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Pigmentation, blotches, and blemishes are more like falling asleep. They come slowly, and then all at once. You see a blemish, a dark spot or a scar that crops out of nowhere, you want to act on it. And before you realize, it’s a nightmare. Talking about nightmares, do you deal with dark circles? You know the rings around Saturn? These are just like that, except they are ugly and a pain to deal with.

You ask the worst part? You cannot put your finger on the root cause of all of this. Of course, there are pollution, lifestyle changes, and long working hours to blame, but there’s also a lack of awareness, negligence, and not taking timely action. For me, it was a bit of everything. I wish I had taken it seriously, and more than anything, I wish I knew what I needed. In the pursuit of a miracle or a cream (more like a magic wand) that would show instant results, I ended up wasting time, money, and energy on creams and dermatologist visits that made hardly any or no difference to my face (and a lot to my bank balance).

And, that’s when I stumbled upon this serum – Royal Indulgence Kumkumadi. Even though it seemed promising, I have to admit that I started off half-heartedly. When my friends started noticing the difference, I thought they were being sweet, so I still brushed them off. I secretly tracked my progress and was taken aback. I never said it out loud because I did not want to jinx it, but I’m telling it now – it (actually) worked! And all I have to say to anyone who wants to remotely consider it is, “If it worked for me, it can work for anyone.”

Does Kumkumadi Work For Dark Circles And Uneven Skin Tone/ Complexion?

Yes, it does! Here’s an HONEST REVIEW…

My requirement was fairly simple – something that gives an even skin tone, that works on my dark circles and makes my skin clear, if not lighten it. But, skin lightening happened anyway. To me, the ingredients in the product were quite convincing, and I know that each one of them is there for a reason. Unlike a lot of the other cosmetic creams we use, Royal Indulgence Kumkumadi doesn’t really have ingredients that are just fillers or mere carriers. I was sold on the idea of saffron, goat milk, and sesame oil. Saffron helps you with healthy skin, goat milk permeates faster, exfoliates your skin, and removes dead/extra skin and melanin accumulation while sesame oil takes care of hydration. Also, I loved how a thick oil-like serum was light and easily absorbed when applied on the face.


One bottle of Royal Indulgence Kumkumadi gives you 15 ml of the serum. It sits perfectly in the box it comes in. The golden colored bottle is fuss-free and offers no scope for the serum to leak. The serum is dispensed from a pump that gives you just enough product – not too much or too little.

How To Use This

  1. For most skin repair issues, you need to apply and leave it on overnight.
  2. Remove any traces of makeup. Wash your face and pat it dry.
  3. Take one pump of the serum on your fingers and apply it all over evenly.
  4. If your focus is on dark circles, take the product on the middle finger and gently apply it all around the eye. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure.
  5. The serum gets absorbed in a couple of minutes, and you’re done.

Here’s what I found from my research –

  • “My late night shifts and working hours screwed up my sleep patterns; so the inevitable happened. Dark circles cropped up and were getting worse by the day – I almost lost hope. I kept seeing the ads for Kumkumadi serum on Facebook and wanted to give it a shot. And, that’s when I found Royal Indulgence Kumkumadi. At the fag end of the bottle and one month, I started seeing a change and hope. Thank God!” – Swathi Acharya
  • “I suddenly started noticing some weird blemishes on my skin, more like patches from sunburn. I began shuttling between cities extensively for my work, moving around in the sun. Some cities were humid while others were dry – whatever it was, it sure was a disaster. I had no control over my travel, but I had to do something about my skincare regime. A colleague of mine recommended Royal Indulgence Kumkumadi, and I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m glad I did. It’s portable and leak-free, works efficiently and thus a permanent part of my travel kit. Give it a few weeks before you see a difference, but do not give up it before that” – Diya Verma

The Good Part

  • It works like a charm for dark circles. It evens the skin tone and lightens your skin.
  • Smooth, light, and non-greasy.
  • Gives you a glow from within.
  • What you see is what you get.
  • One product for most skin problems – unadulterated, pure, and organic.

The Not-So-Good Part

  • Cannot be used as a moisturizer because of the slightly oily texture.
  • It takes a while before you see results.

Final Words

You can either sit and crib about your life or start doing something about it. You will not regret the time and money you’ve invested in this (you will if you don’t). It’s value for money and more!



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