Sad Love Poems For Him & Her: 39 Love Poems To Express Dejection

There are times when the going gets tough in a relationship, and all that you see are cracks in the once strong bond you shared with your beloved. Soon it could be your beau walking away from the relationship or it is your feeling of being shackled, that drags you to the point of breaking the bond. Depending on what the case could be, the time may come to bid farewell; sad love poems for him get the job done in a quite subtle and convenient way.

1. Sad Love Poems For Him - From The Start

A poignant choice among sad love poems for him, one that captures the feelings in your heart when you are at the verge of breaking-up with the one you once loved a lot. This poem shares the point that your beau meant a lot to you once, but the relationship has reached a stage where you don’t share that mutual sentiment of love any more. In spite of this, you will continue to have a special place in your heart for your beloved for quite some time in the future.

2. Sad Love Poems For Him - You Assured Me

A touching poem that describes the feelings in the heart of a girl who is suddenly alienated and abandoned by a guy who meant the world to her. The simple words strike a nice melancholic tone, which makes it a great poem to express your dejected feelings at the time of a break-up.

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Sad Love Poems For Him - Lost In Time

It is all about love lost and pain when you are in the thick of a break-up. The path to a break-up is often one of the most painful moments in life. It is when you are at the crossroads of life, and you have no idea where will you now go from that point. Sad love poems for him, like this one, despite the underlining tone if irony, make for a nice composition to share when you feel that way.


Sad Love Poems For Him - A Man Like You

There is a guy who made you believe in love, he showed you the path that led you the wonderful world of love and affection. But now suddenly he decides to leave, leaving you just bereaved. Looking for some sad love poems for him to share at that point? Then this poem gets the job done in a pretty straightforward way.

5. Sad Love Poems For Him - The Pain I Got

When you are in true love with a guy and all that he does is relinquish you over, it leaves you badly hurt; you feel that your life is slowly slipping into a deep hole of sadness and dejection. This one is an apt poem to share with your beau to put across the point. Let the traces of your pain linger on long after with sad love poems for him, like this one.

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6. Sad Love Poems For Him - Still Remember The Days

Every moment spent with a beloved becomes a burdensome memory once he decides to move out of the relationship. It is like every time you close your eyes, all that plays in front of your eyes are the moments you spent with him, and every bit of it causes boundless pain. This is a moving alternative, when it comes to sad love poems for him to share what you feel in such agonizing moments.


Sad Love Poems For Him - You Hide Behind Your Feelings

You love a guy, and you know he loves you as well, but does not share his feelings nor does accept yours. All you would say to this guy is that you will continue to love him and are quite aware that deep down, he shares the same feelings. No better way than this poem to put down your commitment in words and share it with the guy who you love unconditionally.

8. Sad Love Poems For Him - There Are Times

This one is different from the rest of our sad love poems for him. It tones down the gloomy elements, making it a great poem to share when you are badly missing your beau. It captures the feeling of void you feel all the time when he is not around. You long for his company and think of all the wonderful moments you shared with him. The poem makes a good message to share when you want to say that you miss him.

9. Sad Love Poems For Him - My Love For You

In spite of having that wonderful rapport, which makes you seem quite compatible with the guy you love, things sometimes eventually don’t work out the way you expect. Within no time of having an amicable relationship, you realise you both are walking away in your individual paths. A nice poem to share at that juncture of parting ways to reassure your ex-beau and yourself that none are to be blamed for the split since none could completely understand each other.

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Sad Love Poems For Him

10. Sad Love Poems For Him - If Only

Quite plausible that it is something that you had done that lead to a debacle of your relationship. Why not accept it to make yourself feel lighter? Here is a sad love poem that can help you acknowledge that.

11. Sad Love Poems For Him - All My Heart Says Today

Those are going to be your exact thoughts when you split paths with your beau. Like said before, you first get into the denial phase and after that you get a realisation that it is not going to be an easy task to forget him.

12. Sad Love Poems For Him - I Sit In My Corner

This one is a sad and bitter love poem that is great to articulate your disappointment with a man who was once the centre of your life and world. It was bliss till the moment that everything he spoke were just hollow words that you had part ways now.

13. Sad Love Poems For Him - Heart, We Will Forget Him

Another first person type poem, which symbolises a conversation with the heart. While some may find such poems a bit weird but trust us nothing best makes a better expression for your heartache than such sad love poem.

14. Sad Love Poems For Him - Heartbreak, Fear, Anguish

The scars etched on the heart take the maximum time to heal. In fact, the damage caused makes you lose your ability to trust someone, eventually pushing you to a realm of loneliness. A nice sad love poem that puts in words.

15. Sad Love Poems For Him - From Every Beat Of My Heart

Doesn’t that last line just hit you in the heart? It sums up neatly how life feels after a heartbreak. While he is gone from your life, he still stays somewhere deep in your heart. It would be a long time since you completely have him out of your heart and mind.

