Why A Romantic Trip to Bodrum Might Be The Perfect Gift For Your Love Life

Legend has it that the Aegean Sea has witnessed many heartwarming love stories. Imagine sipping hot Turkish coffee with your beloved as the sun sets on the Aegean. In Turkey’s Bodrum, that is precisely how you get to spend your evenings.

Bodrum is one of the less-known destinations in Turkey. Championing an interesting mix of antiquity and modernity, Bodrum is a unique blend of nature and luxury. No matter what your interests are, Bodrum has something to offer you. Besides being a cultural and historic melting point, Bodrum is also a well-known romantic destination. Being a small port town tucked away neatly into the Aegean Sea, the amber evenings there ease into the night with a tinge of magic.

Bodrum is one of the less-known destinations in Turkey

There are many reasons why Bodrum might be your perfect romantic getaway. Let us list a few here:

  1. Indulge Your Taste Buds: Your time in Bodrum might give you an ideal chance to express your Epicurean side. Start your day off with the world-famous Turkish Breakfast. It traditionally comes as a spread of cheese, fruits, vegetables, and delectable pastries. Turkish cuisine is also famous for its selections in curated meat. Have a picnic lunch and dig into succulent kebabs by the beach under the hot sun. You will also find a line-up of sophisticated cafes and restaurants there to linger about.
  1. Take a Romantic Walk: Brighten up your romance with a stroll through the charming alleys of this coastal town. Engaging in a conversation with your partner by the divine white stone walls of Bodrum is bound to feel like a trip through fairy tales. Don’t forget to have an eyeful of the enthralling magenta of bougainvillea blossoms cascading down the clear blue skies.
  1. Sip a Drink by the Sunset: Sunsets are marvelous at this coastal town. Sipping a cocktail by the beach while the orange and the red splatter down in the sea ought to feel divine if not transcendental. As Bodrum sprawls alongside a magnificent stretch of coastline, a drink by the beach with your beloved is a must-do. Whether you and your beloved would prefer a rocky pier or a seaside restaurant jutting into the Aegean, the choice is yours.
  1. Hit the Markets: During your time here, make sure you visit the famous shopping centers in the town. Bodrum boasts of a vast commercial space that sells exotic spices at reasonable prices. Don’t forget to get your hands on their specially crafted carpets and rugs. These come from the many family-run enterprises that belong to the villages on the outskirts of Bodrum. Take in their exquisite patterns and feel their astounding textures.
  1. Swim the Waters: One of the many attractions of this magical town where luxury mingles with nature is that it offers you a serene blend of both. Swim in the cold waters of the azure sea or the infinity pools of your resort; it is bound to leave you feeling rejuvenated. Strike a pose in your holiday attire and let the world know of your spectacular holiday amidst the grandeur of Bodrum.

Places to Stay

Places to Stay

While its culture is attractive enough, Bodrum has a strong front in luxury as well. In case you are wondering where to stay in this magnificent town, we have a recommendation for you.
The Bodrum by Paramount Hotels & Resorts competes with Hollywood in the luxury it offers. With a 1000 meter-wide waterfront by the Aegean Sea, the resort provides a dazzling selection of accommodations ranging from rooms, villas, and luxury suites. It is complemented by matchless luxury amenities such as personalized butler services, golden Jacuzzis, and private pools.

With an impressive number of restaurants specializing in various cuisines, dining at The Bodrum by Paramount Hotels & Resorts will leave you spoilt for choice. The resort boasts of separate restaurants offering traditional Turkish, Mediterranean, Pan Asian, and Italian cuisines, besides separate lounges and deck for seafood, light bites, and refreshing smoothies and drinks. The resort is also equipped with its very own Spa & Wellness Centre with highly-trained professional therapists.

The Bodrum by Paramount Hotels And Resorts

The resort is located at the majestic Torba Bay, at an ideal distance from all the important and happening spots of Bodrum. Your stay at the resort will make sure you have a beautiful siesta at your private cabana in the afternoon and dip your toes into the warm sand on the beach while you relish each other’s presence at sunset.

It may sometimes be hard to see past popular Turkish cities like Istanbul while planning your trip. However, with their vibrant cultures and relaxed ways of life, places like Bodrum are rapidly gaining popularity among travelers and honeymooners. Have we got you keen on visiting Bodrum? Do let us know.