10 Rustic Wedding Invitations You Need To Check Out

Are you tired of seeing the same kind of wedding invitations over and over again? Things have changed since back then, and we are no longer restricted to the common invitation motifs in India, like Ganesh or an OM symbol. Not saying that the traditional ones are bad or not in vogue anymore, but there’s so much more to choose from.

There are several designers out there who would be happy to design a customized, personalized wedding invite that is as unique as it is your own. One great theme that you could pick for your wedding invite is rustic and vintage motifs. India is known for its sprawling countryside and ancient culture. A rustic or vintage card would be the perfect way to pay tribute to this as you tie the knot with your soul mate. So, we have carefully collected for you, some of the best rustic wedding invitations that anyone would be proud to send out.

1. Rustic Cookbook Invite

This is perfect if you or your loved one enjoy the art of cooking. The pink, peach and white rustic floral motifs are simple and oh-so-elegant. With a dash of love, a pinch of understanding and a cup of joy, this wedding card is the perfect recipe to celebrate your wedding in style.

2. Rustic Invite With Burlap String

This invite is so simple that anyone would appreciate it. The burlap string and the burlap border makes this invite very simple and pleasing to the eye. If it is simplicity you are looking for, you have found the card you need.

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3. Rustic Card With Vintage Art

This vintage card looks very elegant with the brown envelope and paisley designs. The artwork inside is a modern take of a rustic Indian wedding of the past. The card is a lovely burst of colour that is sure to make all your guests take notice.

4. Rustic Burlap Wedding Invite

Nothing symbolizes the rustic theme the way burlap does. This beautiful rustic burlap wedding invite will not disappoint you. The peach floral blush designs along with the peach lace adds a very classy look to the invite. You can order it online here.

5. Rustic Wedding Invitations With Marigold

Nothing speaks to us about Indian traditions and the countryside as much as marigolds. This stunning rustic wedding invitation is opulent in its simplicity. With the gorgeous paper marigolds adorning the front, and hues of golden, orange and yellow, this invite is truly a work of art.

6. Vintage Indian Wedding Invite

This invite will take you back to the colonial or pre-colonial India. With its intricate filigree designs, floral motifs, and the elephant baraat, this card showcases to us the big fat Indian wedding of the past. The sombre, calm colours also make this a wonderful card to look at.

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7. Rustic Scroll Invite

What could be more vintage than a scroll! This elegant rustic wedding invite features several scrolls (one for each ceremony), which will transport your guests back in time.

8. Mughal Art Motif Invites With A Twist

Mughal art motifs are very trendy these days. Right from comics to protests, these motifs are widely used today. Why not keep our heritage alive, with this filmy, whimsical invitation design? The brown outer design makes the card look simple and rustic.

9. Rustic Ivory Invites

These handmade, ivory coloured rustic wedding invitations are a true catch. With vintage romantic rose motifs and elegant font, these invites look stunning indeed. The white paper rose and the wide ivory ribbon complete the art to perfection. You can order this here.

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10. Rustic DIY Wooden Invites

These homey rustic wedding invitations have been hand-painted onto wooden frames to achieve this look. The invites are durable and also elegant. This could be a bit time consuming, as you have to paint the words carefully and give it plenty of time to dry. But the effort will be well worth it. For a step-by-step guide to making these DIY rustic wooden invites, see this.

These are some of the beautiful rustic wedding invites that your guests are sure to love. When you get your card designed, pick out elements that strike you from this list, add your own personal touches, and voilà, you have a card no one can forget any time soon.