39 Sad Love Status Messages For WhatsApp & Facebook

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Social media has given all of us a platform. A platform where we share often share our deepest desires, wants and feelings. It is often the only way we have to communicate with those we care deeply about but are far removed from, both in time and space.

Social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook also let us share our feelings with a large number of people at the same time. A single status message or update reaches everyone on our friend list – meaning that it reaches everyone that we care about in one go.

Here are 39 Sad Love Status Messages For WhatsApp & Facebook


This one is for all of those people who think you’re over-reacting when it comes to expressing how you’re feeling. Yeah, they’re probably not going to fully understand what exactly it is that you’re going through, and why you’re hurting, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give them a piece of free advice.


We’ve all heard that old chestnut – that we all need to move on and that it’s the best thing to do at various points in our lives, and if that’s what comprises the majority of the advice dispensed your way, then you can hit right back by saying that while it might be lovely to achieve something like that, short of a Men in Black style thingamajig, it’s not exactly easy to do.


This is one of those things – like taxes – that we wish weren’t a reality, but the fact is that they are very real indeed. So if someone shows you what they’re like one time,and then proceed to do it again, make sure you end up believing them.


This is another one that would fit perfectly in the example outlined above. Just when we think we have this life figured out, it goes out of its way to smack us in the face with a dose of reality. Maybe it was us being naïve and blinkered all along, but still… we’re pretty sure almost everyone has felt unfairly treated at some point.


The key is no contact, or so we’ve been told. If you can figure out how to stay away from the one you so dearly miss and want back, do let us know as well. It is a cruel trick that our brain plays on us as well, given that it remembers only the good times and memories, and none of the unpleasantness that has led us to our current state of mind in the first place.


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, etc. This is one for the classics, but perhaps the reason it’s there in the first place is because it’s a really solid piece of advice in itself. Just when we have our backs firmly against the wall, when nothing seems to be going in our favour… remember that yesterday won’t change, but today… today you rally, today you fight.


This is one of those things that I’ve thought about for a long time, and I have to agree with the overall sentiment. People may attribute such feelings to lust, to weakness, to a sense of comfort, an aversion to change and many other such things, but the fact remains that you’re hurting, but you’re deeply in love as well. It’s all very confusing, or is it really? You just might be in love.


Or neat little boxes with pertinent tips on how to overcome tragedies of the heart. And sometimes, when we’re blessed enough to have the little boxes of tips, tricks and strategies presented to us, we’re flying so high that we don’t even notice. Just the way that things are, I guess.


This one is fairly simple if you think about it. It’s like saying that those who deserve power – and those that will make the best use of such a thing – are the ones who don’t desperately covet it in the first place. It can be a bit disheartening, but is something that we should all take to heart.


What does this mean? Not much, it’s just you being cynical and venting to your social media friends. But that’s okay. The second part of this statement is much more important than the smug first part, but the first part is required to set up the whole thing. Don’t be a part of something bad, just to be a part of something at all.


A concept that so many people never seem to understand. To fully appreciate the highs, you have to fully feel the lows and take them on the chin. Sure, that leaves you vulnerable and open, you may get hurt, you probably already have if you’re reading this… but if you block out the pain, you’ll never appreciate the good stuff too. Coasting through life living in an empty shell isn’t the best way to live, is it?


Like how, you ask? Well, those with the strength to break off something that was not right and never would be, those that survived being used and left, those that collected the pieces of the broken heart and continued their journey forward, forever altered by their experience… those are the kind of people that will see reward come their way sooner rather than later.


It is sometimes unavoidable, and often a healthy reaction to what has gone down, but it’s not a position that you can hold forever and ever. At some point, you’re going to have to try and let go and move on. Wearing your grudge like a crown is never a good idea.


We have all seen it. When someone is exceptionally obnoxious and uncannily loud, it is almost always a cry for attention. And who is most prone to crying for attention? Those that are lonely, of course.


