to the hospital, half conscious and overdosed, but alive.

I was the only one who waited with her for her recovery, and every day she would reiterate how much she loathed me for it.

It is a sad love story of the lover, who just wants to save his real love.


I told her she would be okay.

That was the first lie I ever told.

Parting words can be so painful and yet they will be etched to our memory forever. Another short story that will make you cry.


In the absence of his toothbrush, she saw the presence of all they could have been.

Ankita TTT

Sometimes, it gets too late to realize how happy you could be if you had taken the right decision.


His fingertips tucked her hair behind her ear. She smiled back unblinkingly. He placed the picture back on the table.

Ricardo TTT

It is a heart touching and such an admirable cute love story of one true love.


“Soul mates are two people meant to be together but they never do.” Like Maa & you, she asked. And an innocent question annulled the divorce.

Shephali TTT

One just needs to rekindle the lost love to be happy together again.


Europe? 2016.

Start own company? 2017.

Marry you? 2018.

But death was not a procrastinator. The ghosts of my promises? 2015.

Ankita TTT

Nothing can be more tragic than unfinished dreams of a life cut too short by fate.


He’d hug her gently. She, with a tearing intensity. Always. Wanting him too fit into the empty space that someone had once left in her heart.

Valari TTT

Some gaps can never be filled with words or actions, no matter how much the time has passed. Sometimes, you are very scared and nothing or no one can heal that wound again. You just have to get used to it, write a few sad love stories that will make you cry and move on with life.


Kunal and Dev

To Landlord: Roomies

To parents: Best Friends

To themselves: Best sex ever.

The maid saw what everyone refused to see: Soulmates

Gazal TTT

There are all forms of love and all possibilities of relationships. It is high time that we open our eyes, cross these conflicting barriers of our minds and accept love without attaching any stigma to it, because love sees no bias in gender, language, religion and caste.