Romantic Love Status Messages: Top 20 Collection Of Cutest Messages

Romantic love status messages are simple and sweet way of showing that you really care without bothering your partner with a love message now and then. After all, we all are busy – could be travelling or be at a meeting or just might not find the time to ping. So if you are looking for some very cool and heart touchingly romantic love status messages that let’s them know that they are always in your thoughts – here are the top 20 picks of the season just for you.


Romantic Love Status - Someone Special

That’s probably the one statement that will always hold true. Some might say the statement is immortal. People will come and go. Bonds will be formed and broken. But then, there’ll be that one person who will change everything. He or she will give meaning to life. They will love you, care for you and fight with you. They’ll go to the moon and come back for you. Heck, they’ll go to Mars with you.


Romantic Love Status - My Life

Next time you say, ‘my life sucks!’ pause a second and think again. Everyone has problems. But not everyone is lucky enough to spend time with the one they love. You’re blessed. You get to wake up next to him/her, kiss them good morning, hold hands, have staring contests, have dinner together and then, kiss them good night. Love your life and love the person you’re sharing this romantic love status message with.


Romantic Love Status - What I Need

Always cherish what you have. Always be grateful for what you had. Always appreciate what you might have. Live for tomorrow but love as if today is your last. Life is too short to regret something or someone. Especially when that someone was once a loved one! If they still are, Kudos to you! But if they aren’t, just remember the good times. Let go of the bad ones. You’ll be better for it.

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Romantic Love Status - Two Hearts

Wow! This romantic love status message is a one of a kind. I always thought the line, ‘truly, madly, deeply’ was just that, a line. Now, I’d have no qualms in saying ‘I love you. Truly, madly, deeply! So love me, pick me, and choose me!’ It’s very corny, I know. But it’s something that’ll put a smile on your face. Look into his or her eyes and say it out loud. It’ll make them blush as well.


Romantic Love Status - Shield

To say to someone that you’ll put yourself above them to shield and protect them – that in my opinion is the ultimate romantic gesture. Yet, you’re letting them know that no one can be above them in your eyes. You just know it in your, mind, body and soul. You know it in all of your bones. When it boils down to you or them, you’d choose them by putting yourself above them without a moment’s hesitation.


Romantic Love Status - Silly

Absolutely true! You can look deep into someone’s eyes and know that you like them. You can touch someone and know that you want them. But can you look at someone passionately and put your tongue out to tease them or kiss them deeply and pinch their butt at the same time? You’ve truly got to be in love to do such silly things. Can you make up the stupidest of rhymes and make them laugh? Can you call them stupid and say, STUPID stands for ‘Super-Talented-Unique-Person in this World’. It takes real lover’s to be silly and here’s a romantic love status message especially for you.


Romantic Love Status - Fool

Agreed! Sometimes, it’s just infatuation or pure lust. Ooh, remember pure lust? I remember my first lustful encounter. I’m sure everyone does. Everyone has or will be in love at some point in life. Most of us have been loved at some point in life. We’re lucky that way. So, we can all argue about who’s the bigger fool but we’ll be none the wiser. After all, love at its worst does suck. It makes you feel miserable and lonely and depressed. Therefore, we’re all fools.


Romantic Love Status - Special Name

Seconded! Close your eyes and listen to the voices in your head. Someone’s calling you Elizabeth. Someone’s calling you Lizzy. You’re being called Ellie or Beth. And then, there’s that one voice that calls you Liz. You open your eyes coz you didn’t know that Liz was who you’ve always been. You realize that this person knows you as you are, as you want to be known, as Liz. Doesn’t it just feel special? Happy Birthday Liz! I love you Liz! Sleep on it. You’ll wake up with a fresh perspective on life and love. You’ll see a million possibilities where you saw none at all.

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Romantic Love Status - Heart Beat

We’ve all had that flutter in our tummy. Goosebumps! The hand hairs stand up straight followed by a chill down your spine that makes you shiver. Your heart skips a beat as your eyes lock. Your mind says, target acquired and your heart starts to beat again, only faster. And then, your mind says target locked, Launch! Your legs start to shiver but you control them and start walking towards him or her. You introduce yourself and say, ‘hi, do you know what just happened? You almost killed me.’ Or something similar and probably cheesier!


Romantic Love Status - Best Thing

True! When love is new, you say I love you to impress upon each other how much one means to you. When love grows, you say, I love you so much! But when love grows old, if you’re still kissing each other good night and saying I love you my dear, it’s just to let them know that though years have passed and you’ve grown old together, you still love each other as much as you did before, and more.


