7 Royal Blue Wedding Decorations For A Truly Regal Look

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When it comes to wedding decorations, the choices are literally a million. There are different colour schemes, different settings, different places, different themes. No two wedding decorations are similar. I mean, if it’s a winter wedding, you’re probably going to have to manage a lot of snow fall (northern parts of India). With white snow, you want a contrast, probably a bright red. If it’s a spring wedding, then you’re going to use natural colours and theme the wedding around flowers available during the season.

Winter wedding or a wedding in spring doesn’t mean that you’ve got to stick to these colours and themes. The wedding can be completely indoors. If that’s the case, you can basically decorate the venue with any colour and theme you want. You can have some amazing coral decorations. You also have a multitude of possibilities with the summer wedding decorations, you also have some magnificent green wedding decorations. Then, there’s my all time favourite, a classical theme for a romantic wedding. As I’ve said, the choices are literally a million. However, in this article, we’ll be talking about the essentials of royal blue wedding decorations. Let’s take a look.

1. The Royal Blue Lobby


Give your guests a royal feel right from the beginning by decorating your lobby with a royal blue carpet. It looks stunning when accompanied with ivory white or sandalwood coloured furniture.

2. Royal Blue Tables


You want the same theme to continue inside the reception venue. Except, the floor is ivory white or sandalwood coloured while all the tables are covered in royal blue tablecloths. The napkins are blue too. This adds to the overall appeal. If you want to have a little bit of contrast, make sure that the glasses on the table are white and opaque.

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3. Royal Blue Chairs

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The Chairs surrounding the tables can be royal blue in colour. They can be decorated with a white bow tie at the top center. To add a little contrast, use a white cloth to make the butterfly knot at the back.

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4. The Aisle


You can also decorate the aisle with a royal blue carpet with white borders. This will match the chairs on the sides of the aisle and will look stunning.

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5. The Royal Blue Wedding Backdrop

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You can have a matching wedding backdrop too. All you need is a white curtain to cover the stage. To add a bit of colour, have blue curtains dropping in arches from the sides and the centre. It’ll look regal.

6. The Royal Blue Dance Floor


If you’ve got a dance floor at your wedding party, just make sure the lighting is royal blue in colour. To add to it, you can have a monogram on the floor which reads out your name. It’ll have a formal feel while still having a personal touch.

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7. The Royal Blue Wedding Cake

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Finally, a vanilla flavoured wedding cake with royal blue icing would be perfect. You can also have cupcakes with royal blue coloured icing for all your guests.

With these seven essential elements in royal blue, your wedding decorations would be almost complete. However, there’s one more thing that you can do. The groom can wear a deep royal blue suit with a white shirt while you can wear a magnificent white satin dress. This would definitely complete your royal blue wedding decorations.

Congratulations and have a great wedding. Cheers!

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