11 Romantic SMS For Him That Work Like A Charm!

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Relationships aren’t easy. You have to devote a lot of time and efforts into keeping the spark alive, or else, with time, the excitement and life of your relationship can simply fade away. So sending your partner a sweet text message every once in a while can help remind him of what he means to you. The SMS won’t be ‘just another text message’ for him. It will be a gateway to your heart, to your real emotions for him. Check out our compilation of romantic sms for him and share them with your guy to make his day!


Even though this might seem a little cheesy, but if you’re looking for a romantic dinner or even just a walk in the park after he gets back from work, what better way to set his mood right for it?


Psychologists believe that when a person receives a ‘good morning’ message from a loved one then it will have a positive impact on his/her day. So send him this beautiful romantic sms for him to wish him a very good morning while reminding him of how much of an important part he is in your life.

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Here is another way to wish him good morning without getting too ‘lovey dovey’. Guys who like to play it cool and not get too romantic would love a romantic sms for him like this. Also, by calling him handsome, you’ll be stroking his ego!


How about a mid-day message to calm his nerves while he’s stressed from all his official work? You know what big a deal it is when you’re feeling like you’re down in the dumps and suddenly you get a text from that special person, right! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!


What is the worst thing about being away in two different cities? Not being able to see each other, obviously! But I feel not having enough time to even speak to each other is much worse as it often complicates the situation. So this message will help in getting your feelings across in no time!


Here is another romantic sms for him, the lovely guy who is miles away and probably miserable without you. Show him that you miss him too and think about him the moment you wake up.

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Sometimes, when time passes, you begin to feel like there isn’t much left to talk about. You start feeling like you know each other too well to have anything more to discuss. So you can send him this romantic sms for him to show him that you’re still interested in him and all things about him.


If you get busy in your life, then he might begin to feel like he’s not needed any more and his role in your life is over. This is usually the first step in your journey to the end of the relationship as it leads to a lot of misunderstanding. Sending him this text will restore his faith in your relationship even if you aren’t being able to do much for him.


No one hates a little sweet message to boost their morale and ego, right? Here is one beautiful romantic sms for him through which you can make him crave you and love you more than he ever did.


Sometimes, all it takes is three little words to convey your messages with the heaviest and most intimate meaning. And no, I’m not talking about saying ‘I love you!’…

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Saving the best for the last, a little bit of naughty with a little bit of love is what makes a romantic sms for him the most epic one! A message like this will make him chuckle while thinking you’re awesome and that he’s lucky to be with you.

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