44 Cutesy Romantic Love SMS To Make 'Em Smile

It is an era of instant communication, and while the avenues are aplenty to pour your heart out to your sweetheart, there is a certain thrill in being succinct. It is perhaps the cuteness of being concise; saying it all with too little. Guess that’s the reason the good ol’ SMS seems to have never gone out of fad. If expressing love in 160 characters is your kind of thing then you are in for a treat. Presenting to you a list of 44 outright romantic love SMS to cheer someone special today.

1. Romantic Love SMS - Rain Drops

Send this romantic love sms to your beloved on a rainy day, when you’re far away to tell them how your conversations are endless. A nice one to share, don’t you think so?

2. Romantic Love SMS - The Stars And The Moon

How about this for a cute good night text on a starlit night? Works well as a last message you send before you go to bed.

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3. Romantic Love SMS - I Feel Safe

Sometimes, when you want to tell them how you feel and a simple ‘I love you’ isn’t enough to show how their smile makes your day, let them know how much they mean to you with this romantic love sms.

4. Romantic Love SMS - I Want To Tell You

For all those times when he compliments you on how beautiful your smile is, don’t just send a blush emoji. Instead send him this SMS/picture in return. And of course a picture of you smiling too.

5. Romantic Love SMS - Finding You

For all those times that he does something amazing for you and you can’t help but be grateful for having him in your life, send him this short message to let him know just how lucky you feel.

6. Romantic Love SMS - Fate And Destiny

When your life looks like one big mess and you can’t seem to handle it, she steps in and cleans it up like it’s the easiest thing to do, putting your heart at peace. Here’s a heart felt romantic love sms to show her that you value her.

7. Romantic Love SMS - This Promise I'll Keep

Send this to her as a promise card to tell her that you love her and would never make her cry. She’s sure to find it a beautiful gesture and maybe she’ll love you just a little bit more!?

8. Romantic Love SMS - I Don't Mind

There are different ways to commit to someone that aren’t as scary or direct. For example, this message which is super cute and expresses just the right thought. Send it to them and step up your cutesy-game.

9. Romantic Love SMS - This Will Have To Do

For all those times when you’re far away and craving a hug. Whether it’s a long distance relationship or you’re simply stuck in the traffic, send this cute romantic love sms and have them fall in love with you again.

10. Romantic Love SMS - My Other Half

If you’ve had a fight and wish to patch up, this is probably a very dainty way of doing it. Just send them this confessional message and watch as their anger melts away.

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11. Romantic Love SMS - Forever And Ever

This little ‘I love you’ message doesn’t really need a particular occasion. Just send it to the ones you love and show your love them in this adorable romantic love sms.

12. Romantic Love SMS - You're Beautiful

When she sends you the photo of hers in the dress that you bought her, and you want to compliment her but you don’t know how to and ‘very beautiful’ just isn’t enough, send her this complimenting card that tells her all that you wanted to.

13. Romantic Love SMS - Your Hardest Good Bye

When she fights with you and gets angry at you, she’d say things that sound like she’s threatening to leave you. Send this romantic confessional message to her to tell her that she means a lot to you and you wished you did too.

14. Romantic Love SMS - My Heart Still Flutters

This romantic romantic love sms is bound to make them feel special. Send this and tell them about just how much they affect you. This is another confessional message that’s best for the late-night conversations.

15. Romantic Love SMS - I'm Bad With Words

This is an adorable way to confess your love for your loved one. Send it to them as a morning text. And have them floored!

16. Romantic Love SMS - I Know It Is

When you think of their smile on a lazy day at office or on a busy job and it eases all your tensions, this is a great way of letting them know how their smile makes all your problems insignificant. Send this to them and tell them how much you appreciate their smile.

17. Romantic Love SMS - That'd Be Nice

Sometimes when you’ve had a bad day and want to just hold them and cuddle them to sleep, this is how you say it. Straight. Just send them this heartfelt romantic love sms and tell them how you feel.

18. Romantic Love SMS - A Drop In The Ocean

When you propose and they finally say yes, send this to them to tell them how much you had wanted to have them in your life. And let them know how glad this makes you.

19. Romantic Love SMS - You Never Leave My Mind

When she’s mad at you because you don’t pay her enough attention, send this romantic message to tell her that all you can do is think about her and that she’d never leave your thoughts.

20. Romantic Love SMS - I Think Of You All The Time

We all have egos and you can’t always help it. So what do you do when you want to tell her you love her but you don’t want to seem like you give too much thought to it? Send them this card that will tell them exactly how you feel on the inside.

