50 Sad Love Quotes That Are Much More Than Mere Words

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Love is a beautiful feeling that makes the world a better and brighter place to live in. But pain caused by love is a pain that leaves a person truly hurt and sad. It’s said that true love is hard to find, but losing the person you love is harder. Life is unpredictable and sometimes a few days of joy and bliss with your loved one can be followed by days, weeks and even years of pain and sadness. Expressing your heartfelt emotions through words gives an outlet for your feelings. While we hope you never feel the sadness of love, here’s a list of 50 sad love quotes that are much more than mere words.

1.Sad Love Quotes - Until It's Taken Away

Sad love quotes rightly said; the true value of something or someone is only realized upon losing it.

2.Sad Love Quotes - A Part Of You

When you really love someone, your entire life revolves around them. And without them, your whole world falls apart.

3.Sad Love Quotes - Some Say

Ah! The feeling of not knowing what the future holds for you is a painful indeed that makes your heart weep.

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4.Sad Love Quotes - Lost

So true! Being with someone changes us and our life so much that we really forget how to live without them.

5.Sad Love Quotes - Everybody's Going To Hurt You

Don’t waste your time feeling hurt for someone not worth your emotions. Read a bunch of sad love quotes, feel the feels, and move on.

6.Sad Love Quotes - The Value

Loving someone who doesn’t understand the value of your love will only leave you feeling hurt. Protect your heart from that pain!

7.Sad Love Quotes - Pain

The more love you feel and give, the more pain you will feel if things don’t work out in the end. Love, but don’t lose yourself in love.

8.Sad Love Quotes - Excuses

It hurts when someone leaves without a reason or explanation, but however hurt you are, don’t let them back in your life or you will hurt yourself all over again.

9.Sad Love Quotes - You're Everywhere

Happy memories of love will keep coming back to you and it hurts when the person who made these memories with you is not by your side to relive them.

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10.Sad Love Quotes - It Makes No Difference

It’s said that the most loving people are the ones who know the pain of losing love. The brightest smile in the room may be masking the biggest hurt inside. So don’t be like that, find some hardcore sad love quotes to hold onto, and fight to survive.

11.Sad Love Quotes - Your Destiny Is Not There

It may seem difficult to realize this when you are hurt but it’s true. Your destiny is in your own hands and no one else’s; don’t hold back people from walking away.

12.Sad Love Quotes - So Much To Remember

When you lose someone you love there are so many beautiful and love-filled memories attached that it becomes even more difficult to let go and move on.

13.Sad Love Quotes - Crying In The Rain

It’s a beautiful quote that shows how people want to feel the pain but don’t want anyone to see them hurt.

14.Sad Love Quotes - The Hardest Thing

The pain of seeing someone you love with someone else is much greater than the pain of losing them in the first place. You may hide your feelings but it crushes you inside.

15.Sad Love Quotes - In A Man's World

Sad but true! When someone really loves you, no matter what, they will make the effort to stay in your life. You cannot force love.

16.Sad Love Quotes - The Scar

It’s the same like a glass bowl; when it breaks you can glue it back but the cracks never go. Realize and understand that healing does not mean that traces of hurt are forever lost, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep crying your eyes out over sad love quotes always.

17.Sad Love Quotes - Stop Crying

The worst feeling is to be sad because of the person who is the reason for your happiness. You don’t know whose shoulder to cry on.

18.Sad Love Quotes - Stocks And Shares

The biggest reason of heartbreak is when we love someone deeply but for that person our love holds no deep value. In the end, you end up getting hurt over and over again.

19.Sad Love Quotes - Useless And Disappointing

Some stoic sad love quotes  really teach you important lessons. You cannot stop waiting but you need to realize at some point that you need to stop. Stop and realize that the wait is useless.

20.Sad Love Quotes - The Saddest Feeling

When the person that you love is gone, you feel so empty and nothing seems to make sense any more.

21.Sad Love Quotes - Never Had A Chance

Sometimes your mind knows you have no future with that person but your heart insists on falling for that person and when it all ends it’s terrible to see your love move on and find happiness with someone else.

22.Sad Love Quotes - When The Sad Song Plays

Music and sad songs with sad love quotes bring back hidden emotions and feelings and always bring back the face and memories of the love that is not with you any more. Music stirs the heart and soul.

23.Sad Love Quotes - Leaving Memories For Keep

People come and go in our life and everybody who walks in or out leaves special memories behind. Keep the good memories and move on with them.

24.Sad Love Quotes - Give Up

The greatest battle between the heart and the mind is the battle between what you need and what truly is. Sometimes when you really want something, at the back of your mind you know it’s not meant to be.

25.Sad Love Quotes - And Sometimes

Life teaches us many lessons everyday but sadly sometimes by the time we learn our lesson, it’s too late to turn around and make changes at that point. Sad love quotes are there to remind you of those lessons so you don’t fall again.

