100 Sad Love SMS Messages That Scream Out Pain!

The journey of life becomes a story when one falls in love. Things always don’t stay calm and rosy; there are times when it will hit a rough patch and at that time you will need to gear-up for a harsh journey. It is in these moments that you feel a need to put your distress in words and express it out to the world. It is the need of the heart, mind and soul, to release the agony caused by the anguish you are facing in love. To help you best capture the poignant feeling of love, we bring to you 100 sad love SMS messages to best express your emotions.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Be Careful With My Heart

This sad love sms is not all that sad, but it is pretty disheartening. You don’t just give someone your heart because they can have it. You give it to them because you would like to trust them with it. There are times when that might not seem the case and it is always great to talk it out before your heart ends up shattered.


Sad Love SMS Messages - A Lifetime To Forget

When you have spent days, weeks or maybe months to win the heart of someone, it is not simple to let go of them. Things might not go the way you planned and it can take ages to wipe out that memory.

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It is always better to move away from someone who sees your love only as your weakness; waiting to be manipulated any time.


Sad Love SMS Messages - In Pieces Because Of You

Got a heartache, and you know the cause? Say it out loud. Let that person know that your heart is not a toy to be held in the hand while needed and then thrown when the purpose is resolved.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Should I Smile Or Cry?

There are moments when no matter how true and pure your love towards someone might be, they will always put it on the back-burner and forget it there forever. A great message to capture that emotion, but a tragically sad love sms to have to send.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Falling From A Tree Is Easier

When you are love-battered once, you would like to take every step with utmost caution. Even if the person seems trustworthy, you would rather take time or just not take a plunge in the realm of love at all.


Sad Love SMS Messages - It Hurts When You Love More

True love that is unknown is like a beautiful flower which grows alone in a dense forest. Sometimes you have to think in your own interests and make an effort to express your emotions; even if it’s with a sad love sms. Otherwise love becomes like holding the blade of a sword. No one but you feels the pain of holding on to it.


Sad Love SMS Messages - The Hardest Things Is Watching

I guess there is nothing much heart-shattering than this sad love sms. There are times when you would like to make a subtle expression of the feeling and this message is a good way to communicate your feelings softly.



Simple, crisp and to the point. Being bugged by someone who tossed your heart to the ground, and now wants you back? Here are some befitting words for him/her.


Sad Love SMS Messages - How Many Times?

This sad love sms is great for those in stressed relationships where a partner needs the other only for personal gratification. Every time one partner uses the other, it just chips away a bit of his/her heart.


Sad Love SMS Messages - It Ends With Tears

There is no goodbye as painful as the one in which you spent time with a person, thinking that they would be your soul-mate, and then have to break away from them. No matter how it began, it will always end in an overwhelming release of poignant emotions.


Sad Love SMS Messages - I Would Do Better On My Own

Due to a negative past experience, some people just grow sick of love and its allied feelings. After this, even if true love knocks at their door, they seldom open it. That’s why this sad love sms status update is really the absolute worst!


Sad Love SMS Messages - Walking Away Slowly

In a relationship where you are undervalued or not valued at all? Walk away and see how the person reacts. If they don’t stop you, then share with them your thoughts with this sad love sms.


Sad Love SMS Messages - For The Wrong Person

There is nothing in this world which teaches you more about life and the world than a failed love relationship. Often in life you might be approached by seemingly true love, but you want to take some time. This sad love sms makes a great way to share your feelings at that moment.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Being Ignored Is The Worst

For some, being in love and not being is love is almost an equivalent state. It is not just because their partner is being selfish but also that they are outright being unvalued and totally ignored by their partner.


Sad Love SMS Messages - I Hate Not Being Able To Do Something

Nothing better captures the feeling of heartache and rejection in love than this touching sad love sms.


Sad Love SMS Messages - It's The Smiles We Fake

When love becomes more of a deal, then every smile you put up is just so fake, that you wonder whether you need to be in part of this love affair in the first place.


Sad Love SMS Messages - The Right One At The Wrong Time

This is like when you wait all the while to find the one with whom you can truly feel connected, and when you finally do; they already are in love with someone else.


Sad Love SMS Messages - You Have To Let Toxic People Go

This sad love sms is great for those relationships where the objective of one partner is to manipulate and change the other for their own petty interests. In such a situation, no matter how much you love that person, it is always advisable to let go of them since they will give you nothing but pain in the long run.


