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A break up is always a horrible experience to have to go through, but even if you are sad now, remember that things always get better. This too shall pass, as they say. There is always hope in life, and happiness to be found as you turn the pages. To get you through this rough patch, let’s share in the pain and let it all out with some sad love quotes for her. But before that, let’s talk about love.

Love – A Beautiful Thing?

When you’re in love, it’s a beautiful thing. The world is brighter, the air is lighter and your soul shines forth from your mortal shell in an incandescent flare of beauteous glow. There is nothing that could be wrong with your world, the little sphere of existence that you occupy and that most people never bother to look outwards from. That’s because at the end of the day, let’s face it, we all want to be aware of our own happy stories, and don’t particularly want to be encumbered with the satisfaction, or even fulfilment of the happiness of others. Who cares about those sad love quotes for her, those heart-breaking love poems for him, or them?

This is sadly where most of us go wrong on the matter of love, and life. Happiness in life comes from a lot of ways and in various things, but the most fulfilling happiness that anyone can achieve outside of sex, and this is of course within the constraints of provable clinical science, comes from the helping of, causing or contributing to the happiness of others. This is never more applicable in the human sphere of existence than in the potential arenas of love.

Love. Oh, You Fickle Little Unmentionable You

Of course, in its most ideal avatar, love is not supposed to be something that can be associated with confrontation. It is always natural to have some friction between a couple, and indeed this is perfectly normal. People who have no problems whatsoever are either some sort of a saint, alien or a particularly animated species of rock. But the whole concept of a loving relationship is one where the first and only method for conciliation, compromise and cooperation is a heartfelt and sincere discussion. When people work out their issues before deciding to rest on their wounds, furtively licking the open sores as they let them fester, it always ends out being better than before.

But sadly, life is almost never ideal and almost always inconvenient; and for every nice person on the planet, you have two unmitigated not-nice-people. And for every nice heart-warming story that you hear, you will find a score of tragedies that will darken the soul. But hey, what’s the likelihood of you being on… Oh, right, you’re reading this article aren’t you? Sigh. Okay fine, sorry, we’ll stop trying to be upbeat. The world is like a steaming pile of faeces, and you just stepped into it. Why? Because of another walking pile of excrement has for some reason or the other directly caused or contributed to your heart breaking into a million little jagged pieces, causing you to not pay much attention to where you were stepping. But hey, you’re only human, and we sometimes bleed a little. And it’s always worse when it’s on the inside, both metaphorically and otherwise. But take heart dear readers, you’re not alone. The night is long and full of terrors, but dawn is coming.


Sad Love Quotes For Her - Betsy Kenton

One of those sad love quotes for her that shows her there is no worse feeling than having your rejection rubbed in your face, repeatedly. This will of course only happen if the person you like doesn’t feel the same way or if the person you’re with isn’t generally the best sort of person to possibly be around.


Sad Love Quotes For Her - Maribel Vern

Speaking of the blatant disregard for another person, this is one those sad love quotes for her that discusses the possibility of being with someone who has no appreciation for you or anybody else. Self-centred people rarely get to imagine that there are other people who can be selfless and unconditionally loving. They cannot imagine the prospect of shared joy, but only individual happiness. And when they encounter something that leaves them gasping at the supposed lack of happiness in their lives, they drop it like a hot potato. Sadly, in this case, it is not a potato. But think of the happiness that is now on offer to you, since you’ve stopped being with someone who is only with you to cheat you, in more ways than one.


Sad Love Quotes For Her - Melba Sean

Not to be too harsh, but this is one of those sad love quotes for her which speaks the absolute truth. And nothing we say is going to dress it up any prettier. But that’s the thing; this horrible soul-crunching phase of life will not persist for long. Sure, we’ve all heard of the horror stories of people who didn’t get over a break up for years, but that’s because these people are so concerned with what happened in the past, that they’ve let the past wipe out any chances of them having a good future. Now that sounds like we are blaming people for having gone through break ups because we used the word ‘let’ and it is true. Ideally, you wouldn’t have let any of this happen in the first place. But it did. And now you’re going to have to let yourself move on from this current ‘you.’ Wipe away your tears, and look at yourself anew.