21. Romantic Love SMS - No One Else

When they love you so much that you seriously start to doubt if you’ve ever been loved so lovingly before, let them know with the help of this cute romantic love sms with a slightly threatening tone that no one else loves you as much as they do.

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22. Romantic Love SMS - Don't Panic

When she catches you staring at her, conversation forgotten, she’ll ask you what’s wrong. And you don’t know what to say, so instead you just say ‘nothing’. Now send her this romantic love sms to tell her exactly why you were staring at her.

23. Romantic Love SMS - A Beautiful Dream

When you want to confess your feelings to them but you don’t want to directly jump in with the big words, send them this card. Not only does it help to test the waters, but it’s also a heartfelt message for anyone you look up to.

24. Romantic Love SMS - Being In Love With You

A romantic reminder of your love, this one tells them that you appreciate them a lot. It’s not just about loving but it is about loving them.

25. Romantic Love SMS - I Get The Best Feeling

When you’ve been waiting for their text all day or if you’ve just received their text with a simple ‘Hi’, you can send this romantic love sms to tell them you missed them and that you like it when they remember you.

26. Romantic Love SMS - If It's Not For You

A cute romantic SMS to send to your beloved. A classic piece to tell them that they are worth more than anything in the world, no matter what it is.

27. Romantic Love SMS - Like A Heart Needs A Beat

When you both love mac and cheese! Send them this romantic, food-referencing, cute message to tell them how much you love them and need them.

28. Romantic Love SMS - Skies And Sands

It’s downright cheesy and yet it manages to be a classic romantic love sms. Send this to them any time of the day, any day of the year and it would work just as perfectly it is supposed to.

29. Romantic Love SMS - Your Goodness Fruit

Every time she complains that she looks fat, or that her voice is too gruffly, send her this message and it will make her instantly feel better about herself.

30. Romantic Love SMS - If There's A Life After That

When you have an overwhelming urge to tell them that you love them and you can’t go on without them and that your love transcends death, here’s a more romantic, cuter, better way to say it. Simply share this beautiful romantic love sms with them!

31. Romantic Love SMS - The Way I Loved You

Who doesn’t like to receive the classic ‘roses are red…’ poem? Send this extremely lovely romantic poem to confess your love to them.

32. Romantic Love SMS - Definitely My Favourite One

This cheesy romantic message will definitely bring a smile on her lips. Probably the best text to wake up to, send her this one to tell her how much she makes you happy.

33. Romantic Love SMS - If I Could

Every time she belittles herself, thinks she isn’t enough and no matter what you say, still disapproves of herself, simply send her this message to show her that she’s the best thing that’s happened to you.

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34. Romantic Love SMS - I Want To Read Ahead

Show them you love them. That you want the best for them. That you want to do new things simply to introduce them to it and you want to protect them and keep them safe. Send this beautiful poem to tell them just that.

35. Romantic Love SMS - My Shell Of Sanity

After a mad busy day, send them this little romantic love sms to tell them how lucky you are to have them to make everything better in this competitive world.

36. Romantic Love SMS - You Are The Freshness

It’s best to send this to them on a cold rainy morning. After-all when they wake up to such a cute message, they are bound to love you more.

37. Romantic Love SMS - The Train Ride Home

When you’ve just parted after meeting them, send them this text to tell them how you felt about the beautiful time you spent together being intimate.

38. Romantic Love SMS - You Deserve The World

Sometimes, they are faced with a tough day and things don’t seem to go right. Send them this reassuring romantic message to tell them that they are better than most.

39. Romantic Love SMS - I Was Always Meant To Find You

This adorable romantic love sms makes everything seem so special. Send this to them as a beautiful good night message and make them feel magical.

40. Romantic Love SMS - I'll Put A Ring On You

If your bae is into art, this is probably the most romantic thing they’d like to receive! Send this beautiful art-inspired message and make them smile.

41. Romantic Love SMS - Marshmallow In Hot Coco

Marshmallows, hot coco, winter mornings and a book add up to comfort level multiplied 10 times! Tell them you feel the comfiest with them with this poetic message.

42. Romantic Love SMS - On Top Of The World

It’s a beautiful romantic love sms to tell them about your trust in this relationship and the assurance of eternity. Send them this text message to express your love poetically.

43. Romantic Love SMS - I Do

An absolutely cheeky two liner you can send to your SO whenever you’re feeling extra lovey-dovey. Send this cute message on this cute photo and watch them smile.

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44. Romantic Love SMS - My Butt Is Bigger

You wanna say you love them but you don’t want to go all poetic and serious, coz that’s just not your style? Or if your significant other is appreciative of good humour then this is the one to use.

I hope (read: I know) you’ve found the perfect romantic love sms to send. If you do have something better, do share it with us.

Happy romancing!