Sad Love SMS Messages - A Bumpy Road

The journey has ups and downs, has smooth roads and rough terrains as well. It is only those who stay patient and true to each other and reach their destination is where they find the eternal joy of true love.


Sad Love SMS Messages - The Absence Of Love

It is not the absence of fun and friendship in a relationship that causes a lot of pain. It is the absence of the basic need of any relationship which is love, which causes the most agony.


Sad Love SMS Messages - When You Need Me

There are always those who feel they have found true love and are having a smooth relationship. But they realise the only time their partner remembers them is when they have a selfish requirement. It is always good to share what you think and there is no better way than this sad love sms to do so.


Sad Love SMS Messages - I Don't Understand Love

This is for those who seem to consider their love as true love, but realise soon after that in reality it was mere infatuation which added the fizz to the relationship only at its beginning.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Tried To Forget

Spending some of the best moments of your life with someone and then letting go of them is not easy. What is definitely painful to the heart and mind is their memories which constantly scrap each and every wound the separation had created.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Without Knowing

It is like the one who could be your true love is the one who is oblivious to you, and maybe reluctant to understand your emotions at all.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Sometimes We Decide To Stop

This sad love sms touches on an important issue. There are relationships in which you feel you have just become an appendage, which your partner has become compelled to carry along wherever they go. It is better to move out of such love affair, not just for the betterment of the other person but for your own good.


Sad Love SMS Messages - We Create Our Own Heartbreaks

Tagging every moment of your love with a petty expectation can weigh down the entire relationship, so much that after sometime it can become painful to bear it any more.


Sad Love SMS Messages - You Can Never Love Enough

Nothing surpasses the feeling of missing someone whom you loved but let go of due to some reason. Life thereafter has only perennial memories of that person. An apt sad love sms that captures that emotion.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Sometimes It's Letting Go

This is when you are in a relationship which gives you more pain than joy. Nothing better than to let go of the love affair and live a life where you know you will honour yourself by staying happy.

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Sad Love SMS Messages - Please Don't Come Back

There are those who would hold your hand with a promise but then leave you standing in the middle of nowhere without ever giving you any reason. An appropriate but sad love sms to share with such people when you are approached by them again.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Not In My Arms

We all have had that secret crush on the one whom we know we are capable of showering our best love, but still could never have them because of various reasons. This sad love sms is an honest statement to communicate those feelings.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Empathy Hurts

This is because the deeper the strings that bind you in love, the more you will feel the pain when the bond shatters, breaking each and every string along with it.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Never Run Back

This sad love sms is a chilling reminder; no matter how apologetic the person could be, one should never go back to someone who played with their heart according to their convenience, and then when felt the time was right, just tossed it around to eventually break it.


Sad Love SMS Messages - One Day You'll Figure It Out

Sometimes, all that a loving relationship needs is some time and patience. Being hasty and letting go of someone whom you actually love will only make you realise, at some point later, that you should have made an effort to stay and fight.


Sad Love SMS Messages - I'm Just Disappointed

This sad love sms is brutally truthful. When your love is laden with the weight of promises, then every moment of the relationship becomes a moment to fulfil those promises. It is often in such relationships that a partner’s expectations can get shattered, leaving him/her disappointed.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Simply Awful

A good sad love sms to share with someone whom you have broken up with, and who expects you to forget the love you had.


Sad Love SMS Messages - You Let Me Go

It is when the one whom you love does not make a single effort to convince you to stay and give love a chance. Makes for a curt, to-the-point sad love sms to communicate your disappointment.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Loosing Myself Is Worse

Loving someone does not mean becoming something or someone whom we ought to be for them. It is all about being what you are, and have been, so that the person that is loved is the real you. It is when love becomes about changing the person, that is when one needs to rethink and reconsider being in such kind of relationship.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Better Off Alone

It might not always be that you make the right choice when it comes to matters of love. There is nothing wrong with this and such experiences teach one a lot. This makes a great sad love sms to share when someone questions your choice of being single and staying away from love completely.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Doesn't Mean They Value You

It is always not necessary that if someone shared a strong love bond with you, they also mean to share a sense of mutual respect and admiration. No matter how strong the love, if there is an absence of basic respect in the relationship, things will go sour between the couple. It’s a gloomy state of affairs to have to put such a feeling into words, but this sad love sms expresses it clearly.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Don't Push Me Too Far

Just because you love someone a lot, does not mean you stop loving yourself to the extent that when they just avoid you, you still cling on to them. One should always have a relation where you don’t stop loving yourself just because someone loves you a lot.


