23 Evergreen Romantic Bridal Hairstyles

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It seems that these modern times – especially given the internet – has seen us spoilt for choice. Narrowing your options to a single hairstyle that matches your style, be it floral, retro, chignon, braided, curly, messy or just about anything else… seems a daunting task. In light of such a decision, we bring to you 23 evergreen romantic bridal hairstyles, at least one of which should make you go ‘aha!’ and hence help you close in on that perfect wedding hairdo.

1. Retro Chignon

The evergreen strapless with a retro hairdo, puff and a white rose is an eternal hairstyle that never goes out of style.

2. Soft Curls, Bangs And Floral Accessory

Messy braid with perfectly styled bangs, natural flyaways and a floral accessory makes for a perfect hairstyle for a solemn day ceremony.

3. Monochrome Curls

Simple, thick curls with the hair tied in a natural wavy flyaway complements a strapless dress rather well. Add a veil into the mix if you’re having an evening soiree.

4. A Vintage Embellishment

Braids parted from both sides, elegantly tucked into an updo… with a gorgeous embellishment tying things up. Makes for a most elegant hairdo.

5. The Royal Bandeau Birdcage

This regal looking, voluminous and curly hairdo with a birdcage hair accessory is a very royal yet romantic choice.

6. Sideswept Curls

This side swept wavy hairstyle is tailor made for a one-shoulder dress, accentuating all the right details.

7. Lacy Bun

The intertwined puffed up bun with the lacy flower accessory makes the hair stand out effortlessly and suits almost everyone.

8. Studded Chignon

A refined and simple chignon accessorized with stones is a pretty dreamy look.

9. Flyaway Bangs

Bangs styled as natural flyaways, and a borderline messy bun – destined for destination weddings.

10. Glossy Curls And Bangs

Perfectly parted bangs with glossy loose curls is a hairstyle that works well in an outdoor setting. A simple veil makes for a worthy addition.

11. Short And Sweet

A modest way to pull off short hair – a flower accessory goes a long way.

12. Simple Loose Curls

This style is effortless and is a great pick for a garden wedding. Elegantly and easy to carry.

13. The Voluminous Coiffure

Thick shining curls, left to trail, ever so perfectly flow. The rhinestone embellishment gives it the sparkle and makes this an ideal wedding coiffure.

14. The Floral Stones

The floral stone accessory is a great way to add an accent to your casual chignon.

15. All-About-The-Accessory

An understated up-do, popped up with a unique stone and pearl drop accessory is a very offbeat and a classic choice of hairstyle.

16. Sophisticated Up-Do

This hairstyle shows that, if done right, even a messy looking, low lying updo can be all about sophistication.

17. Boho-Chic Beachy Waves

Perfect for a beach wedding. Beachy waves with a floral headband is your best bet for a boho-chic look.

18. Romance Redefined

Everything we have known about romantic hairstyles has just been redefined with sideswept bangs, chignon and the rhinestone accessory.

19. Ombre Obsession

The ombre shade accentuates the beachy curls, and the floral headband adds the welcome oomph.

20. Half Up-Half Down Tiara

This Victorian inspired hairdo is styled to perfection. The tiara adds some bling, and the stone flowers are a class apart.

21. The All-Rounder

We know by now that romantic wedding hairstyles are all about chignons, curls and flowers. This ties everything together, but the flower hair accessory is a show-stopper.

22. Sparkling Headband

With an off-shoulder ball gown, a messy updo with a sparkling headband ups the element of romance in every sense.

23. The Braided Chignon

A knotted side braid on one side, shying away into a messy twisted bun (and lowery top-up), makes everything fall in place.

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