RSVP Guaranteed: 10 Indian Wedding Card Designs For The Perfect Indian Wedding

Everyone wants something grand as an invite for their D-day, and Indian wedding invitation cards are known for their exceptionally elegant and exquisite designs, whether they be designed for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or interfaith weddings, you will find most of them to be in rich colours, floral patterns, unique and stylish fonts, and even featuring laser cut symbols to further enhance the detailing.

Wedding invitations are always the first impression that you make on the guests who will share your special day with you, and in lot of ways, the Indian wedding card designs set the mood for the celebrations to come.

With that said, here are our top 10 picks for the coming season:

wedding card design-1

1. Floral design Cards

The front of this card has a floral base design in gold with an embossed image of Ganesha with a kundan tilak. The docket has a similar base. The inserts are plain, and the envelope has a bottom strip border design similar to the front’s base.

2. Bride & Groom Motif Card

The bride and groom ultimately take centre stage in the wedding, and this card puts the spotlight right on them with its Dulha-Dulhan motif. The laser cut design also harbors neatly under its fold, a brocade cloth. A paisley design in self is printed all over the front of card and the envelope. The Inserts accompanying the card also sport a paisley border.

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wedding card design-2

3. Kundan work Card

With a intricate embossed Ganesh image sitting pretty in the centre and a floral base design with elegant gold and kundan work donning the centre, this traditional Hindu wedding card exudes royalty from all the sides. It also has a golden border running across along with the floral motifs that further adds to the charm. The card comes with the option for adding additional inserts in the docket flap.

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4. Golden Motifs engraved Card

The front of this card has the overleaf base design of golden motifs and an Om symbol in gold. The upper fold has a self-embossed border design over a golden printed background, and an embossed Ganesha image in gold with glitter work. The lower fold has a floral base in gold. The inserts are plain and the envelope follows the overall design of the card.

5. Jacket Style Card

Give your wedding a royal outlook with this exquisite card that has a prolific base design in the form of embossed golden rows showing the Kalash images. With a delicate golden tassle dangling at the corner, and intricate temple motifs that don the lower half of the envelope adding the extra touch of grace and sophistication, you can’t really go wrong with this card.

wedding card design-3

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6. Round Card

One of the most unique cards in our list, this round card features Ganesh and other wedding symbols placed all over the card. The inserts are also round and placed in a jacket which gives this card a rich and royal look.

7. Scroll Cards

The scroll is in full colour and the design of this card is 100% customizable. The box that it comes in has a golden ribbon, and the beautiful scroll itself has golden knobs that are tied with a golden tassel.

8. Silver Paste Sheet Cards

The front of this card is a design that has self-embossed motif borders, with the silver paste up sheet providing added texture. The central image space has a glitter base with silver casted Ganesh figure. The interleaf is plain and the envelope has silver colored borders in the front, bringing a touch that is both royal and elegant to the fore.

9. Golden Motifs With Border

wedding card design-4

Image Courtesy : Propel design

The front of this card has a golden motif base and border design. The dried leaf paste gives you the option of symbol you want to display. The inserts are plain and the envelope has golden border design at the front.

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10. Ganpati Embossed Card

wedding card design-4

Image Courtesy: Ghanshyam Cards

This beautiful maroon card has a big golden Ganpati with intricate detailing on the sides printed on the top of the card. It also hosts the sacred mantra inscribed in gold.