Sad Love SMS Messages - It's Called Stupidity

There are many who are stuck in relationships where they think they have found the true love of their life, but all they have is someone who just sticks to them for all their own selfish reasons. These words make for a spunky sad love sms to share with such a selfish person once you break-up with him/her.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Sometimes Giving Up Is The Best Option

Simple and straightforward words that capture your emotions when all you feel is heckled in your relationship.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Why Does It Happen Like That

When we love someone a lot, all we expect in return is a pure reciprocation of that love. But when all we get instead is selfish tyranny, we find it hard to believe that we fell in love with such a person in the first place.


Sad Love SMS Messages - They Just Get What They Want From You

If the basis of your love is to be a selfless doormat for the one whom you love, then no matter how much you respect them they will never make an effort to share the same feeling. It will be then a relationship of one individual sacrificing oneself for the personal gratification of another.


Sad Love SMS Messages - The Longest Distance

An impactful sad love sms to share, when you are in love with someone who just seems to have forgotten how beautiful your love is and how important it should be for them.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Artificial Love

That sad love sms perfectly captures the scene of love life of most modern couples. Artificial emotions beget artificial love; you can get nothing more out of that.

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Sad Love SMS Messages - Not After Love

You definitely can’t go back to someone who had shattered you so bad that they left you busy mending your heart for a long time.


Sad Love SMS Messages - Sometimes It's Not Worth The Effort

This sad love sms keeps it real. If all you do is spend your time showcasing your true love while the other person is busy perpetually ignoring you, then you are absolutely wasting your time. It is always better to move on and sharpen one’s quest to find a person who is truly worthy of true love.


Sad Love SMS Messages - I Found Myself

Finally, no matter how much heartache you suffer, no matter how ill-treated you are in a relationship, one should never stop loving oneself in the first place. A nice, bitter-sweet sad love sms to share with a selfish person with whom you just ended your relationship.

51. Sad Love SMS Messages - A Crush

Sad love messages bring such a bitter sweet feeling that leaves us a little hurt but then you understand and make peace with reality, even when the feelings are not reciprocated by your crush. But honest love failure messages aside, you must learn to fine inner peace.

52. Sad Love SMS Messages - All I Ever Wanted

Sometimes we make mistakes in a relationship and sometimes the whole relationship is a mistake. We get hurt most by the ones we love and yet, we are always too eager to give them a second chance to be hurt again.

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53. Sad Love SMS Messages - Your Tears

If your man truly cherishes you, he won’t be able to see tears in your eyes, especially if he is the reason behind those tears. So, girls, read between the lines with these sad love messages! Look for a man who will ruin your lipstick but not your mascara.

54. Sad Love SMS Messages - Will You?

Sometimes, what we want is the healing touch of the very same person who has broken our heart. It is so because the love is too deep and the need to be healed by him/her we love is the only way we can be cured of our pain.

55. Sad Love SMS Messages - You Were Almost Mine

Memories can bring us back to the times we want to forget. Tears well up in our eyes recollecting those anxious and heart-wrenching memories of a happy past that exists no more.

56. Sad Love SMS Messages - That's All

It is said that friendship is the beginning of every relationship but sometimes all you are left with is the friendship with the one you love, as you know that it is impossible to be anything more to each other. Talk about sad love messages!

57. Sad Love SMS Messages - Only A Minute

Every one of us, at some point of our teen life, must have had a huge crush on someone special. And we all still remember our first crush……does not matter how much time has passed by or how many years.

58. Sad Love SMS Messages - I Wish I Was A Little Kid

When we are kids, we all wanted to be adults and take charge of our lives. It is only when we stepped into adulthood that we realized it was so much better to be kids, to be innocent and free from heart breaks and tears.

59. Sad Love SMS Messages - You Never Know

To realize what is precious for us, we need to value it, whether it is things or people. Only when we lose a relationship is when we understand how valuable the person was for us.

60. Sad Love SMS Messages - Because Of You

Some people are too selfish and insensitive to understand how it feels to be the reason for someone’s heartbreak. They break our hearts without mercy, but we are still so foolish, like these sad love messages admit we are, to love them with those broken pieces of heart.

