25 Serious Wedding Love Quotes You Can Use For Your Wedding Vows

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Here is the list of 25 romantic wedding love quotes that will come in handy on your big day. You could use them in your wedding speech, your thank you message, or even in a love letter. Read on and share the love!


This wedding love quote talks of a couple as not just two people, but as soulmates and two halves of a single heart. A union that is not just formalised but something that is far deeper and stronger. A bond that is about feelings, emotions and love that transcends the materialistic boundaries of life.


This is a poetic quote that you can greatly improvise and build upon. It talks of everyday mundane lives, and how love makes everyday living a fairy tale. A quote that can be a great message for newlyweds, as love is a blessing that will not lessen the challenges of life but something that will energise your mind and soul to overcome them, together and stronger.


A quote from one of the most celebrated and romantic playwrights of modern English, William Shakespeare. This can be a nice quote on love to empower your relationship as it talks of love as something that is to do with the mind and the heart, not with the surface. Dwell on it and you are sure to see that love isn’t just about the heart, but also the mind. Perhaps you will realise that people get into relationships not to satisfy their loins, but to fill up their hearts and thoughts. You may even be content that you will love come what may and that love isn’t just a moment of spontaneity, but a life long belief in the relationship and in your partner.


A philosophical love quote by Lao Tzu can be the perfect intro for a wedding quote or a marriage speech. This love quote talks of love, strength and courage and how love binds it all together beautifully. It is about life and a bond between two people madly in love and how love becomes a necessary catalyst at every stage of life.

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Friedrich Halm’s quote talks of how love binds two people inseparably. Their souls become one, their hearts beat as one and their thoughts will be the same, for all of time. A very apt quote for a couple who are getting married, it is something that not just the couple, but everyone at the wedding, will relate to and appreciate.


Martin Luther was the 15th century German priest and theologian who spearheaded the Protestant movement in Europe. His quote on marriage and love is as timeless and profound as his ideas on God and religion. A quote that is very real and sensible, something that tells us that the institution of marriage is not just one of the oldest, but also one of the strongest know to man.


Dr. Suess is loved worldwide for his wonderful stories and drawings for kids. His quote on love and the union of two souls is beautiful and poetic. How cool would it be if our reality was better than our dreams. This quote talks of the prospect of a reality that is very possible for a couple who are about to get married. A quote that is completely positive and in many a way inspirational, it is something the couple should work for with love to pave the way.


Nobody could have put it better than David Viscott. A brilliantly insightful and humorous quote on love that relates ‘loving’ and ‘being loved’ to feeling the sun from both sides. Bravo! What more can we say.


A quote that can be shared by the newlyweds it speaks of how both the partners come together as a single soul forever and never apart. It also talks of how physical distance wouldn’t affect a relationship if the hearts are in sync. Something that modern day couples in long distance relationships could relate to.


A quote for a couple madly in love who are cementing their relationship by getting married and taking it to the next level. A quote that talks of love and the special place that their partner has in his/her life. A wedding quote about friendship, love, life and dreams.

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A timeless quote on love that talks of how much you love her and quite literally how she is your world. An adorably romantic quote that a groom can use in his wedding speech or simply whisper in her ears at the wedding. However and wherever you are going to use it, this is one quote you cannot go wrong with.


From one half of the Bronte sisters, this quote about love seems to leap from the very pages of her books, many of which have captivated lovers across the ages.


A poetic quote that is all about love, hope and beautiful dreams that you wish to realise with your pretty partner in tow. A quote that is amazingly romantic and positive, it is something you will love to read out as much as your partner, and one the guests would love to hear.


Faith, hope and trust are the bedrock of any relationship that is bound by love. An honest love quote that is about timeless love, everlasting trust and faith in what you are, as an individual and as a couple. This is one of those wedding love quotes will surely be applauded and appreciated for its honesty and sincerity in the message it wishes to convey.


A quote that is all about the heart, and how love conquers everything, including your mind. It indirectly talks of the impracticalities, the troubles and the challenges you might face, but as this love quote beautifully puts, it really doesn’t matter. You just cannot be prudent with matters of the heart, ’cause it is what defies logic and feeds on hope and instinct, and dear friend, that is all that matters in life. A quote that is for a couple madly in love, and for whom getting married was a challenging yet memorable adventure by itself.


A very simplistic quote that needs no explanation. Probably one of the most movingly powerful sentences after “I love you” is this. A crystal clear quote that is hard-hittingly romantic and real. One of the best things you can tell your partner or tell about your partner that truly and completely explains what he/she means to you and how important the relationship is to you.


A quote that would be a great way to share your excitement and love with your partner. Imagine a situation where you could whisper it into his/her ears, maybe as you exchange rings or just before you walk into the venue, hand in hand. A quote that would bring a lot of smiles your way and if you get lucky, even some kisses too!


The forever beautiful French actress shares her secret for everlasting youth, and it is nothing but love! A beautiful and light hearted love quote on how love will always keep you healthy, active and youthful for as long as you live. This beautiful quote of hers lets us to realise that love is one of our innermost energies. It is something that will strengthen you, both physically and mentally, and drive you.


American essayist, teacher and acclaimed poet Ralph Waldo Emerson has his own distinct way of putting messages across. And here he is, with yet another inimitable quote on love which doesn’t use the word anywhere. A sublime message of what lies within, and for a couple who are about to get married or who have just married, what lies within is nothing but loads of love for each other. With this quote, Mr. Waldo shares his views that what lies within (which is love in our context) is way more bigger, important and powerful that what lies before us or behind us in life. This intelligently idealistic quote can also be interpreted as – live in the moment and love like there is no tomorrow. Whichever way you look at it, this quote not only sounds, but also feels perfect for the wedding of a couple that is madly in love.


A quote by none other than the once liked and now infamous Bill Cosby, we’ve included it because it’s true. A simple one liner, it talks of memories being the heart and the soul of a perfect marriage. Isn’t it true? If you agree, then this is something you can share with the couple on their big day. Tell ’em how important it is to have great personal moments everyday and to most importantly share them and remember them and relive them as your bond grows stronger and you get older. It is a simple quote but carries a lot of meaning and could be an easy sounding, sound advice that you can give a newly wed couple.


A sensible quote by Tom Mullen which talks of how it is important to marry somebody you love but something far more essential is loving the one you marry. It is a quote that tells us how important it is to always keep the flame burning, to always be in love as that is the only way a marriage will last, in its truest sense.


A verse from the Bible, it talks of love, hope and faith as the most important and timeless things in life and of these, love being the most important. So now that you have the recipe for a perfect marital relationship, read ’em out aloud or share it in personal letter to your partner. Faith, Hope and Love; simple.


A romantic love quote that will make your partner blush. This quote by Lord Alfred Tennyson is simple, straightforward and proves the point, that you are madly and deeply in love with your partner.


A beautiful quote that is for the bride/groom to share with the partner. A little, personal thank you kind of quote, one where you are sharing the fact that this was your dream and this was something you hoped and prayed for, for a long time. A quote that will make your partner love you more than they already do!


Nobody can put love in perspective quite like how the French can. The famous French playwright and novelist Honore de Balzac’s quote on marriage is real and truly something that every couple in love should believe in. Marriage is timeless and immortal, something many modern couples tend to forget with time. So this can be a piece of advice that you could share on the big day.

Did you like our collection of 25 wedding love quotes? Do share them with your dear ones. And if you’ve a quote that’s your own and is better than something on the list, we would love to hear from you, and maybe even update this list with yours.

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