9 Creative Ideas For Rustic Wedding Decorations

Imagine this, you and your partner by the fireplace, hand in hand, dancing to a beautiful song, and not being able to take your eyes off him/her. Under the moonlit sky, everything around you blurs out. A soft gush of cool breeze touches you, and you get out of a reverie thinking, yes, this is real, and it’s all possible with rustic wedding decorations! That big and priceless smile puts your heart at ease, making you feel that you have gotten everything you had ever dreamed of. This is what rustic wedding decor does to you – celebrating a new beginning in the lap of nature, with everything so raw and rustic, that they just make nature’s imperfections feel so perfect.
Not everybody dreams of a big fat wedding, hence the rustic wedding decor ideas. Some like it to be simple and not too extravagant. And some like it to be like Snow White’s rustic wedding with her dear ones, under the mistletoe. The natural look of the wedding brings in the rustic details to the space with simple items like birch candle holders and maple. You can decorate the chairs and tables with linen and burlap and use reclaimed wood slices as cheese platters or charger plates. These simple and beautiful things add texture and style to a gorgeous rustic wedding decor.

Whether you skip the expensive cocktail glasses and serve cocktails in mason jars, or arrange the flowers with homespun flair, these nine rustic wedding decoration ideas will make your wedding absolutely unforgettable.

1. Selecting The Venue

Rustic Wedding Decorations - Selecting The Venue

Image: Shutterstock

Rustic wedding decorations are all about simplicity. Get out of the city and pick a place closer to the forest or the mountains. A beautiful rustic venue is all about embracing the natural beauty of nature at its best with a beautiful horizon to look at, lush green trees around you, and the enchanting sunset to admire.

2. Perfect White Marquees

Rustic Wedding Decorations - Perfect White Marquees

Image Courtesy: Devika Narain_Wedding Designer

If there aren’t any cottages or big sheds for an indoor wedding, a beautiful white marquee is just perfect. Out in the open, where there is ample parking space, put up a big gala tent, and the wedding venue is ready – making for the perfect rustic wedding decor. Those who like to keep their personal affairs private can choose to set up a marquee. Those who don’t mind can also do without the marquee. After all, a rustic wedding feels just about perfect under the shimmering night sky.

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3. Rustic Wedding Entrance

Rustic Wedding Decorations - Entrance

Image: Shutterstock

Wedding gate decorations are important, so forget about the lit-up boards that read ‘Tom weds Jerry’. Simple little things, when put together, can make the perfect wedding entrance. This simple entrance made of sticks and flowers looks very simple, yet absolutely beautiful. Rustic weddings are all about simplicity and beauty at its best. And an entrance like this feels perfect. To add a little effect when the sun goes down, install low lights in a colour that matches with the colour of the theme.

4. Dreamy Overhead Decor

Rustic Wedding Decorations - Dreamy Overhead Decor

Image Courtesy : VPlan Unlimited

It is important to focus all your attention on details that are at eye level — table decor, chairs, buffet spread, etc. But when it comes to rustic wedding decoration ideas the venue, don’t forget to look up. Glass orbs and strings of twinkle lights hanging from the roof or the ceiling create the perfect ambience that feels surreal.

5. The Ceremony Backdrop

Rustic Wedding Decorations - Ceremony Backdrops

Image: Shutterstock

The ceremony backdrop should have a personalised dynamic setting that defines their love, and their personalities. It should be a reflection of what they hold in their hearts. Think of four pillars supporting the open roof structure, decorated with vines of leaves and flowers, and a dainty crystal chandelier hanging in the centre. The ceremony backdrop would look absolutely beautiful and picture perfect – just the thing for Christian wedding decorations.

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6. Colourful Table Wraps

Rustic Wedding Decorations - Colourful Table Wraps

Image Courtesy: Bougain Villadesign

Weddings are joyous moments, celebration of two lives uniting as one. And happy moments are defined by colours and feelings. Break the monotony by adding colours to your party. You can choose from soft pink to bright orange. Depending on the colour theme of the wedding, break the rules, ditch white, and have some fun.

7. Rustic Buffet

Rustic Wedding Decorations - Rustic Buffet

A simple wooden slab laid out on wooden barrels. No crystal bowls and gold polished cutleries. It is how you lay out the table that makes the whole set up look rustic as if the table was laid out for the Kings and Queens from Game of Thrones or Romeo and Juliet. But the presentation is more sophisticated and beautiful.

8. Lanterns

Rustic Wedding Decorations - Lanterns

Image: Shutterstock

One of the keys to perfect the rustic wedding decorations look is to keep lanterns here and there. Whether they be hanging from the branches of a tree or used as a table top decor, lanterns always make a great choice for a rustic and a chic wedding.

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9. Top Shelf Bar

Rustic Wedding Decorations - Top Shelf Bar

And what is a wedding without any alcohol, late night munchies, and grilled snacks? On assorted wooden crates and barrels in one corner, refuel the bar with grilled and barbequed snacks. And in the other corner on, a sheet of green moss, let the bartender serve the pints of beer and pegs of single malt. The green moss adds an unfussy touch of being out in the open, which won’t wilt as the night grows on you, and the food will keep all those happy who just don’t drink.