26.Sad Love Quotes - That's Just The Way It Is

That’s a very powerful and positive quote that beautifully highlights that sadness and happiness are part of life and it is important to accept them both.

27.Sad Love Quotes - The Animal You've Become

It really hurts when the person you love changes and becomes someone you don’t recognize. People change but it’s acceptable to a certain limit only. It’s disappointing and hurts within.

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28.Sad Love Quotes - Dancing With The Devil

This is something a lot of us learn from bad experiences. When you love someone who only makes your life miserable, the longer you stay with them, the more suffering and pain you invite in life.

29.Sad Love Quotes - Lose Yourself In Music And Moments Not People

When we are deeply and passionately in love with someone, we sometimes forget who we are. It’s a very common thing and anyone who has experienced it knows how hurtful it can be when you lose that loved one.

30.Sad Love Quotes - Hugging A Cactus Is A Dumb Idea

Well, it’s one of those easier light-hearted sad love quotes but so true! You will only hurt your own self if you try to hold on to a relationship that only has your love to nurture. Love is a two sided game!

31.Sad Love Quotes - Wasting Your Time

To accept the futility of a relationship is never easy, but the sooner you do, the less hurt you will be.

32.Sad Love Quotes - Or Back Up Plan

Someone who loves you will always have you as their first priority. If you feel any less important, it’s not love at all.

33.Sad Love Quotes - Don't Love A Cactus

Love is beautiful and anything beautiful does not hurt; what hurts is when you are in love with the wrong person. Don’t blame love!

34.Sad Love Quotes - Too Many Goodbyes For The Cactus

A beautiful quote that talks about slowly letting go of all the hurt, pain and disappointments… letting go of the love you once felt.

35.Sad Love Quotes - Slowly Taking This In

It takes time to really and truly accept the end of love. Allow your heart to take its time to let go and heal. You can never rush out of love!

36.Sad Love Quotes - I Wait For A Cactus

Forgetting someone you love can take a long time and may sometimes never happen. When a relationship ends, the hope of the person coming back always remains.

37.Sad Love Quotes - Holding A Cactus In Your Arms Hurts Too

Sometimes the person you love is far from you and not yours to be. It’s painful to be in love with someone you cannot share your life with. That’s when you know you read a few sad love quotes, cry your eyes out, and then let it go.

38.Sad Love Quotes - Try Harder Cactus

Just like one cannot force love, one can also not force the love to go away or the pain to stop.

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39.Sad Love Quotes - A Distinct Awful Pain From Liking A Cactus

In a relationship, unless both partners are equally committed, the one with more love in the heart is bound to feel hurt and pain. One-sided love is always painful.

40.Sad Love Quotes - Run, Don't Look Back At The Cactus

Another one of those truly beautiful sad love quotes, it talks about how life can change in an instant. Looking back at those days when you were in love can create immense pain in the heart.

41.Sad Love Quotes - I Still Believe In Cactus Juice

Hoping and loving go hand in hand. It is almost impossible to accept that the true love you lost might never come back and you only hope for it to be beautiful again.

42.Sad Love Quotes - My Absence And My Attendance Percentage

You need to realize that someone who loves you will feel the same loss and pain without you. If you see no pain in their life without you, it was never worth it… let go!

43.Sad Love Quotes - Should I Smile Or Cry?

It’s very rare to be able to be friends with someone you were madly in love with or someone you are still in love with. It’s a constant battle between your feelings and your emotions, a battle only sad love quotes and sadder songs can express.

44.Sad Love Quotes - Cactus Talkies

It’s truly heart-breaking to realize that the the person you are so madly in love with never really loved you enough. Don’t say ‘I love you’ if you don’t mean it.

45.Sad Love Quotes - You Just Need To Learn

Just because a relationship did not work does not mean you have to stop living. Keep the love within, but move on and embrace life as it is.

46.Sad Love Quotes - Simply Awful

So simply true! There are cases of ‘love at first sight’ but never cases were love goes away as easily or instantly.

47.Sad Love Quotes - Getting Over That Hot Cactus

It’s a small but significant quote to express that no matter what, you will love forever and you will never truly be over the love you felt.

48.Sad Love Quotes - The Cactus Lover Is Waking Up

When you sleep and wake up next to the love of your life every single day, doing so alone becomes the most painful thing to do. It’s a small routine maybe but it breaks your heart.

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49.Sad Love Quotes - How To Stop?

That’s the problem with love, there’s an easy start but the stop is never in sight and really hard to accept. It’s not mechanical.

50.Sad Love Quotes - Cry As I May

Crying is just a way of venting out your deepest emotions but crying does not take the pain away. You may feel lighter for sometime but the pain is still within you.
Words have the power to express the strongest and deepest of feelings and emotions. All love stories do not have a happy ending, and when love walks away, it leaves behind a heavy air that makes it difficult to breathe and live. But, life must go on, long before these sad love quotes have been uttered.

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