40 Romantic Love SMS For Girlfriend That Guarantee Kisses

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Texting with your girlfriend is one of the most rewarding and wonderful things that you can do, isn’t it? And it’s something that you can end up doing the entire day because of how quickly time seems to fly by. Here are 40 romantic love sms for girlfriend, just to show her that you’re thinking about her all the time.


We can guarantee that she will love receiving this romantic love sms for girlfriend sweetness. Well, who wouldn’t? Just tell her the plain truth with this one – that you miss her and that you would probably never stop kissing her if you had nothing else to do!


I don’t just love you and everything that you are; I love the feeling of being able to come back to (and text) you, if that makes any sense! It’s the whole deal of being in love and having a girlfriend who loves you back that makes life magical and every bit worth living as the great poets have called it.

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If you’re far away from each other, whether in the same city or even oceans apart, you know that the two of you can always see each other in your dreams. No amount of distance is ever going to be large enough to stop that from happening.


Sometimes you end up with a person who’s so wonderful that you have no idea what they’re doing with you or even how you managed to end up with them! If that’s how you feel every time you think of your girlfriend (and you think of her a lot), then send her this text message to let her know!


Robert Frost called love “an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired,” meaning that while we’re so happy to be in love with someone beautiful and perfect, we also desire that they feel the same way towards us, and if they do, that’s pretty much what we call true love! Let your girlfriend know that you want the same by sending her this sweet romantic love sms for girlfriend fluff.


Sure, there’s many things you don’t want to end – your favourite team’s winning streak, the summer vacation, that evening you were holding hands with your girl at the beach front, but if there’s one thing you don’t want to end more than all of those things, it’s the love you share with your girlfriend.


It makes perfect sense and it’s in verse. What more could you want?

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It may not be the most poetic, but it makes perfect sense and is right from the heart. Just the kind of romantic love sms for girlfriend cuddles that she will appreciate.


Isn’t it just? The reverse is also true, if your beloved doesn’t reply for 10 mins, you start to fear the worst!


Just make sure to take good care of it, okay?


Sure there are many things I love about you, but none of them comes close to your smile.


This romantic love sms for girlfriend I-hearts is perhaps best left for when the relationship has stayed stable for a while, because this is one of the best messages to ever receive. And it can go straight to one’s ego if sent too early.


Just ask Helen of Troy.


Alright, so let’s start off with the most poetic and ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ for her. This one will easily help share your innermost feelings for her in order to make her realise that she will always be the most special person for you. Best followed up by a good night love SMS for girlfriend.


Here is a ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ that works great as a proposal message too. If she brings a sense of fulfilment in your life then she is definitely the one you should be spending the rest of your life with.

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A simple lucid ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ that will put across the feelings of your heart in as few words as possible. Short is sweet indeed!


This ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ is outright charming and a light-hearted one too. It also has a fun tone to it that will bring a smile on your lady’s face.


It has a nice rhyming effect. For maximum impact, send this ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ to her first thing in the morning and let her day start with a smile.


Simple and cute ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ to let her know that she is special indeed. With this SMS, tell her that she will continue to hold a special place in your heart, always.


When you love a woman dearly, you know that from the millions of women out there in the world, she is that special one. That thought itself makes you feel ecstatic, doesn’t it? And in case you would like to share that feeling, do so with this ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’.

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It is a great romantic reply to a loving message from the lady who loves you dearly. No better way to display your love than acknowledging all the little things she does for you in a day so that you stay happy.


A relationship is as strong as the love shared by the two individuals in it. It always helps to invest time and efforts in nurturing that bond, and here is one ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ that you can put to good use.


Roses and violets never go out of fashion! Use the tried and tested roses-violets formula with a twist and cheer her up.


For you, she will always be your one and only definition of love. Without her, it is like a part of you has gone missing. Share this ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ right away.


What is LUV without U?! This ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ will go straight to the heart. Aim and shoot.

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If you want to keep it simple, then this one is THE best ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’. Simple, straightforward and one that will touch her heart.


This ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ is a great way to encourage your lady-love. A few words of encouragement and appreciation from the man she loves is all that she would need to get through the day. One of the nicest cute short love messages ever.


This ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ is one way of reassuring her about your love and sharing the point that no matter what, she will always be the one and only woman you will love from the bottom of your heart.


A nice ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ to assure her that she will always be the most important person in your life. If she’s the best thing that has ever happened to you then you know what to do.


And that someone is you. Just imagine the look on her face when she reads the message. Priceless! Her day is only gonna get better from there. Go ahead and surprise her.

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This ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’ is cute and charming with all the contents to make her grin. Yeah, you are talking about Facebook here but then the message is sent as an SMS right? So this one still counts.


Wow! Now that is quite a powerful feeling that is wonderfully conveyed with this adorable ‘romantic love sms for girlfriend’. We are guessing that there will be lots of hugs and kisses in store the next time you both meet.


Did she ever ask you how you feel about her? Here is the perfect response which has all the love elements embedded in it to make a satisfactory and charming answer for your lady-love’s query.


Why look for an excuse when you can just ask for it in an adorable way? Here is a romantic love SMS for her to make her realise how important she is, and how you admire her for that. And yes, it is also a great way to initiate a kiss.


Honest! That is what this SMS is. Honesty is the best policy. In case you are planning to share a honest thought wrapped in some romantic words then send this one right away.

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Send this one just when she’s about to leave from work, and you will be greeted by a wide smile and a hug at the doorstep.


A perfect way of telling her that no matter how many ups and downs come and go, you will always be by her side.


It is always great to drop a compliment once in awhile. Here is a love SMS with sweet words to appreciate her love, passion and dedication towards nurturing your bond.


Now that’s really very sweet. A nice heart-warming romantic love SMS for her to bring a smile on her face.


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That sums it all quite nicely. If she is there on your mind 24/7 and you can’t imagine a life without her then share this one right away and let her know what you feel. Hope your search for the perfect romantic SMS for her has been fruitful. Share ’em right away and spread the love.

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