7 Vibrant And Ravishing Ruby Engagement Rings For Her

There is just something about ruby engagement rings that just keeps you pumping. When you look at an engagement ring, you want it to remind you of love, passion, and vivacity. Rubies do just that! You’re probably thinking why rubies? Red rubies generate a sense of vitality and strong love. For thousands of years, rubies are said to be one of the most valuable gemstones. Rubies are also known as “pigeon’s blood,” not because they have the colour of pigeon’s blood but because they resembles the eye of a white pigeon.

Rubies also represent love and prosperity, which is why they are perfect for engagement rings. Rubies come in many different shapes and sizes, mostly they’re less than one carat but, rubies more than one carat are very rare. So with bigger size comes a bigger hole in your pocket. Sure, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but rubies will be her soul mate. Every girl loves rubies and popping the question with a ruby engagement ring will make her scream ‘yes!’

Here’s our list of magnificent ruby engagement rings that will definitely sweep her off her feet:

1. Marquise Ruby

Marquise-Ruby-engagement ring

This ruby engagement ring is truly exceptional. It has a marquise cut and a 10K yellow gold band. The marquise is one of the oldest modified diamond cut ruby engagement rings, it goes well with both yellow gold and silver. Here, the two small diamonds and yellow gold band gives the perfect contrast to the ruby in the centre.

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2. The Crown Of Rubies


Why have a three stone diamond ring when you can have more? This retro style ring features four rubies embedded in twenty eight single cut diamonds. The gems are set in such a way that it appears like a crown. This sparkling ring will make you shine even in the darkest light.

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3. Royalty At Its Best


In this ring, the ruby is surrounded by a halo of diamonds and held together in a 14K white gold band. The ring has a royal effect which makes it look majestic. This design brings an added brilliance to the ruby making it look elegant.

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4. Floral Rubies


This ruby engagement ring is breathtaking and vibrant. It has a floral motif and the additional ruby stones give it a dramatic depth. This stunning design is more suitable for traditional Indian brides who prefer something more authentic.

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5. Round And Round With Rubies


This ring showcases a round shaped ruby within a swirl line of diamonds which adds a modern touch to a rather traditional design. The yellow gold band complements the diamonds and accents the ruby in an aesthetic way.

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6. Harry Winston Special


This beautiful ring is designed by Harry Winston, one the most noted jewellers in the world. This vintage ring has the most purest and high quality ruby along with diamonds in a white gold band. Getting hands on this one is not easy. There’s a long wait-list and you can visit by booking an appointment.

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7. Impeccably Roman


This ring looks rather unusual doesn’t it? Well it is. Buccellati is know for its impeccable Roman design. This priceless ring is made out of the finest ruby. The designer has used white gold to make intricate patterns around the band and yellow gold chain protecting the ruby.

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