A Collection Of 29 Warm And Heartfelt Rumi Love Quotes

Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet, has contributed tremendous pieces of literature that are read and enjoyed by every generation. His projection of love is probably the most well known and something that everybody can connect to. Poetry is a deep and meaningful way to convey the heart’s deepest feelings and Rumi’s quotes and poems are truly beautiful. Here’s a collection of some of the most meaningful and beautiful Rumi love quotes. Read… soak in the meaning… embrace love…

1. Rumi Love Quotes - A Lover Will Always Find His Lost Love

Love has the power to change anything and everything around us. Rumi love quotes speak of this universal truth time and again.

2. Rumi Love Quotes - Bitter Sweet Toffees

Love has the power to make the simplest thing radiant and outstanding.

3. Rumi Love Quotes - Burning Love

Even harsh and bitter becomes soft and sweet when we find true love.

4. Rumi Love Quotes - The Prime Object Of Desire

When you find true love, your priority and focus in life becomes one… your lover!

5. Rumi Love Quotes - Soulful Love

Love not just resides in the heart and body, but moves the soul.

6. Rumi Love Quotes - A Part Of Me

Destiny will lead you to your love that already exists and just waits for you.

7. Rumi Love Quotes - Flying Without Wings

Love brings in a whirlpool of emotions and positive feelings… all at once.

8. Rumi Love Quotes - The Sweet Pyres Of Love

When you are in love, everything is sweet and wonderful.

9. Rumi Love Quotes - Plans Asunder

There is nothing mightier than true love.

10. Rumi Love Quotes - Only Love

Love is a four letter word that cannot be described but can describe the people in it.

11. Rumi Love Quotes - Love Will Keep You Safe

Love is the only way; through it you find the way to all other things in life.

12. Rumi Love Quotes - That Tender Feeling

Many confuse love and lust, it’s the difference between being truly human.

13. Rumi Love Quotes - Love Is Madness

A lover is free to display any and all kinds of emotions and behaviours without being judged.

14. Rumi Love Quotes - Leave It To Sheldon

When you are in love, nothing seems to matter at all.

15. Rumi Love Quotes - The True Treasure Hunt

Love is for everyone, one just needs to be open and welcoming for love to walk in.

16. Rumi Love Quotes - Love Is Fermented Perfection

Love can change anything for the better. Everything becomes beautiful when touched by love.

17. Rumi Love Quotes - The Hills Dance

When you find love, your soul finds peace and your life finds true joy.

18. Rumi Love Quotes - In Sickness And In Health

Love is like an ailment, with no cure.

19. Rumi Love Quotes - Fear Not

Where there is love, emotions like fear cannot exist.

20. Rumi Love Quotes - Words Fall Short

We may try to define love, but when we really find love, no words can do justice to how we feel.

21. Rumi Love Quotes - Let Your Actions Tell Your Tale

Love needs no explanation. It’s a feeling, an emotion, that is best left unexplained.

22. Rumi Love Quotes - Achy Breaky Heart

Love is like a sickness that is greater than any other and without any cure.

23. Rumi Love Quotes - Love..Our Souls May Be Consumed By Shadows, But That Doesn't Mean We Have To Behave As Monsters

Now, that’s an interesting thought, isn’t it?

24. Rumi Love Quotes - The Old Ball And Chain Or The Way Out

Love never dies. The body may die but the souls of lovers are connected forever.

25. Rumi Love Quotes - The Art Of Love

Love can make anyone a true poet, someone who finds the power of words and ways to express feelings and emotions.

26. Rumi Love Quotes - Ages And Ages

Lovers reside in each others heart and soul; all you need to do is look within.

27. Rumi Love Quotes - No GoodByes

Physical distances mean nothing for true lovers. When the souls are connected, separation and distances lose meaning.

28. Rumi Love Quotes - You Keep Me Up

Ah! So beautiful. When you are with your love, you don’t want to waste a minute sleeping away and when you are without, you can’t get yourself to sleep… same, but so different and such different emotions.

29. Rumi Love Quotes - Thus With A Kiss I Die

A beautiful projection of love mixed with the elements of nature.

These quotes are just a tiny glimpse into the beauty and love spread by Rumi for years and across generations. These 29 quotes have been hand-picked to keep the flame of love and desire burning. Rumi inspires love… did it inspire you?