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61. Sad Love SMS Messages - Be Careful

It takes time and a leap of faith to trust and love someone that you can give your life for that person too without a second thought. It is a pity when they do not feel the same for you and easily break your heart, and your whole world comes crashing down.

62. Sad Love SMS Messages - Don't Cry

Learn a lesson from the past heartbreaks and broken promises and never give your heart to someone who has no inclination to value you for life.

63. Sad Love SMS Messages - I Was In Love

Sad love messages seems clueless and chaotic when our heart is broken by someone whom we love the most and cannot even imagine them hurting us this way. But life is not fair and so is love and we often have to deal with more thorns then the roses.

64. Sad Love SMS Messages - It Will Be Better

It is an apt comparison in a sarcastic way on how it feels when you get your heart broken. Even a broken leg or two is much better than having a broken and dejected heart it seems.

65. Sad Love SMS Messages - You

We get the person we want in life but due to some foolish decisions and ego clashes we lose the only one who was the most important to us in this world. Only after the loss we realize what we had.

66. Sad Love SMS Messages - A Million Words

Once you lose the person you love, it is never again the same person that comes back to you. Something in him or her changes for sure, and it is never the same again.

67. Sad Love SMS Messages - What Hurts More

Sad love messages are right about one thing. Unrequited love is something that hurts the most. The vow of silence that you have to take is too much to bear and there is no relief in letting go of your feelings when you know in your heart that they will not be reciprocated by him or ever.

68. Sad Love SMS Messages - I'm Lonely

Loving someone silently is surely a curse that no one wishes for. You cry in silence and cannot share your pain as you know the one you love will never understand it. And so, it is pointless to let go of your feelings in any way.

69. Sad Love SMS Messages - Hurt And Cold

When you lose your love who was with you for a long time, then only you realize how addicted you were to him or her. It is too hard to bear the separation and your mind and body aches to be with your love again.

70. Sad Love SMS Messages - How You Feel

It is okay to mutually break up; it is still okay to be dumped. But it is never okay to have a one-sided love for someone where there is no hope to be united with that person.

71. Sad Love SMS Messages - Tears Are Words

Sometimes, it is too difficult to say it out loud in words  or sad love messages what you are feeling inside your heart. Sometimes you hide your pain and keep a fake smile for the happiness of others. But the tears can betray you and come out with thoughts what your lips will never dare to say.

72. Sad Love SMS Messages - Smile

Sometimes the best thing we can do is let go of the past and move on. Holding back memories, hate and bitterness can only feed us with negativity. Follow this sad love message. Keep the happy moments in your mind and forget the pain, as that is only going to make you happy and a complete person.

73. Sad Love SMS Messages - They Wouldn't Call It A Crush

Crushes are the one thing that makes our teenage days colourful and full of emotions. They are not always sweet but can hurt like hell too. Yet they are important as we learn how to nurse a broken heart early.

74. Sad Love SMS Messages - A Broken Mirror

Some sad love messages, like this sad love message, are horribly accurate. A crack in the mirror never heals or disappears, even if the mirror is mended a thousand times. In the same way, once trust is broken and the relationship ends, it is never the same again, does not matter how well the patch up was.

75. Sad Love SMS Messages - The Hardest Thing

When your love is not reciprocated; there is nothing that you can do. You cannot compel a person to fall in love with you neither you can fall out of love with that person.
Who do you turn to when the only one you can trust is the one who made you cry?

76. Sad Love SMS Messages - Who Do You Turn To

When we are betrayed by the only person we trusted the most, the heart breaks in a thousand pieces, never to be recovered again. It becomes almost impossible to trust someone ever again in life.

77. Sad Love SMS Messages - Back In School

It is only with age and experience and the wisdom gathered by every day instances that we learn how to go on and face life. And when our heart is broken and it is hard to find strength of the heart and that of the soul.

78. Sad Love SMS Messages - Now You Love Me

You were innocent and vulnerable and that is why you easily believed the words of the wolf. But now you are the hunter and he is the prey and you are too merciless to grant him his way.

79. Sad Love SMS Messages - How Many Times?

You trust the one you love again and again only to get your trust broken from time to time. But you are too deeply in love with that person to move on and forget this love, making you vulnerable all the while. Sad love messages can ask you all the right questions.

