Circle Mehndi Designs: Top 26 Round Mehndi Designs

Circle Mehndi Designs That Truly Standout! Mehndi artists usually follow some fixed patterns which are made up using different geometrical shapes. So if you’ve ever analysed different mehndi designs, you would have noticed that they have a lot of lines, circles, dots and criss-cross patterns. One of the most popular design of them all are round mehndi designs. They are usually made in the centre of the palm and stand out completely due to their many delicate and intricate patterns. Here we will tell you about the various intricacies and patterns that you can include in your round mehndi designs.

1. Modern Round Art

Round Mehndi Designs - Modern Round Art

Unlike any traditional round mehndi designs, this design gives the artist a free hand to experiment with different patterns. It is drawn leaving a lot of free space around to give it a modern touch and can even be carried off well with a western attire.

2. Flowery Round Art

Round Mehndi Designs - Flowery Round Art

As the name suggests, round mehndi designs of this kind are not exactly round but have a flower in the centre which put it in the round category. It is an extremely elegant design type and takes a lot of time and effort to get the detailing right. It is perfect for any occasion.

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3. Arabic Round Art

Round Mehndi Designs - Arabic Round Art

This is a fairly easier design to make. You can even try it at home. The outer line of the circle which gives it the look of a sun is what is known as an Arabic design. It looks extremely beautiful with the final dark red colour.

4. Dark Black Round Art

Round Mehndi Designs - Dark Black Round Art

Round mehndi designs like this one in particular look best when done using dark black henna. The darker henna makes the final result stand out even more as this design uses various patterns including the flower, circle, lines and the criss-cross lines on the fingers.

5. Round Art Paired With Design On The Arm

Round Mehndi Designs - Round Art Paired With Design On The Arm

Since the round art gives you a lot of free space on your palm, you can even team it up with a heavy design on the fingers and on the arm starting from the wrists. The design in this image takes inspiration from a Rajasthani bangle design which is squared from the outside but circular in the centre.

6. Extravagant Round Mehndi Art

Round Mehndi Designs - Extravagant Round Mehndi Art

Image: Shutterstock

This is a beautiful design with a small ‘chakra’ in between which is surrounded by an elegant floral design. The fingers too have an intricate ‘chain work’ design which is also included in the flower and on the wrist.

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7. Simple Traditional Round Art

Round Mehndi Designs - Simple Traditional Round Art

This is one of our round mehndi designs that you can easily try at home. It goes extremely well with Indian outfits and is perfect for a wedding occasion or a festival. The darkened finger tips give it the added ethnic look to match your ethnic needs.


8. Semi-Circular Design

Round Mehndi Designs - Semi Circular Design

Who says that round artwork has to be true to its name? When it comes to art you are always free to bend some rules and experiment just like this design here. It matches the need of a ‘round art’ while not really being a complete round circle. This latest mehndi design is different and unique and something which I’m sure will make you stand-out in the crowd.

9. Beautiful Matching Round Art For The Hands And Feet

Round Mehndi Designs - Beautiful Matching Round Art For The Hands And Feet

The best thing about round art is that it can easily be used for your feet as well without making it look too ‘crammed-up’. This particular work, which features multiple round mehndi designs, here is suitable for a bride who wants the traditional henna but in a minimal form.

10. Two-Halves Mehndi Art For Feet

Round Mehndi Designs - Two Halves Mehndi Art For Feet

This is a classy look which makes it look like the two halves on your feet will join when you place both your feet together. Also, due to its intricate design and detailing, it is suitable for a bride too.

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11. Round Art With A Touch Of Colour

Round Mehndi Designs - Round Art With a Touch Of Colour

This style of henna is something that a lot of women are preferring now due to the added colour in it. It is a cross between the traditional full-hand art of henna and the modern round mehndi designs and thus makes it an intriguing piece of art.

12. Circular Mehndi Design With Bracelet Pattern

Some circle mehndi designs like this design pattern have two designs in it – one is the bracelet pattern that is etched on the wrist and another is the simple ornate circle drawn right at the middle of the palm. Both are given matching design nuances that help deliver a uniform appeal.

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13. Blossoming Flower Circle Mehndi Design

Here the circular pattern forms a part of the larger design scheme, which covers both the hands. The centre of the palm of one hand, or both, is covered with an attractive illustration of a blossoming flower complete with alluring blooming petals.