Romantic Love Status - Pink And Luscious

I stand and bow to whoever came up with this. That’s just the most romantic love status message I’ve come across. But I’m sure, your girl looks like Drew Barrymore or your guy looks like Hugh Grant. I’ve seen actors and then I’ve seen some more. And pink and luscious, juicy and sweet can only be used to describe Ms. Barrymore. Cherries and cream can only be used to describe Mr. Grant. Just watch the movie “Music and Lyrics” if you don’t trust me. There’s a smile on her face which drive you nuts. There’s a truth in his eyes that’ll make your heart melt. And they seem to say so much without saying anything at all.


Romantic Love Status - Best Of My Life

Now, how sweet is that? ‘Hey, I need a small favor. I want to make the rest of my life the best of my life. So, I need you in it.’ It’s just like asking candy. Only simpler coz people might hesitate to buy you chocolates but how can anyone have the heart to say no to such a sweet request? After all, it’s just a small favor. They just want to see you for the rest of their life. So, think about how great it would be to be with someone who wants to be with you. I mean, has there ever been a simpler proposal that that?


Romantic Love Status - Seasons

Well said. Seasons change. Heat turns to rain. Rain turns to snow. We don’t really know how it works. But we know that it happens due to evolution. It’s the same with love. It evolves and grows with time. It never really dies though. It is left behind even after the person is long gone. Charles Darwin! Hats off! and we are sure he couldn’t even image that this would one day make a super romantic love status message!

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Romantic Love Status - Dreams

We concur! It would be great if life were a fairytale. It would be even better if we all had Aladdin’s lamp and a genie that came out. The genie who would give us three wishes and we’d ask for three more and so on. But life isn’t a fairytale. Some dreams come true. Some don’t. Wishes always start and end with the word ‘wish’. However, sometimes, just sometimes, the universe and everything in it conspires to make your wish come true. We call that fate. So, let’s just say, ‘one fateful day, your wishes along with many others might come true.’


Romantic Love Status - Moon And Stars

Romance under the stars! Cliché! But true. It’s said that anyone can bring you the moon and the stars but there’s only one that will hold your hand and look at them. Actually, I don’t know if anyone’s ever said that before. And tonight, I’m going to lay down looking at the sky hoping to find my soulmate.


Romantic Love Status - Stop Kissing

Ever had that feeling? You’re making out but then, you stop. Look at each other and smile. There’s a twinkle in your eyes that’s as beautiful as the biggest and brightest star. You can’t help that all your teeth are showing coz there’s a metaphorical hanger stuck between the two corners of your mouth. Your hands touch and fingers interlock. You just turn away and put your head on his shoulder. And you think to yourself, this is nice. Surreal but nice! I don’t know whom you’re thinking of but I can only see one person. Her name is Julia Roberts. By the way, ‘Surreal but nice’ is a line from the movie “Notting Hill”.


Romantic Love Status - Storm To Pass

Brilliantly written quote that makes a greatly romantic love status message! I’m sure whoever wrote it experienced it first hand. And it must have been blissful. To me, dancing in the rain is courage. It peels of the make-up, layer by layer and lets the true you come to light. And dancing in the rain with your partner takes guts. It means, your relationship is at a stage where there’s nothing to hide. So, I’m guessing people actually do wait for the storm to pass instead of learning to dance in the rain. Because as I see it, there’s always something to hide or am I just wrong?


Romantic Love Status - Near You

That’s how love is in the beginning. You don’t know what it exactly is. You can’t really describe it. All you can describe is the butterflies in your stomach, the smile on your face and the happiness you feel when you hold hands. You want to spend time together. You miss each other when you’re apart. But it all becomes worth the wait when you see each other. The feeling is just ‘Oh so wonderful!’


Romantic Love Status - Bench

Have you ever really noticed? Think of it. Think of you and your better half. You probably always sat apart till one day you started sitting together all of a sudden. And then, you probably didn’t know that you were sitting together but your hands touched and that’s when you realized. Oh my god. There’s something here. That’s what happens. You fall in love and you don’t really know how it happened. They call it magic for a reason. You don’t know how or why or whom you fall in love with. You just do. That’s why they say, ‘you can’t choose when and whom to fall in love with, when its right, its right. It just happens.’ A beautifully romantic love status message for you.

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Romantic Love Status - My Favourite

It’s our favorite too. And we’d love to know more about it. We hope you liked our list of romantic love status messages, you can share your thoughts by writing to us or by commenting on this post.