This is something important to remember when life has us at our knees. For all of the suffering in this world, let the stories of overcoming serve as inspiration to you. It could be Nelson Mandela’s courageous story, it could be how your mother ran a tight ship when things were bleak. Whatever it is, humans are capable of amazing acts of rebuilding and starting over.


Sometimes it’s not the two of you that’s the problem, it’s everything around you. Questions of caste, creed, money, and everything under the sun. Sometimes objections are heard loudest from those who should have no part in your story. But again, this is one of those things about life that we’re better off fully understanding before we go on our own little quests of trying to bring about change.


This might be your part of the story, and hotly contested by the other party, but hey, it’s your story and you’re sticking with it. There’s no harm in letting people know exactly how you feel about the whole thing and your part in it.


People might think they have you all figured out, but those that truly understand you have a way of never using that information of hurting you. Those who think they have you figured out, only to use that information against you… well, there’s something that they need to know.


This is another old chestnut that we’ve all been exposed to at some point in our lives. And often, it can be quite revelatory and eye-opening. But like all of those other important life lessons, this one is best learned first hand.


So you have a high level of empathy, but your partner or ex-partner (or current object of interest) seems to care only about themselves or the well-being of the person making their morning coffee. No biggie. You are you and you have a lot of love to give and take in equal measure.


If you have to ask this question, chances are that they actually have no idea what they are indeed doing to you. And it is a shame.


They say that when you’re happy you hear the music, but when you’re sad you pay attention to the lyrics. In our experience, and we’re sure you’ll concur, this is almost always the case.


Nothing wrong with not being strong, no one says we’ll defeat what’s wrong. Sometimes you’ve been fighting for so long, but you know that you can’t win the war all by yourself. If the other half doesn’t seem to ever reach out, or worse, reach out far enough, then you know what this status message is all about anyway.


The classic con, and also one that hurts the most. So what do you do? You feel the pain, you let it flow through your body, and you let your conscience rest easy knowing that you did the right thing.


Sometimes saying what’s really in your heart is the best way to approach things. This message is quite specific and a hundred per cent genuine.


This isn’t quite true, and you know it, but if this is exactly how you feel about your current situation, then who is anyone to tell you otherwise.


Philosophers have argued this very position for centuries, and philosophers have also argued the complete opposite. I guess, like everything else in life, it depends on the context you find yourself in.


Sometimes, just sometimes, we should have listened when told that beauty can indeed be only skin deep.


You don’t regret anything. Sure, things didn’t work out as you had intended them to, but at the end of the day, you just made a mistake. But you were genuine, and that’s all that matters.


Timing is such an important part of everything we do in life, and often it’s the little details that are the hardest to get right.


Elicit a laugh from your social media followers and subscribers by sharing this little gem with them. But remember, they’re not laughing at you, they’re laughing at you.


This is an unfortunate truth about certain people that we’re just going to have to get used to. And while we’re talking about it, try and put as much distance between the ‘us’ and ‘them’ as we can too.


This is one of those “woe is me” status updates that can get you a bit of flak, but that’s only if your feed is already littered with statuses like these. Otherwise, it’s just a status that says what’s in your heart.


You’re hesitant, then proceed with caution, and then realize that you have found what you wanted all along.


And such overwhelming joy feels so light! But yes, the burden of carrying a heavy heart, so to speak, is one of the heaviest, yet emptiest feelings that one can ever have.


3 A.M. on a Wednesday night, to be precise. You can’t sleep and you have these thoughts churning through your mind.


The inevitable sometimes takes a bit of time to make itself clear, but when it does register, it hits with the force of a monster truck going head-first into a brick wall. That brick wall being your soul, of course.


You think that denying it will make it better, and that you will not let them have the pleasure of knowing that you want them (or still want them), but the fact is that speaking your mind and the truth often relieves you of a huge burden.


Spoken in general, this is a pearl of wisdom, but when directed at someone, it is a clear cry for fairness, openness and reconciliation. Or a damning indictment, depending on how they see it.

So depending on what degree of sadness you are experiencing, pick one (or more) from our list of sad love status messages and let the world (or the one) know what you feel.

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