80. Sad Love SMS Messages - Ends With A Tear

Sometimes we do not get a happy ending to our love story and end up with tears in our eyes, but nevertheless it is a worthwhile experience that we cherish for a lifetime.

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81. Sad Love SMS Messages - You Ignored Someone

Most often, we are too stupid to understand who actually cares for us and run for the false glitter leaving the golden heart back. In love, this happens frequently as we are blinded by the good looks and ignore a pure heart.

82. Sad Love SMS Messages - For The Rest Of My Life

Our first love and our first heartbreak are the feelings and memories that even a lifetime cannot fade them away. And once your trust is broken, it is never the same as you do not have the courage to trust again.

83. Sad Love SMS Messages - Maybe You Don't Understand

Even if it is late but one day we will realize who truly loves us and run back to that special person we were searching for this whole life.

84. Sad Love SMS Messages - It's Painful To Forget

We are often left in a dilemma whether to wait or to move on with life, when your heart is tugging you to wait and have faith while your mind tells you to forget and move on. Some sad love messages are words taken from your own mouth, no?

85. Sad Love SMS Messages - Lost

It is too painful when you are too attached to someone and they are gone from your life all of a sudden. The hollowness never fills and you are left with a bitter experience.

86. Sad Love SMS Messages - The Wrong Person

When in a relationship with the wrong person, you are bound to be used – physically and emotionally – before they leave you with a barren heart and mind and seek another victim.

87. Sad Love SMS Messages - Respect Yourself Enough

Sometimes preserving yourself self-respect is the most important thing that you need to do and if the other person cannot respect you it is perfectly fine to walk out of the relationship with dignity and head held high.

88. Sad Love SMS Messages - I Chose You

It is okay to be in love with the wrong person, despite what most sad love messages warn you about. Our heart is above any reasons and logic and we cannot guarantee who it will fall for.

89. Sad Love SMS Messages - Not To Hurt You

We do not understand the difficulties and pain of the other person until we are in their shoes. Once we experience their pain, then only we can empathize with them.

90. Sad Love SMS Messages - Much More Than I Deserved

Sometimes, love is not for ‘forever’ and we are left alone and betrayed by the ones who were supposed to be with us till the end. But still, life is beautiful and we must learn to move on and live it to the fullest.

91. Sad Love SMS Messages - Love Is Not A Game

Our acts, whether good or bad, kind or foul, are always measured and we always get what we have sowed. Karma runs full circle, so go ahead and share these sad love messages.

92. Sad Love SMS Messages - It's Even Harder To Give Up

You will find it very difficult to let go of the only person you love the most. But true love is not in getting what you want by force but letting others choose for themselves what is best for them keeping the hope that they may choose you.

93. Sad Love SMS Messages - I Always Tell Them

True words are the best gift you can give to someone. If you love someone truly, tell them without hesitation as what pains the most are the words that you felt too deeply but never had the courage to say.

94. Sad Love SMS Messages - Too Bad It Was All A Dream

Sometimes, the dreams are better and much more cherished then reality. That is why our dreams are so special to us.

95. Sad Love SMS Messages - Walking Alone Is Difficult

Once we are used to the partnership and the company of our love, it is too difficult to imagine a life without them. The worse is when you have to live without their love and still go on with life.

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96. Sad Love SMS Messages - Somewhere In The Middle

It is so easy to fall for someone but so difficult to let go, when the feelings are true and too deeply felt by the heart and the pain is too much to bear.

97. Sad Love SMS Messages - That's Not The End Of Your Story

Life is always much more important than anything or anyone else. Do not lose yourself just because you got your heart broken, but keep the doors of the heart open for the ones who will fix them for you.

98. Sad Love SMS Messages - Even When I Can't

Love is impossible and it is illogical too; that’s possibly why all sad love messages have a small bit of hopelessness. It is madness and chaos and everything irrational but that is the beauty of love.

99. Sad Love SMS Messages - So Close

It is impossible to bear the sight of your love in someone else’s arms. But we are compelled by situations and can only hope to find relief in life.

100. Sad Love SMS Messages - I Wish I Could

It is so difficult to ignore the one you love, even when they hardly bother about your existence in their lives.

Were you able to relate to these sad love messages and quotes in some way or the other? Have you also had your share of pain and heart break? Sharing the pain can make things feel better. Share your emotions and experience with us too.