15 Sad Love Quotes For Him: A Meaningful Introspection

They say childbirth is the greatest pain that a human can experience. But the heart knows the vital parts in a very different context, and doesn’t care about anything else when it is broken. For it is one of the most painful things to suffer a break-up or being jilted. But it is only a matter of time before you realize that it is time to move on and live your life with love. Okay, I am not peddling optimism here. Before I push it too far, let me share some heart-touching and poignant sad love quotes for him to think about, to understand may be what went wrong, or to find solace in others who have asked the same ‘why’ before you, or to know that love failure is the worst collocation ever because love can never fail, even if a relationship does. Embrace your love, pick up your pieces, and drink some of this chicken soup for your soul!


Sad Love Quotes For Him - Andre Gide

If you have had a rough break-up, which ended with differences of opinion you could possibly not have reconciled with, this might resonate with you. Compromises are natural in any relationship. Sometimes you have to be able to let go, and it is the right thing to do. But if you were with someone for whom you would have to change all your beliefs, ideals, and all that you stand for— basically having to pretend to be someone else to be loved by the other— then let me cut to the chase and say that it is just not worth it. If you have to be someone else to be loved, remember you are not the one being loved.


Sad Love Quotes For Him - Stephen Chbosky

One of the saddest truths in life, for the most of us, this quote is a thought-provoking one. This quote is from the famous book-turned-film The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This is a reminder for all of us who judge our self-worth when we are in love, and label ourselves unworthy of it, and end up either giving up what we have or, worse still, being passive to our own true feelings. A mark of low self-esteem is this self-deprecating and masochistic attitude, and actually has no meaning in the context of love which does not judge, does not evaluate. All I am saying is that everyone deserves to love and be loved. One of the most fundamental sad love quotes for him to break down the relationship.

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Sad Love Quotes For Him - Plato

Plato gets it. May have even been a victim of it. No, not just sad love quotes, but love. Sometimes love can get in the way of our general thinking, you know, and has a tendency to push you towards screwing up your life. I’m not speaking against it here, please understand, but love is an overwhelming emotion which sometimes we find ourselves not equipped to deal with. We over-think, overdo, and go overboard on many occasions which I am pretty sure many of you would agree with. Know thyself before you can commit to anything, especially a relationship. Know thyself, and you shall be cured.


Sad Love Quotes For Him - Lord Alfred Tennyson

These poignant words have to be a solace to the jilted lovers or the patients in the ‘break-up’ ward. Do you feel you have lost everything now that your love is gone? Fair enough, if you have a feeling heart. But can you imagine those who have never had someone be that intimate with them, to share laughs and tears with, to just have a shoulder to rest one’s head on in the tiring journey of everyday? It might be hard for you to deal with the bitter parting but there are people who haven’t experienced what you feel you have lost forever. You are one of the few who have experienced all the things I just said. Love never fails; it only grows with your capacity to give. So give; don’t give up.


Sad Love Quotes For Him - Anonymous

Hard to imagine at this moment, I completely agree with you. But as this sad love quote says, loving someone is the most giving and liberating feeling at the same time, won’t you agree? You feel that the sorrow you experience is from the fact that you can’t keep on loving the one you’re not with any more, but anyone knows that that is no healthy attitude. Er… it could be effortlessly classified as border-line creepy after a point. But it is not the end of the world, as you know it. You embrace the real meaning of love when you embrace life with everything that it gives, and also takes. You don’t have to believe in God, but believe in life. Believe in love.

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Sad Love Quotes For Him - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

If you thought man is a mystery, try a man in love. Rochefoucauld once again exhibits his keen sense of observation on how the emotion called love perplexes mankind, even when it is given in incredible amounts, when love comes unsolicited from someone we don’t want it from. That is why they say you can’t buy love. Even if someone buys you a Rolexus (a Lexus filled with Rolexes, a coinage by Tom Haverford), if your heart isn’t with them, there is no point. But, then again, we chase the unattainable other with all our might, love them unconditionally. And when you want to say I love you to them, you want to say it not expecting any reciprocation— just to make sure that they know it. Sad love quote? Fact of life.


Sad Love Quotes For Him - Jean Anouilh

Known for his skills as a sensible and sensitive playwright, Jean Anouilh must be doing an amazing job capturing what you feel right now. We don’t love out of a situation, or with a justifiable reason. I’m just finding newer ways of saying ‘love just happens’ (ugh). The truth of it is that it is a very organic feeling that one can’t really help but feel towards someone else, whose soul and spirit draws the person towards them. But then there’s life throwing challenges at you, like the monkey throwing hammering barrels and oil barrels in Donkey Kong. But you take it like a sport, and love anyway. Love loves challenges, you see!