Sad Love Poems For Her

16. Sad Love Poems For Him - I Thought I Loved The Prettiest Girl

A simple sad love poem to put into words the agony of feeling cheated and used by someone who meant everything to you. That is what makes sad love poems special since they help you share even the most complex of your emotions.

17. Sad Love Poems For Him - You Know Girl

Seriously guys, having your heart broken by a woman who you once saw fit to be your wife is one of the biggest blows to your heart and emotions. Putting feelings down in words is best way to relieve that anguish, and here is a sad love poem that helps you do exactly that.

18. Sad Love Poems For Him - Each Day The More

This is sad love poem that exactly defines how you feel during the moments your mind involuntarily reminisces her.

19. Sad Love Poems For Him - I Never Loved Anyone

Lack of cheer + the loss of dear one = Miserable Life. That is the best way or equation to describe this poignant love poem.

20. Sad Love Poems For Him - We Were So Happy

It so happens that the mind plays out a movie reel of all the moments you’ve spent with your loved one. These are the words that would best describe your feeling.

21. Sad Love Poems For Him - The Love That Conquers

The eight lines of this sad love poem sums up in simple words the abject sadness that lingers in your mind all the time. It gets so potent at one point that it leaves you disillusioned.

22. Sad Love Poems For Him - I Gave You My All My Heart And My Soul

Now this one is really sad. If you were right at the verge of tying the knot with her and she broke up with you then, well…

23. Sad Love Poems For Him - If Only I Had Described

This is for the guilty ones. If you had always treated your babe well, she wouldn’t have ditched you for that other guy next door. No surprises in that.

24. Sad Love Poems For Him - My Heart Is Still Breaking

This sad love poem is all about memories. Memories of your beloved that remain embedded deep within even when you have deleted her number and pictures. It is then that you hope for a change in mind in that person with no success. But then reality kicks in. What happens next? Read the next poem.

25. Sad Love Poems For Him - I Wish That Things Were Different

Now here is what you would be thinking when you realise that you have really lost her forever. Sad love poem to put down your feelings in some melancholic words.

26. Sad Love Poems For Him - I Don't Know What To Do

It’s like you put your best to resuscitate that love of yours love but sadly it never revives. Now here is to put all that in words in the form of a sad love poem.

27. Sad Love Poems For Him - My Days Are Incomplete

The poem is all about the feeling of disbelief that ensues when a really long relationship breaks up. Doesn’t it feel like yesterday when she was in your arms? In fact it feels like you blinked and you are alone now. That’s surely going to drive you insane if your mind ponders about it too much, and that is what this sad love poem all about.

28. Sad-Love-Poems-39

One of the first thing that greets you after a failed relationship is a loneliness. It sort of takes over almost every aspect of your life. If that is you, then here is your sad love poem.

29. Sad-Love-Poems-40

What is the first thing that strikes your mind the moment you realise your relationship has ended? Questions! Questions that examine every aspect of the relationship and make you more puzzled. Here is a sad love poem dedicated to that thought.

30. Sad-Love-Poems-41

This one is actually a sad love poem with a positive tone to it. After all, it is all about the realisation that a relationship is not working out before it collapses and hurts you more. Here is the perfect sad love poem to share.

31. Sad-Love-Poems-42

If poem #38 was about disbelief, this sad love poem is all about the illusions you get because of it. One continues to think that the lady would be back, only to realise that is nothing but a deceptive thought.

32. Sad-Love-Poems-43

Bidding farewell is the most agonising moment. If some words can better express it out then it has to be a sad love poem like this one.

33. Sad-Love-Poems-44

Here is another one for the ones who are spending time pondering about an alternate outcome IF you had done certain things right. Here is a sad love poem to articulate that thought process.

34. Sad-Love-Poems-45

What messes with your mind the most is the moment when you spot your ex with someone else. Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that she seems more happy than she was with you. Ouch! Here is a sad love poem for those kind of moments.

35. Sad-Love-Poems-46

A heartbreak can sap one’s faith out of love. You wonder whether there is someone for you or not, and that saddens you more. The words of this touching sad love poem say it all well.

36. Sad-Love-Poems-47

We see a mix of regret, sadness and acceptance of mistakes in this sad love poem. The one to go with your feeling when you think that way.

37. Sad-Love-Poems-48

Just when you expect a poignant ending, this one lights a spark of optimism with its last line. Overall, a nice sad love poem with an optimistic closure.

38. Sad-Love-Poems-49

Notice how interesting the last two lines are. It’s another sad love poem with optimism but this time hoping that you can still be friends even after ending the romantic relationship. Asking for this bit is often the hardest thing to do at the end of a relationship. This poem can help make the task lighter.

39. Sad-Love-Poems-50

It’s poem of self-realisation. That moment when you realise that you are not being loved but rather being used. Nice sad love poem to put it in words.

So those were some perfect poems to vent out the sadness of your heart caused by failed love. Have anything to share? Do leave a comment.