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14. Hand Ornament Circle Mehndi Design

Here you have the circle mehndi designs illustration made to represent a hand ornament that runs from the lateral side of the hand towards the index finger. The centre of the pattern has a well-decorated circle with intricate pattern. These circles make a reprise in a smaller form towards the index finger creating a complete picture of the hand ornament.

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15. Four Circles Mehndi Design

There are not one but four round patterns in this one. In fact, that is all that is there here. Two small circles are drawn on the middle finger giving a representation of rings, while one large round illustration is drawn on the back of the hand with the last being made at the base of the forearm. Overall, this creates a really appealing design pattern.

16. Floral Hand Ornament Circle Mehndi Design

There is something about circle mehndi designs and hand ornament illustrations. They just work so well together. This is another great example of the use of round drawings to give an impression of a hand ornament. The focal point here is the ornate flower at the top of the hand, which gives off a trinket that continues to the ring finger to attach to a drawing of a ring.

17. Circular Mehndi With Heart Shape Design

Here you will see contrasting circle mehndi designs on the palms of the hands. This version also has an array of small dots lining the perimeter of the circular pattern creating a nice and lovely look.

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18. Circular Design With Embellished Fingers

This one is quite similar to conventional circle mehndi designs with the addition of heavy mehndi application on the tip of the fingers. You will notice that the base of the finger has a pattern, which strikes a chord with the general design theme of the ornate circle etched on the palm.

19. Floral Branch Circular Mehndi Design

Flowers form the integral part of almost every mehndi design and they make quite a stellar display on circular mehndi design patterns. In this one, you will see a floral branch running from the base of the forearm to the index finger with the centre of attraction being the circular flower present right at the centre of the palm. A wonderfully exquisite design that works great for any occasion.

20. Minimalistic Circle Mehndi Design

This one has a certain elementary appeal, and can be considered one of those easy-to-learn circle mehndi designs. A wonderfully drawn circle is made at the upper portion of the hand, which is flanked by thin trinkets that are drawn flowing out from the upper and lower part of the circle. There are some additional design patterns on the fingers to complete the look.

21. Dark Mehndi Flower Circle Design

This one is made from darker mehndi to create a distinctive sense of style. The focus here is on the flower present at the upper surface of the hand. In fact, the outer rim of the flower has small florets with the inner portion showcasing another small flower. Fingers are given ring-like patterns that make the design complete.

22. Single Circular Flower And Bracelet Design

While one hand has a bracelet etched on the wrist, the other showcases a splendid circular flower made right on top of the hand. Complementary patterns are made on the finger as well which enhance the charm of these dual complementing circle mehndi designs.

23. Alluring Circular Mehndi Design For Feet

This one is a nice circular mehndi design for the feet and works great for any occasion. Here the pattern appears like a large ornate pendant that gives out trinket on either sides. The trinket on the lower section extends across till the middle finger, creating a wonderful pattern.

24. Red Mehndi Circular Design

It can be made from a darker mehndi colour or from red mehndi; either way you will have a captivating pattern that has so much detail that people are surely going to take notice of your hands. The floral components of the design are quite intricate with each petal given its individual shading. The best part here is that complete flower circle mehndi designs are made on each of the finger with the same amount of attention to detail like for the larger one.

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25. Exquisite Floral Circular Mehndi Design

Circle Mehndi Designs - Exquisite Floral Circular Mehndi Design

Image: Istock

It is the best design for to go if you you love floral circle mehndi designs. The thing that will draw your attention here is the larger flower present at the centre of the palm. It is flanked by a set of large leaves and leaflets that surround it completely. A similar flower is drawn on each of the finger with a wonderful bracelet pattern on the wrist, which makes the pattern appear complete.

26. Decorative Circle Mehndi With Finger Patterns

Circle mehndi designs like the one here are a bit larger with perimeters nearly touching the edge of the palm. Detailed mehndi work is done within the circle, which is flanked by matching pattern drawings on all the fingers. This greatly helps in enhancing the overall appeal of the pattern.

The speciality about the round mehndi designs is that they are not limited to a particular event or occasion. They can be applied and flaunted equally well at both ethnic and western events. Well, these are my favourite designs. Which ones would you prefer?

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock