10 Short Romantic Love Poems Perfect For Expressing Love

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Romantic love poems! You know when you’re looking for some of these, something special is happening with and around you (or you’re an author doing his or her research, but that’s another story).
While the word romantic in itself denotes a certain sweetness, what we’ve selected for you are 10 of the most touching, heart-felt short romantic love poems out there. So, let’s get started.


It’s quite simple, sometimes what we’re involved in seems so special that we think it cannot be bound by earth’s realities. Your soul-mate is so special to you, so yours, that they must have been crafted in heaven and sent to you – an angel on earth to be your true love. You can’t help but burst into poetry, and these romantic love poems are just for that!


Self-preservation is of paramount importance to only those who do not know what true love is, for those that have found their true soul-mate know that they would rather give up their own lives than to see their beloved being harmed; that feeling is the holy grail of romantic love poems.

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You know it’s true love when you want to show-off your lover to the rest of the world and shout from the rooftops about how much you love them. We’re not saying that you only want to show them off, because if that were to be the case, you wouldn’t show off to the rest of the world like when you’re truly in love.


Often, we feel like our words cannot tell the full story as much as we try and try again. And when doubted, we feel hurt and only wish how we could prove our love beyond any argument, if we could only show the other person what’s inside our heart, or get them to see it themselves, considering they already have the key to our heart. Which again comes back to how hard it is to explain to them that fact in the first place! Thank goodness we’ve good a bunch of nice people who’ve taken the trouble to pen these romantic love poems.


The lengths we are willing to go through to be with someone usually proves how much we love them (or how foolish we are, on occasion), but here the poet has no doubt about it and is willing to go to the depths of hell to be with the beloved – the sort of commitment only found in true love.

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Fairly simple how it goes – you meet someone, you pray to God that it works out between the two of you, and for some reason it doesn’t. You get on with your life after a while, maybe get married, have couple of kids, and yet you can never get them out of your head completely. Bitter sweet romantic love poems really put the P in pain.


Falling – that’s something that happens because of gravity, right? But can gravity explain my attraction to you? The reason I fell for you so hard and keep falling everyday? The reason I cant seem to escape your sphere of influence? Yup, old-school romantic love poems are still the best way to say it!


Loving someone and telling someone you love them are two different things, and they are often things that we are not able to reconcile until it is too late, or even in some cases, ever! Conventional wisdom always says that when you’re in love you have to say it. But if conventional wisdom were to have its way, love in its complexities and idiosyncrasies would not exist anyway; and neither would these lovely romantic love poems, written over hours and hours of pining.


Love can be complicated, and often is perceived (and even portrayed) that way, but sometimes, it really doesn’t have to be. Sometimes you just know what’s going on and what’s going to happen. You know the facts. And the facts are very well presented in the above four lines.

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Likening your beloved – in this instance, a woman – to a goddess is not unheard of. Here, the poet likens the object of his affections, his beloved, to a series of heavenly objects and talks of being complete when he is with her, longing for nothing else. Teehee, which woman would not want to hear the sweet words of romantic love poems like this one!

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