Sad Love Quotes For Her - Kline Mali

It is always hindsight that can claim perfect clarity into human affairs. When you look back upon a period of time in our life, it is only then that you can see your actions for what they were, and then slowly realise their consequences. It is only then, sadly, that you realise that you were part of something extraordinary. And if you were stupid enough to take it for granted, then you can’t actually blame anybody but yourself for how things turned out. Let’s hope that the idiot who made you feel like this will actually become a better person; admittedly it’s a small chance, but one we should hope for. Then they will look back upon the part of their life that you had graced, and they will feel the weight of their mistakes settle down on their bowed shoulders. This is one of those sad love quotes for her to silently reflect on.

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Sad Love Quotes For Her - Vaughn Jackson

No matter how saintly a person can be, as long as they are still part of this world, it is hard for people to go beyond a certain limit. We’re not saying that there are no tolerant people out there. Some, for example, are too tolerant of a lot of things, but almost everyone has a limit. If the one you love is not treating you with the same affection, regard and respect, then it was never worth it, and this is one of the many sad love quotes for her that carries the same sentiment. And sometimes, you will encounter individuals who cannot really appreciate the beauty that is in their life. This is naturally not limited to just the superficial beauty, but obviously extends to the metaphorical. A person with no art in their soul is all the lesser for it.


Sad Love Quotes For Her - Freon Pronto

When people blind themselves to the darkness in their life, they inadvertently block out the light as well. It is in understanding one’s own darkness that people truly start to understand themselves. And then, you can revel in the light, for it naturally repels the darkness. But as fast as light is, you will always find darkness waiting for it; it’s a cliche of sad love quotes for her, and him. If people are not willing to look beyond their own selves, then they will never see the light that was all around them. But when they do, it will have been too late.


Sad Love Quotes For Her - Chloe Bell

Sometimes, all you can do to not break down and cry at the end of the day is to remember that things will get better. And even if something as seemingly small as a “Hi, how was your day?” is too much to ask for, then we don’t know what to say. The world is a messed up place, but then everyone knows that already. But we feel the trick is to not let it get you down, and instead revel in rebelling against the trend by being as positive as you can, and as kind as you can. To everybody!

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Sad Love Quotes For Her - Ava Benson

This ‘truth-teller’ among sad love quotes for her is so real. Life is such that you never get a reset button to do over your mistakes. There is no save point to where you can conveniently return to if you encounter a pitfall in your fate. And sometimes in the heat of the moment, people can choose options that are not really the best ways forward for them. But once you realise that this is the case, then you can make preparations to move one. That’s the best and probably the only way.


Sad Love Quotes For Her - Sydney Rock

Sometimes, people just don’t deserve you. And when they themselves have made it clear that this is the case, like with these sad love quotes for her, then you really must feel no regret about not wanting to comfort someone who has hurt you, and so badly. Of course, this would be the higher path to take, the one that will make you a bigger person who is further along on the way to Nirvana. But then, we feel that paradise is overrated. We’re humans, we’ll take our little mud ball and be happy.


Sad Love Quotes For Her - Amelia Crown

The last one in our list of sad love quotes for her, this should seem like plain common sense, but apparently there are sadly enough people who concentrate on exterior beauty to make us lament for the future of our species. Even if you are just happy with looks and avoid considering all the other things that keep affecting attraction, beauty is a fleeting and ephemeral entity. Beauty is an abstract concept. And once those toned abs fade with time, would you want to be with someone who not only doesn’t match your standards of beauty but also repulses you on a lot of other levels? That would be a horrible thing indeed, though of course, what is far more horrible is thinking like this in the first place.

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