Romantic Love Quotes For Him: 8 Secrets Revealed!

Love is one of the most volatile and tender emotions that humanity has ever experienced. The things that love can do to you and the things you can do in love are both unbelievable and unprecedented. Everything just becomes better in life. Mornings are brighter, birds are more mellifluous; hell, you actually notice birds in the mornings! When you recognize and enjoy that feeling, you tend to share that with the people around you (one of the ways including using our list of romantic love quotes for him), and things are just in a better place altogether. Life is just a whole lot better with some love in it, ain’t it? That’s all we need sometimes in life – a shoulder to sleep on when the journey is too long, arms that hug you when you need it the most, and most importantly a heart that beats faster at the thought of you and hates being away from you!

Love can do great things through small actions and you want to be a part of it, give that love and receive it too. Love is worship because you partake in it with faith and devotion unmatched by that in any other religion. Thus the cliché that love is the only true religion that unites all kinds of people on the earth with one universal experience. Sometimes this overwhelming emotion may not equip you to express it in the best possible way, to your satisfaction. That’s when a note with a few romantic love quotes for him can do what an essay on love can’t.

Here are some amazing romantic love quotes for him.

Win him over with just a few words of love!


Romantic Love Quotes For Him - Marilyn Monroe

Monroe does it again with her charm and wit; one of the best romantic love quotes for him! She has a fair point here, people. The question that has haunted mankind for a long time now, the question that has stumped many a philosopher over many centuries, the question that has seen many a lover wilt away on this earth – what does a woman really want from her man? A man who takes time and effort to put a smile on her face, because he feels that he was sent on earth for that mission, is one who is worthy of her. So Marilyn was not exaggerating when she said that. Go tell him, “Crack me up, boy!”

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Romantic Love Quotes For Him - Jodi Picoult

Some romantic love quotes for him really remind you of your own life, don’t they? You suffer through snores that are worse than a pig’s dying screams as it’s dragged into the tall grass. You’ve forgotten how many times you’ve done dirty dishes when it’s not your turn. You know how to be a good wife because of these little dirty details of the other person when you are in a relationship, and they are exactly what make you love them all the more! What may seem like imperfections to others look like parts of a whole person to you. Love is accepting and forgiving; it includes and imbibes; it accommodates and celebrates. The expansive nature of love is the only explanation for what your friends may call your blindness towards these flaws in your partner. You know they’re perfect, perfect for you!


Romantic Love Quotes For Him - The Alchemist

Romantic love quotes for him like this one are exactly what we were talking about. Well, I may have talked about it because I was inspired by this quote. In either case, whether those words are stated or not, the essence stands to be the truth of human nature in love. Love is one of the most inspiring emotions ever, which automatically dictates the self to become better than itself. It’s one thing to be swept up in the personality of your partner, but a completely different transforming experience to find a new self within you when you encounter your special ‘other’. And, well, love just makes everything better — everything.

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Romantic Love Quotes For Him - Anonymous

Some romantic love quotes for him do not need too much explanation. As much fun as the idea of breakfast in bed sounds – what with a fresh cut flower in a little decorative glass with an accompanying romantic quote on a dainty, calligraphy embossed card, yes, he knows how to be a good husband – why not make a sandwich together? You can choose whether or not you want meat, you can toss the salad and even possibly grind some pepper. And though they’re not strictly necessary to eat a sandwich, we would suggest that you use condiments. And then you can talk about the weather, especially if it’s likely that you’ll get wet.


Romantic Love Quotes For Him - Nicholas Sparks

One of the most romantic love quotes for him, it talks about how finding a good friend in today’s world is a humungous task. Finding a good friend in your partner is natural in true love. Sparks may be a master of emotions, but this here is the biggest confession that you make when you have found ‘the one’. You know you are in a good relationship when you enjoy your partner as an individual and as the other end of your beautiful relationship, whilst enjoying yourself more than you ever have before you met your soulmate. This quote is for that special person, who is your true soulmate — your most encouraging friend and your eternal love.

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Romantic Love Quotes For Him - Marilyn Monroe Quotes

This is just a heartfelt note of an honest woman, who knows the risk of loving someone and the hurt that comes along the way. Marilyn’s romantic love quotes for him and her are so laden with wisdom, it’s a pleasant surprise. ‘The course of true love never did run smooth’. That was no prophecy by the Bard of Avon; ‘tis only the truth of love. But when you truly and overwhelmingly feel happy to exist because the other is in your life, you want to be the most honest self that you can be. These are not the words of a woman who belittles herself begging for love; these are the words of a woman great enough to embrace her honest self, transparent in the face of love.


Romantic Love Quotes For Him - Sarah Dessen

If you remember the moment you were taken by your partner, you will feel that pulsating moment rushing back to your rapidly beating heart. No matter what you say, I know many would agree to believe or having actually experienced love at first sight. It could have happened at a mela where everything is happening, or a funeral where you were the only two idiots who kept cracking up – you never know when it hits you. When it happens in a flash, you have nothing to do but love!

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Romantic Love Quotes For Him - Paulo Coelho

This completely ruins all my efforts from before, but, it is a beautiful love quote that I would sacrifice those efforts for. Sometimes there really is nothing to say about love. These quotes themselves are vain attempts to express one of the grandest experiences of the collective humanity. Love is just about feeling it deeply and emotionally, with the strength for anything and the vulnerability for only the other.

So what’s your pick from our list of romantic love quotes for him? Do drop us a comment and we would love to hear from you. If you’ve liked what you read, you might also be interested in reading about Osho’s take on love.