Sad Love Quotes For Him - Orson Welles

This is one of those sad love quotes for him with a silver lining coming from Orson Welles, a visionary in Broadway, radio and film. Welles’ success can be attributed to how well he understood the human sensibility and the nature of our behaviour in the society. It is a reality check for all of us who are trying to convince ourselves to exist every day. It’s the truth of life that loneliness is our companion in birth and death. What makes life worth it is all the good times that we make in the time given to us, which we experience with the best of friendships and truest of love. So don’t stop loving because you are sad, because apart from true friendship, to love is one of the most amazing things which makes existence more than just a little bit better, than it otherwise would be.

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Sad Love Quotes For Him - William Shakespeare

Enough with this already, Mr. Shakespeare. I am not going to make a fool of myself introducing him to anyone, but I think it’s fair to say that the aesthetic of his poesy is unmatched. Love, the most provocative of all feelings and emotions, has a tendency to make the lover an idle piece of flesh that is perpetually found sighing over the lover’s name. If you feel jilted by someone, or are getting over the person who was once yours, then it is natural to want to wade in the lassitude of your own emotions for a considerable time. But life can’t be spent sighing away, and love doesn’t generally knock on such a door either, believe me. Find what uplifts your spirit and engage yourself. Don’t chase the butterfly, just enjoy the sun!


Sad Love Quotes For Him - Anna Akhmatova

This is for extreme cases, people. Red alert. Akhmatova beautifully captures the suffering and pain of human existence, and encapsulates it in these beautifully nondescript words, again a reflection of poignant existentialism. I bring this quote to you so you can purge the sorrow from your heart, because my shrink told me once this amazing cliché which I was also angry to hear at the time — the only exit when you are in pain is to go through the pain. Needless to say that I didn’t speak to her for a while after that. But if you spend time with yourself and confront your feelings, you are bound to want to move on. You have to wash the dishes at some point, right?


Sad Love Quotes For Him - Anais Nin

This moving quote speaks volumes of what we miss out or fail to comprehend about love and relationships. When we meet someone, fall for them head over heels, we experience the movie romance where everything is sunshine and blossoms. But soon after the honeymoon phase, if you start feeling weariness, a deceleration in the outflow of emotions, it probably was not the real deal. Or many a times we also forget to be ourselves in the beginning, and find the love stifling because you could not balance being an individual in a relationship of two. We all forget things, most importantly, sometimes we forget ourselves. We sometimes hurt the ones we love because we forget their self too. Life and love are lessons hard to learn, but if you p[Read more: Love Quotes for her Long Distance]ut your time and effort, you will have been the best lived scholar there ever was!


Sad Love Quotes For Him - C.S. Lewis

In his magnificent rhetoric on The Four Loves— charity, friendship, affection and eros— C. S. Lewis, popular forThe Chronicles of Narnia, does a splendid job extolling about human nature in the context of the ‘four loves’. This quote says it all. Vulnerability, which begins with empathy, is one of the most crucial elements for one to find love. If you can pour yourself open without inhibitions, and be ready to feel as much as you give, or more, it is not a sign of weakness. So if you feel you were taken advantage of, because you were weak and vulnerable for your partner, stop victimizing yourself and be thankful for being given a heart that feels, sees, opens and gets hurt. So many of us spend all our lives not knowing what it is to live like that. So move on now; feel without shame and love without fear.

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Sad Love Quotes For Him - J.K. Rowling

If there is anyone who has had to deal with the heartbreak of unrequited love, it is the character of Severus Snape. Even though he may be fictional, the kind of love that gripped his heart is real indeed. Sometimes, the hardest thing in life is to move on from someone that you have fallen in love with. You would feel like there is no one else in the whole wide world that you would rather be with, and feel a deep incapacity to love anyone else. But life thwarts us at every turn, changing and mocking our existence. But just like life, we must learn to change as well. It is important to try and move on after a break up. Remember, there are several fish in the sea, there are so many flavours of ice cream. Whatever analogy you come up with, know that this phase of your life too shall pass. No feeling is permanent. Neither is your life. So go out there and live your life to the fullest.


Sad Love Quotes For Him - Confucius

Confucius may sound a suspicious reference for the turbulence you experience now, but get past the name! This thought provoking quote is a beautiful elucidation of the same error man has made for many centuries now. Making demands in love is like asking air to make a shape. How can you confine something so intensely incorporeal by marking outlines for it? Stop asking yourself questions and do a post-mortem on your love. Let it be. And now you know what to do with ‘love’. Listen to The Beatles Let it be.

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Sad Love Quotes For Him - Paulo Coelho

I could not have thought about the pang of love without coming across Paulo Coelho even once. If you have ever tried to tame the force called love, then you know there is no attempt more futile. Love is an overwhelming force, but nevertheless, power is not an acquaintance of love. When we exert force in love, trying to make demands of the other, or the relationship itself, and let ego play a part in a melodrama, things can get out of hand sometimes. You must assure the self that love is not a power-play of emotions; there is no dominant other than in the bedroom. Free love and free yourself.